Threads Of Life review by Shadows Fall

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  • Released: Apr 3, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (81 votes)
Shadows Fall: Threads Of Life

Sound — 9
This album is no other shadows fall album. it's much softer, more singing in it. And I'm a big fan of Brians screaming but I also like softer music too so this album just fits my needs. Let me just say the guitar work is abolutley amazing, like in the song "Risen" it proves how good jonathan and matt are and what there capable of. I also love the chorus in "redemption" it's amazing, as so is the whole album. You can't really hear the bass in it. The drusm are amazing like usual, Jason Bitner is an amazing drummer.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are amazing on this album. Brian is an amazing vocalists, so is jonathan donais. Brian has an amazing singing skill, he can do the low death grunt like heard on older albums and the regular scream which is amazing and he can sing well too. The only thing missing is the screaming, he does it very little in this album. And I'm sure that everyone will miss it. It's the biggest thing about them that they had and now they don't have it.

Overall Impression — 10
Shadows Fall are definetely up there in the music business. There capable of so much and are one of the greatest bands of all time. There young too so I can't imagine what they're gonna do in the future. Most likely be amazing albums. The only thing I don't like about it, is that it's a lot softer than what they usually sound like. But what I love is that they prove there not all about hate and screaming and have a softer side and prove there guitar skills in other ways. And I downloaded it so if it were stolen I have it on my computer so I can get it back easily.

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    I'm keen as to buy this album. It took so long to get a hold of "the art of balance" and "war within" though. They cost alittle extra being imports and all too. Hopefully it falls into a rack somewhere soon, along with "fallout", Killer band.
    this is an amazing album!!!i love it honestly the guitar work is brilliant and everything is really good about it!!
    Its good but not as good as The art of balance and the War Within. Also I've noticed that they've used riffs from the War Within on this album. Good as the riffs may be though is a tad crap they've not thought of new ones! I anticiapted that either this or the blackening would be metal album of the year. My money is still on the blackening though.
    k this album is one of the best albums of the year but yah their riffs do kind of sound the same another great albums are Machine Heads Thw Blackening as wurzel1981 mentioned,Chimairas Resurrection and we should just wait for Metallica,Megadeth,Dream Theater,Sanctity,Avenged Sevenfold,Bullet For My Valentine(who are supposed to sound more like classic Slayer with a bit of Metallica as said by themselves),and DragonForce
    Damn i have to get this Cd now, The War within is a masterpiece and fallout from the war is very good to Shadows fall own
    overall, this cd is cool, im kinda leanin more toward the war within, but give shadows fall time to sink in and they start to sound better, shadows fall is still one of my top bands
    i dont know if anyone else feels the same, but i've listened to shadows fall before, seen them in concert, and listened to this new album, and even though jonathan and matt are pretty good guitar players, i dont really like their music
    Their DEFINITELY NOT on Roadrunner. They're on Atlantic Records
    No they are on roadrunner
    they are on Roadrunner but I went to and they werent their im confused!!
    they're with Atlantic, but i think they made a deal with Roadrunner to sell their album worldwide or something. so you're both right.
    As far as vocals brian has cleaned up alot, the riffs on this album are awesome. In my opinion the riffs from The War Within are a little more complicated. but this is the best shadows fall album I have heard.
    powerage225 wrote: i dont know if anyone else feels the same, but i've listened to shadows fall before, seen them in concert, and listened to this new album, and even though jonathan and matt are pretty good guitar players, i dont really like their music
    your an ***** man.. and thats not because you dont like them its because you got to see them in concert and you dont even like their music.. i would ****ing kill to see this band live! shadows fall need to come to australia p.s. sorry for double post, my original one stuffed up somehow
    Forevermore is the best track in the album, i liked but i was specting more from it. It don't sound original it sounds the same in almost all the tracks. The only tracks that really stand for themself are Redemption,Final Call and Forevermore. The other trakcs sounds like tracks in The War Within & Fallout From War.