A Shipwreck In The Sand review by Silverstein

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  • Released: Mar 31, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 9.4 (98 votes)
Silverstein: A Shipwreck In The Sand

Sound — 8
This is the fourth studio album for Silverstein after the impressive "When Broken Is Easily Fixed", the breakthrough "Discovering The Waterfront" and the somewhat lacking " Arrivals And Departures". I think that this album is right up there with Discovering The Waterfront. It is the same Silverstein sound but I think they have discovered a metal core edge to go with their usual Post- Hardcore sound. The riffs are nice and catchy, some are heavy, some are the usual octaves over power chords. Drumming is quite good and the bass(as usual) is non existent for the most part. The concept is fantastic, it adds more intrigue into the music and the lyrics. These guys are a well oiled machine, the albums sounds polished and the sound is very tight. They bring in some guests on this album like Liam of Cancer Bats and Scott Wade (formerly) of Comeback Kid.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are telling the story of the album which is basically a love story. A lot of songs talk about girls(or a girl) cheating on him, him being angry at her and I won't ruin the story but there is an arsonist involved. Of course, the lyrics go deeper than this but this is just an outline. All the songs make sense as a story except the title track which tells a totally different story but an interesting one at that. Vocals are good, cleans are melodic and the screams are decent at least for this genre.

Overall Impression — 7
It compares to other bands in the pop-punk/post-hardcore genre but I think this is a lot more well produced and polished album than others I have heard. Impressive songs are: A Great Fire, American Dream, I Knew I Couldn't Trust You, I Am The Arsonist, A Hero Loses Everyday and A Shipwreck In The Sand. I love the concept behind the album as well as the way the band sounds (really tight). Guitars are solid and interesting and the drums and bass gel well in the low end. But It isn't the greatest album technically on the musical side, and some songs sound similar, similar structures and chords. There is a lot of pop amd punk and not that much "hardcore" but there is enough there for the "hardcore kids". I think this will attract new fans to Silverstein and sway the ones who didn't like "Arrivals And Departures" back. It is a great casual listen. If it was stolen/lost, I would buy it again because it is worth it and it is a good listen from top to bottom.

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    good album. just some of the songs werent as catchy as discovering the waterfront. a friend of mine said really depressing album. the 3 guests for the songs were great. The End FT. Lights was really good. wasnt expecting it to be that good
    First off, this HAS to be Silverstein's greatest album. I don't get how people say it's not. Discovering the waterfront was sweet but this album has so many more aspects to it. its definitely a more mature and technical album. I liked arrivals & departures but like some of you said, it was a little "meh" even though i did like it. I was afraid they might go pop punk or no screamo but they totally didn't. I mean listen to I am the Arsonist, totally a metal intro. Awesome album overall. I love every song.
    keithckw123 wrote: guitar_freak91 wrote: by_guitar11 wrote: Fuck. This is a great album. Some really metal riffs. lol fail. Silverstein is in now way related to metal. its post-hardcore man. dont get me wrong, love the band. but noooot metal XD listen to intro of I Am The Arsonist definitely metal riff
    um. no. silverstein=post-hardcore the faceless=metal are the bands anything like one another? no. hardcore elements have nothing to do with metal. breakdowns are not really metal either. even though i know i'll get bashed by a bunch of trendy hardcore kids for saying that.
    This album is incredible. I can't stop listening to it. It's really amazing to hear bands like this and hear their experience and how they coped. This album is almost as good as "Homesick"
    haha its so funny hearing people complain over what's metal and whats hardcore. In my opinion, Hardcore sounds similar to metal but its not and silverstein are (post)hardcore. I agree with keithckw123 that breakdowns are hardcore not really metal (usually metal with breakdowns is metalcore). The intro to I am the Arsonist definitely could be an intro to a metal song but it dosent make silverstein more "metal" theyre still a post hardcore band
    Pwnage Engage
    dude its just a fact that post hardcore branches off of metal. its like saying that an orange has nothing to do with a tangerine. No one is denying that they are different, but they are within the same musical family. If it wasnt for Metal, then posthardcore stuff wouldnt exist. And yes, the intro to I Am The Arsonist IS a metal riff. it doesnt mean that the band is a metal band, it just means that they chose a metal riff for a heavy song. End of discussion (hopefully)
    I'll just add something, Pwnage Engage before you engage some pwnage. Who cares about genre? You may like Attack Attack but not I Set My Friends On Fire, even though they're the same genre. Kick "genre" in the face people, and like whatever the heck you like.