Truest Of Colours review by Sienna Skies

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (15 votes)
Sienna Skies: Truest Of Colours

Sound — 9
Fast-paced six piece, Sienna Skies are fast becoming one of Australia's premier post hardcore bands. Blending electro-synths with driving guitar riffs, backed up with an impressive vocal performance from frontman Steve Faull, Sienna Skies have produced a near faultless debut full length, the first release with new drummer Luke Ziomek. The biggest step forward for the band has to been the inspired guitar work of Mic Sankey and Nick Musgrave. The combination of melodic and heavy fretwork is something that post-hardcore fans have come accustom to, though as a duo, the two guitarists seem to work well, along with bassist Josh Wade to produce a sound that is both easy to listen to listen and brutal enough to mosh to.

Lyrics — 9
While the music itself grabs the attention of the listener, its the brutal, punishing scream of Steve Faull, blended with his powder-coated clean harmonies that maintain it. Tracks like "To All Aspiring" and "Sea Of Smiles" demonstrate his clear talent in both screaming and singing, combining the two in a way that leaves the listener more than satisfied. One of the most interesting things on the album proves to be the somewhat "optimistic" lyrics of vocalist Steve Faull, unusual for the genre of music. A welcomed changed from the generic lyrics shoveled out by many of today's current post-hardcore acts. The standout track on the album, "Heartquake" is a prime example of this. While other Post-hardcore acts focus their lyrics on political and social issues, Sienna Skies' "Heartquake" displays the intimates of the club scene. "It's a love that will shake you to your bones / Have a dance, fall in love, It's like we're all up in the club" Overall, the vocals definitely provide a key talking point on the album and with good intent as Steeve Faulls more than comes to the table with an impressive performace on all tracks.

Overall Impression — 9
Coming from the debut EP, "Where Joy Exists, Despair Beckons" Sienna Skies have grown as a band, evolving into a strong and dynamic act. There's many bands out there doing this sound, enjoying mediocre succes and pushing the boundaries of modern-day post hardcore, but it can be said that the Australian Act combines the elements the best, though at times, the guitars are drowned out by the heavy relience on the keys of Matt Wells. That being said, Truest Of Colours remains of the one of the most carefully constructed releases of the past few years, leaving at least one fan eagerly anticipating their work in the future.

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    Sienna Skies are actually so good live, saw them in Adelaide 2 nights ago. More people should know about them. They are a great bunch of guys too, me and friends got to chat away with them after the gig and they are really nice, not to mention there music is actual insane! Can't wait til they are known worldwide!