The Sound Of Madness review by Shinedown

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  • Released: Jun 24, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (115 votes)
Shinedown: The Sound Of Madness

Sound — 8
Well when I lost my Us and Them CD I was pretty pissed, but now come The Sound of Madness the new album form Florida based rockers Shinedown. I must say that this album does not lack the hard rock of edge that you've become accostomed too. Songs like "Cry For Help", Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide" and "Sond of Madness" are prime exaples. On the other hand there comes sweet and soulfull rock ballads that rival Lady So Devine. Songs like "What a Shame" and "Call me".

Lyrics — 10
Brent Smith. Would Shinedown be anything witout him? He has both sides of the musical spectrum form the hard hitting opener "Devour" to the soulfull love ballad "If You Only Knew" He is awesomely talented and couldn't see any other vocalist being in Shinedown and this album really gives you a good taste of his vocal skill.

Overall Impression — 9
This album reminds me of a band like Black Stone Cherry. Songs that stand out on this album inclued " What a Shame", "Cry For Help" and "Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide". I think it's worth getting the special edition with three bonus songs. Three great tunes, a good rocker in " I Own You". A song reminisent of Rev Theory in "The Energy" and a Metallica-ish rocker in "Son of Sam."

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    Rock? Anyone
    totenkopfSG wrote: *** THANK YOU JOF1029 people don't really seem to realize or remember the days of Jasin Todd. the man is the true unsung hero of this band. All of this records riffs are mainly derived from the ones HE wrote. dont get me wrong, i love nick perri and silvertide. nick is the ONLY man i would trust with Shinedown's guitar. BUT JASIN DID NOT LEAVE. HE WAS KICKED BY ATLANTIC FOR SOME BULLSH!T REASON. look at the facts. stop being sunshine fans. for those of us who've been there since Leave a Whisper, Jasin was the man. Seeing him live multiple times before, seeing the fire in his eyes and his Plant-Page stage relationship with Brent gave me chills down my spine and touched me to the core. I just saw them perform last night here in Houston and to be quite honest, zack and eric just can't ever fill the void that Jasin left behind when the shit went down. no one will give Jasin the credit that HE deserves for writing this record. except for me a few other valiant few... ***
    I love that you just said that and you are right
    Shredder Guitar
    Dewey1040 wrote: haha whoever compared them to nickelback they are better for a lot of reasons 1. brents smith voice 2. Barry Kerch's drums 3. guitar whether its nick or j 4. not sell outs 5. not played endlessly on all radio stations 6. guitar solos are involved 7. almost all songs have a different feel to them while nickelbacks songs are all the same thing and usually about the same thing 8. the three shinedown cds are all different while all nickelback cds have the same sound to them 9. brent smiths voice 10. brent smiths voice
    this is the most correct thing i think ive seen on this site. this band destroys nickelback.. partly because nickelbacks songs are all about family problems, relationships, or sex. they suck compared to shinedown