Heima [DVD] review by Sigur Rós

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  • Released: Sep 27, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 9
  • Production Quality: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (11 votes)
Sigur Rós: Heima [DVD]

Sound — 10
Only a few bands are truly capable of having marriage between their own unique sound and visuals that fit the sound and band perfectly. Tool comes to mind when thinking of bands that have a strong correlation between their music and the visual art accompanying their music done by guitarist Adam Jones and artist Alex Grey. Sigur Ros is another band whose music can be strongly linked to visual elements. The Icelandic post-rockers seem to able to easily conjure the raw beauty and majesty of their home country Iceland with their music. What better way to present their music and their beautiful homeland with a musical documentary? Heima seems to be a little more than a typical music documentary. It's more like a guided tour of the natural beauty, culture, and charm of Iceland done by Sigur Ros with their music providing a perfect soundtrack for the journey. Heima ("home" in Icelandic) documents Sigur Ros on their free concert tour of Iceland. Many of the locations they chose were not your typical venues for a band to play and were often unannounced spontaneous concerts. As a result of some of the locations being somewhat unconventional some of the performances were done acoustically giving some of the songs a very intimate feel in contrast to their intense plugged in performances. Being that it is in essence a documentary the entire film is not just about Sigur Ros and their performances. It also feature little tidbits about the places they visit as well showing some of the Iceland's people and culture.

Content — 9
The Heima DVD is a 2 disc set with the first disc featuring the full documentary and the second disc featuring all the original unedited concert footage with songs not shown on the main feature as well parts of the documentary that weren't shown. The combined song list for both discs is an impressive mix of songs from Sigur Ros albums Takk..., Agaetis Byrjun, Von, and some new unreleased material (Guitardjamm, Heima). I was disappointed to find that some of the bands most popular songs were missing from the song list. Songs like Sven g Englar, Njosnovelin(untitled 4), Ny Batteri, and Saglopur are noticeably absent from the very large song list. Perhaps the band wanted to expose people to more of the songs they are less known for which I can't fault them too much for doing. Even with the large amount of content you get on two discs it would have been nice if the band included their music videos as a bonus feature to the DVD set. This and the absence of more their well known songs is the only reason this section gets a nine. The rest of the content is superb.

Production Quality — 10
Not much to say about the production quality of this DVD other than it is simply gorgeous. The perfect blend of the natural visual beauty of Iceland with Sigur Ros' musical performances. The visual of theatrics of the songs Glosoli and Popplaggio(the opening and closing songs) are a spectacle to behold.

Overall Impression — 10
This is a great DVD for the die hard Sigur Ros fan or someone who has never heard them before. A made a few friends big fans by showing them this DVD. Although the documentary on the first disc could easily get boring and annoying if you just want to watch and listen to the performances without the talking in the middle and in between songs this problem is quickly remedied by all of the performance footage plus more being available on disc two. I've found that I much prefer to watch disc two for the performances but the documentary on disc one is still quite charming and very informative and is worth a watch once in a while. Not many artists could get away with doing something this and do it as well as Sigur Ros did, so kudos to them for doing something pretty original and very representative of what they are about. I would definitely buy this DVD again if it was lost or stolen. It is well worth it for any fan of this band.

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    Robert I.
    Absolutely genius, my brother bought it when it first came out, I watched both discs a long time ago, just started watching them again... amazing performances!
    yikes! i could have done a better job spell and grammar checking this review! thanks for the comments guys. great band and great dvd
    I'm Icelandic and one of the members is my uncle im not sure who though...anyways they make me proud to be Icelandic but learn how to spell those names!
    I know I completely forgot to research the correct spellings of those words... Icelandic isn't exactly easy to type with an English keyboard. One of your uncles is in a very famous band and you don't know who it is? a little strange...
    Popplagio (untitled #8) live in Rejkavik(sp?) is worth the price of the entire dvd. 15 minutes of awesomeness.
    I do love their music! The only reason I am not obsessed, is for the absence of lyrical content. Being a singer songwriter myself, that is very important to me. But hey, it's their art, and I respect that. I have been wanting to view this dvd, so maybe I'll push it more towards the front on the things to do list. Thanks to Oneirogenic for reviewing this!