Sid Sings review by Sid Vicious

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  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (2 votes)
Sid Vicious: Sid Sings

Sound — 7
In this album, Sid Sings, a solo album by Sid Vicious, is a live album. So obviously, the sound quality isn't amazing. Sid and the backing band manage to play through all the songs, like I Wanna Be Your Dog, Belsen Was a Gas, and Chatterbox. If your a true Sid fan, you know what songs to expect. Born To Lose, the first track has horrible sound quality. It sounds like a band who doesn't even know how to play it. But in the middle, there is a guitar solo which saves this song from being absolutely terrible (sound wise). I Wanna Be Your Dog is a lot better. It sound more practiced. Stepping Stone is great also. Before and after most of the songs on this album a man keeps shouting, "My Way!". It's annoying when you first hear it, but after a while, you'll get used to it. The next one, My Way, is the studio version. The sound is great. Sid's cover of this song is awesome. He croons, screams, and just kicks butt on this song. Belsen Was A Gas has a good beat to it. Nothing seems to go wrong in this song, like messing up lyrics, or hitting the wrong note, so an overall great song. The next couple tracks: Something Else, Chatterbox, and Search and Destroy are pretty consistent with the way the band plays. Occasional wrong notes, simple drum beats, and simple bass lines as well. Chinese Rocks or "Chinese Cocks" is what Sid calls it at the beginning is similar to the way Born To Lose is. The last song is I Killed The Cat, which is basically a shorter version of My Way, but with different notes. At the end of this song, Sid doesn't sing it very gracefully making it the wrong song to end his only solo album (that's official and around the time when he was still alive). In my opinion, I think My Way should've been the last song.

Lyrics — 8
Almost all of the songs are covers, so the lyrics were made by other bands and artists. But even for covers, the lyrics have thought put into them like Something Else and Stepping Stone. Others are repetitve. Belsen Was A Gas, Chatterbox, and Serch and Destroy to name a few. They're repetitive, but still, great. Sid sings all of the songs, with some backup vocals by a member of the band. He has a decent voice that I could listen to. His voice isn't bad, or great, it just is a normal, voice that just sings the notes and does its job. He also screams and croons the lyrics. But he still does a good job singing.

Overall Impression — 9
This and Too Fast To Live are about the only things from Sid you'll need. Most of the songs are the same on each live recording of him. There is such a scare source of material of him. The songs on Sid Sings is basically the only songs he did each show. Therefore, you'll only need two or three Sid albums. The most impressive song on the album is Stepping Stone, My Way, Belsen Was a Gas, Something Else, and Search and Destroy. These songs are the ones I listen to when I crank up the volume and sing along(horribly). The only thing I don't like is: 1)His first solo album should've been a studio album and 2)The obnoxious crowd. If my copy of Sid Sings was lost/stolen, I would defintely get it again because this is my favorite recording of Sid live. Overall, it is worth getting, and for Sid fans, it is classic Sid at his best.

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    I have this album. Basically, it's popcorn. It's fun, tastes good, just has no substance. Oh, yeah! Real Punk Rock. "My Way" was definitely the highlight. The bitch in the crowd who kept yelling "You're a poser" should have been kicked in the head, or shot like in the movie "Sid and Nancy".