A Shipwreck In The Sand review by Silverstein

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  • Released: Mar 31, 2009
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (98 votes)
Silverstein: A Shipwreck In The Sand

Sound — 7
The sound on this album is very impressive and crisp. The instruments and sounds all go together great and eventually have thier own points where they shine. The guitars and drums go great with almost every song and can be pretty heavy during verses and get catchy during the chorus. The drums and guitars shine their best at the start of the song "Vices" which starts out with a cool drum beat that goes into a great combination with the guitar. Since the album is broken up by chapters that describe a series of emotions (going from angry to a calmed down emotion), the album slows down by the end, but it isn't a bad thing since the songs are still great. With the diversity of this album and how good the instruments are, it shows how Silverstein has improved and matured as a band.

Lyrics — 9
Ok so first off, when I first heard this album and lyrics I really liked them a lot because it relates to emotions that I've gone through. So my impressions may be a bit biased but I'll try not to give undeserved credit. So this is how the album is broken up: Chapter One: It Burns Within Us All: 01.A Great Fire: this is the first song of the album which starts out hard, fast, and full of hatred. The screaming in the song isn't the greatest of all the songs but it recovers with a catchy chorus that intertwines with the screaming. 02.Vices: this song is by far one of the best on the album. The song starts with a strong intro which gives a feeling of the lyrics to come (angry and pissed). The lyrics are great here and are basically about getting drunk after overhearing a girlfriend flirting with someone else on the phone. The lyrics are strong and full of emotion. 03.Broken Stars: this song is a great song to end a chapter lyrically and as well being a good song in general. It about it being hard to let go of a loved one but the singers mind is made up and there is no going back. The song goes on to talk about how hard it is to recover but the singer knows that he made a good choice. Chapter 2: Liard, Cheaters, And Theives 04.American Dream: this song is about the aftereffects and feeling after the break up. The song is full of pain and yearning for what is gone. The lyrics talk about "not eating, not sleeping, and not feeling." This gives a strong feeling of how hurtful the break up was. It's a great song and can be relatable to many of us who have had painful break ups. 05.Their Lips Sink Ships: this is just a little interlude that builds into the next song. It's nothing special but I find it better to listen to it as it builds into the next song since it's so short. 06.I Knew I Couldn't Trust You: this song is a pretty hard jab at the girl who cheated on the singer. The song goes over the awkward feeling of being at the same place as the ex-lover. The unsaid emotions and immature attempts to avoid each other can relate to almost any break up story. The lyrics interelate greatly with the emotions and feelings that go on in the singers head. 07.Born Dead: this song starts off heavy feeling like something is very wrong but as the song goes on, it calms down and smoothes out. The song from what I get out of it is about smaller fights that and how the lovers are intertwined in a love-hate relationship until they die. Chapter 3: Fight Fire With Fire 08.A Shipwreck In The Sand: this song starts out with a little story being told of a captain and his crew/ ship. It is almost a metaphore for the other story that had been told but infact, its about a comepletly different story. This story is about a captain being overthrown by his crew. They do this because the captain hasn't found promised treausre and the crew became impatient. Though the song isn't as angry as would be expected, the harmonies are great. 09.I'm the Arsonist: this song feels like it's in the wrong place because after the lighter songs, this one comes out of nowhere full of hatred. This song goes back to the story of the lovers and now the girl is with the singers best friend (which for those who know what that feels like, explains the fuel behind the intro). The screaming and singing go great with each other making this a great diverse song in the album. 10.You're All I Have: after the previous song this one drops back down to the lighter songs with less hatred. The song is about the singer having suicide in the back of his head but he wants to make sure the girl is ok and won't do something to kill herself. The singing is full of feeling and is very poweful considering the screaming is at a minimum here. Chapter 4: Death And Taxes 11.We Are Not The World: this song is again a strike at the girl who the singer says he was just a game to her while she was his life. But now the singer is starting to realize that she really wasn't the world. The singing here isn't anything too special but it strings along with the album 12.A Hero Looses Every Day) This song starts out leaving the listener to think, "did the singer just....do what i think he said?" The song starts out talking about how the singer has killed the girl in a fire and how he got away. But in the last verse the singer tells us he plans to kill himself now. This song is great and builds up to the final parts of this album. 13.The Tide Raises Every Ship: this again, is an interlude to lead to the final song in the album. 14.The End: ok, honestly I will admit that I love when a band like this goes and gets a female singer to come into play for a song. Seeing the story of the album, I couldn't have asked for a better idea to end the album. The song is great and a nice slow down to the end of the story, it gives a feeling like you are finishing a long car drive (in a good way ofcourse). There is no screaming here and when both singers go into their duete it sounds amazing. The song is an overview of the lovers relationship from start to end and after the death of both of them. This is one of my favorite ending songs for an album.

Overall Impression — 9
To say the least, this is a great album overal for a 14 (really 12) song album. The singers throughout this album. I have to say I love it when a band can scream well and doesn't go to sounding like a bunch of crying girls such as the band Alesana (which are still a fairly good band). Honestly I have very few complaints about the album expect for the out of place songs but that's not much to complain about if you don't listen to every song in order. But if you're looking for an album that has more than just one good song, you will most likely find it here if you like this genre of music. If I could relate this album to anything, I would say it is almost exactly like A Day To Remember's newest album "Homesick" which is also a great album that has been released this year. This is my first review, but I hope that those who read this find it helpful for the most part if you are considering getting this album. Thanks.

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    bought it yesterday and i love it. Best album so far. Although i personally didnt think Arrivals and Departures was as bad as some of the comments ive read say. The guitar though is much better here then arrivals and departures aswell as the vocals. I deff give this a 9/10. Id give it a 10 but there are a couple weak songs but none the less, Great Album!
    Good album! I know a lot of people give Silverstein because of their emo sounds in the past, which I get cuz I am not really a fan of the emo sound but i really am enjoying this album! Its a lot harder than most of the previous albums, and had more songs that were up my alley, straying farther from that emo sound I dont like and going slowly more towards the hardcore genre. Im happy with it!
    Under The Sun
    I am the Arsonist is my new favorite silverstein song, but this is my 2nd favorite silverstein album, nothing can take the cake away from discovering the waterfront, but this was a MUCH needed improvement from "Arrivals and departures" 9/10
    guitar_freak91 wrote: by_guitar11 wrote: Fuck. This is a great album. Some really metal riffs. lol fail. Silverstein is in now way related to metal. its post-hardcore man. dont get me wrong, love the band. but noooot metal XD
    listen to intro of I Am The Arsonist definitely metal riff
    by_guitar11 wrote: Fuck. This is a great album. Some really metal riffs.
    lol fail. Silverstein is in now way related to metal. its post-hardcore man. dont get me wrong, love the band. but noooot metal XD
    Oh btw does this kid know it's ultimate guitar, not ultimate singer? jeez I swear are singing and lyrics the only thing this guy can talk about???
    Alright, is there more or less screaming than Discovering the Waterfront? because it was a good cd, but about all the screaming I can handle.
    Agreed. I also think the blend of pop into Homesick sets it apart from Shipwrecks. At least as far as a comparison goes. Solid album but Silverstein has always been that band that is just around growing up right beside there hometown. Can't actually see them bigger then that 5 buck band every other weekend. Bias?
    how can you compare this album to homesick? both are great, but definitely not lyrically alike. homesick is (obviously) about touring and being away from home so long, not a concept album about a meaningful relationship with a significant other gone wrong.
    this album is NOTHING like Homesick. i have no idea what the hell you were thinking when you said that. Homesick is not a concept album, and is mostly about touring and being away from home, not a terrible relationship with a significant other. both albums are great, but definitely not alike.
    Lyrics still aren't up to par with past efforts... I really liked Shane's lyrics but lately they suck.
    Pre-ordered and got it yesterday. I was really, really happy when I listened to this album. The fact that they returned to a more guitar-driven sound is great, and the fact that Shane really brought it up a level as far as the vocals is icing on the cake. The lyrics are also a step up from Arrivals and Departures, which had (IMO) pretty weak lyrics. I'd be tempted to rate this album somewhere around a 10.
    This would be the best Silversteins record to date. Great comeback to their last album Arrivals and Departures.. Gosh that was horrible. I really enjoyed this album more than When broken is easily fixed and Discovering the Waterfront.
    i kinda thought it was "ok". WBIEF and DTWF are the best IMO.
    Had no clue these guys came out with a new album. I didn't really like Arrivals and Departures but i'll check this one out
    solid album its good to listen through the whole album start to finish.I like the idea of using chapters to break off the different emotions in each group of songs.
    yeah def good to hear all these reviews, cant wait to get it soon.. was hoping it wasnt going to be a dissappointment..
    The review is pretty redundant,and doesn't even touch on the fact it's a concept album. The album's freaking sick though, great come back for them.
    It's good to hear all these reviews since I preordered the limited edition one. Can't wait for it
    cscissorhands wrote: Great album, but the review sounds like it was written by a 12 year old kid who doesnt know his guitar from his dick
    Great album, but the review sounds like it was written by a 12 year old kid who doesnt know his guitar from his dick
    Pwnage Engage
    Overall great album, but i cant say that its on the same level with Discovering the Waterfront though.
    Definetly their best album.... Althoug hI do love when broken is easily fix and discovering the waterfront... Plus Best Buy had this sweet sale where it was only 9.99 for the speical edition CD... So yeah its awesome...
    INCREDIBLE album, they are back, i was worried about them when arrivals and departures came out which was only meh... but this album is better than even discovering the waterfront.. 5/5
    I love Silverstein! My favorite album will always be Disocvering the Waterfront, but this one is good as well
    I'd say that this review is only 10% correct in the story progression of the album p.s, this sounds absolutely nothing like Homesick, it's 100 times better and deeper than it