The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild Review

artist: SikTh date: 03/05/2004 category: compact discs
SikTh: The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild
Released: Aug 18, 2003
Genre: Progressive Metal, Mathcore, Avant-Garde Metal
Label: Unparalleled Carousel, Gut
Number Of Tracks: 14
"The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait for Something Wild" is the debut album from SikTh.
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 05, 2004
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Sound: With the deep roar openingtrack "Scent Of The Obsence" Dan Foord's drums kick in within seconds. Guitarists Pin and Dan Weller kick in with the guitar sliding with effects, it progresses to some chords "DUN. DA DUN.. DUN" the kinda of stuff that makes you really jump up and play airguitar. (or a proper guitar)

bass, guitars and Mikee Goodman's intense scream all combine to make one hell of an opening. You know this is going to be one hell of a "technical" metal breakthrough just by listening to these first few seconds. You'll find your self just randomly jumping around screaming/or continuing on your airguitar.

After a minutes, fifty of pure brutaly, SikTh show their lighter side, the guitars turn clean and mellow, the bass providing an well controled and well played riff in the back, in perfect timing with the drums. Vocalists Mikee and Justin show they can just not scream, but also sing. Very well. After a minute we are back to the heavy bit, it's fantastic how they pull it off so well the change beetween "good and evil".

The whole album is full of suprises, showing SikTh's proper talent. There early EP's were very good, but this is superb, i think its a realshow and tell. Many people judge bands like this too quick "Oh they just scream" but really, it's some of the most muscial stuff I've heard in a long time.

Also with the EP's mentioned above they have rerecorded (and in some case rewritten a few of their songs) songs like "How May I Help You" which some of our UK readers might have seen the aninmated video for it on Kerrang! or MTV2. (Thats how I found this excellent band) "Pussyfoot" and "Such The Fool".

Songs like "Peepshow", "Skies Of The Millenium Night" show that they have alot of infulences, not just from metal bands. It's pure genius. Also the way they change time signatures during most songs is well done too. For a minute I thought it was 4/4 but now its 6/4.

I don't really think you can label SikTh just "metal", technical metal is a bit of a onesider too. "Technical, new, heavy superweoeowdpedeo do metal" is more like it.

There are also a few instrumental tracks, "Can't we all Dream" Where bassist James Leach, Drummer Dan Foord and vocalist Mikee jam out. A bizzare lyrical journey showing the full range of Mikee's voice, singing screaming and scating (3 s').

"Emerson Pt1/2" A piano track played by vocalist Justin as a tribute for his friend, children in a playground "Phil Emerson" who sadly died 2001.

Guitarists Pin And Dan Weller, really do pull off their riffs amazingly, each song is just so musical, it's not just heavy chords like most metal these days, solos coming out of your ears. spinning around in your head. It's hard to tell who is playing which bit, cause there are like 0 tabs.

Bassist James plays a tight-fast bass riff and a bit of funky slap on some tracks, it really keeps the music all together. My only problem is I feel his bass doesn't have enough.."treble tone" to it. On Scent Of The Obscene when he plays along to the guitars playing a mellow tune, I feel its a bit too "dark". But hey, im not a pro, his bass playing is still really really good.

I love it.

So if you like metal and have a wider music taste also, SikTh are definitely for you. Stick in your CD Player, turn up full, and fucking enjoy.

Musicaly, SikTh are geniuses. // 8

Lyrics: The vocals in SikTh are a whole another story.

We've seen bands with 2 singers, and normaly have a lead singer and backing, thats fine, its proven to work.

So what happens when your stuck with 2 hairy blokes ready to scream their lyrics out. Of course you experiment, try in segements


Mikee and Justin are complete oppoiite voice ranges (I think) Mikee being the more dominant deeper screaming, Justin (still a good scream) being the more dominant singer.

They must have worked really hard on which bits to do, sometimes they do in segments, or line by line, verse by verse, or just go crazy and scream together.

On the mellow bits, they really do show their vocal talents, and it goes amazing with the music, it suits it perfectly.

There lyrics are well written (mainly by Mikee) have alot of meaning, you need a dictonary to look up some words (if your a complete retard like me) It's not all.

"Such The Fool" is one slight expecetion, the lyrics amazingly brutal, very harsh look on life if you ask me, but they pull it of with such style.

Each vocalist has their own solo song, Justin's being "Peepshow" and Mikee being "Can't We All Dream" while each song being really good, you can tell SikTh have that much more effect when they are all playing and singing.

Also they have done a cover of Nick Caves "Tupleo" and the lyrical journey of "When Will The Forest Speak" the ending to the album with the ending lyrics:

"A million minds and a million voices and million thoughts, only once choice, we need to find peace."

Mikee and Justin definitely have GREAT talent. :) // 10

Overall Impression: I didn't really compare this CD with any others because SikTh have such an original sound.

The most impressive songs where definitely "Scent Of The Obscene", "Such The Fool" and "Skies Of The Millenium Night" all the other 11 songs are great.

I love the pure originality of the band they are not afraid to bend the rule book, half the time screaming = evilness band, but this shows other wise, this band are all intelligent musicans and this album really does show it. There isnt really anything I hate about it apart from the price (13 - not sikth's fault, I'm still willing to pay for it).

If it were stolen, I would buy it again, sure! I have to have the CD, (although I ripped it onto my PC, I still need the carbon evidence of it, and plus my CD player is basically glued to it nowdays).

It definitely is worth buying.

"Metal is back, and it's back in style". // 10

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overall: 9.3
The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild Reviewed by: notbychoice, on march 17, 2004
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Sound: Woah.....what the argh... This is what you'll be saying the first time you hear this brutal yet amazing album, don't be put of, persevere and you'll find that this album not ionly has some evil riffs, but also some of the most beautiful and relaxing music ever... (The end of skies of the milenium night is simply superb). // 10

Lyrics: Some of the lyrics on this album are simply'd be hard pressed to find more intelligent lyrics around on the metal scene. However some are also harshly dumb, and funny! Of course they are to relfect a different side of life but some lines really are hillarious. "Then I'll give you all of my attention Damn right, I'll have my morning erection I'll give you some lovin'" // 8

Overall Impression: The closest thing to this album that I can think of is if you played any metal album of the last ten years and mashed it with another...then put it on reverese will keeping the lyrics on forward...It really is an impressive piece of work. The most impressive song is easily...everything on this record...full stop. The only thing that grates me about this album is that it takes time to appreciate..this isn't your crusing in the sun shine driving your car music. If it were stolen, then id hunt down the bugger who stole it and get it back as this album is one of my favourites! Oh yeah play track 10 (Emerson pt2) all the way thru and wait till the'll see what happens. // 10

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overall: 9.7
The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild Reviewed by: iloveyouu, on april 09, 2008
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Sound: SikTh's sound is something completely unique and intense and more intrigueing than any other band touring around between 2003-06. The intensely fast riffs use a lot of minor scales, giving an almost depressed yet purposeful mood, which in turn give a personal intake of the actual notes. They guitars have no recognised solo's in any of the songs, as the song itself seems to be one very big solo. The main story of this album I feel is self discovery and awareness of one's self and one's surroundings. However the true understanding of the true heart of this album can only be understood by the band itself. They're creativity oozes from the very songs themselves. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are something to be credited. The songs almost all written by Mikee Goodman himself (one of two singers, Justin Hill being the other) and every single word just collaborates with the music so well. The two uniquely different vocals intertwine with eachother, Mikee with his intense, almost pirate like scream, and Justin's amazing singing voice and extreme talent to reach such high notes (best heard in Peep Show, track 6). In this particular album, as I said previously, the lyrics seem mainly focused on the self discovery and awareness of one's surroundings. However, the band manages to keep a very strong performance, and despite the almost political lyrics, the music remains enjoyable and resembles a heavy form of dance music. // 9

Overall Impression: Personally, this is my favourite album of all time. This band represents the ultimate change in music, and progressive metal in particular. Compared to artists such as Fall Out Boy or the "mighty" Mettalica, this bands shines above all of them. They actually play the intrsuments, and the refuse to conform to usuall chords and 1, 2 drum beat. They have broken out of the typical mould and opened up a huge crater in the music world. I love this album plainly because there's such a connection between every intstrument. Of all the songs within this album my favourite is Wait For Something Wild. There's something about this song that just connects with me. The singers just belt insane lyrics at eachother back and forth faster than any other singers I've ever seen. Mikee's weird and wonderful voice just intertwines with Justins powerful range. The instruments, even though they're still so intense, seem to take a back seat on this song, as Mikee and Justin take the show. However the bit of the song that really captures me is about 2 minutes in, when there's a huge bass solo and just Mikee making wailing noises in the backround. Unique, that's not even beginning to scratch the surface. // 10

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