Arrivals And Departures Review

artist: Silverstein date: 02/08/2008 category: compact discs
Silverstein: Arrivals And Departures
Release Date: Jul 3, 2007
Label: Victory
Genres: Post-Hardcore, Screamo, Punk Revival, Emo
Number Of Tracks: 11
While not a true hardcore album, Arrivals & Departures should help introduce this style to the pop legion.
 Sound: 7.8
 Lyrics: 7.4
 Overall Impression: 7.6
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overall: 9.7
Arrivals And Departures Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 02, 2007
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Sound: Arrivals & Departures is an explosive album, filled with big guitars, entricate(ish) bass, and soaring vocals. The opening track "Sound Of The Sun" is an exlposive hit, should have been their first. The sound is a lot different than their album Discovering The Waterfront, sound wise in the guitars, which were entricate and not really here on this album. // 10

Lyrics: Shand Told's lyrics don't really make you think, but are still good none the less. The lyrics lean towards more of heartbreak and girls rather than death, stalking, and all other sorts that were on Discovering The Waterfront. I think he did a good job though, he made catchier songs. His singing skills are a lot better and not so high as the last album.His screaming is "full" and brutal making this a really good album. // 9

Overall Impression: Basically you should go buy this album. I would probably cry if I lost this album haha. All the tracks are unique, which Silverstein was always good at doing. If you get a chance, buy the bonus tracks which include "Rain Will Fall" and "Falling Down" which are both really good songs. It's more upbeat than Discovering The Waterfront and When Broken Is Easily Fixed. This album is a must buy to whoever likes post hardcore/emo/screamo, Silverstein is one band to always watch for. // 10

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overall: 7.3
Arrivals And Departures Reviewed by: UG Team, on july 03, 2007
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Sound: After around a year of relentless international touring, Silverstein are back and ready to unleash their third album Arrivals & Departures, the follow up to '05s Discovering the Waterfront. The band have roped in Mark Trombino to produce their latest album (Blink 182, The Bled, Jimmy Eat World, Finch), and he has brought his polished-yet-raw sound which he is renowned for with him. The guitars sound pristine yet a little rough around the edges, and the tones are perfect to suit the mood of the album. Dynamically, the record doesn't do much to change the formula from Discovering the Waterfront's 30% screaming, 70% singing ratio. They still have their balls-out heavier tunes and their more radio-friendly clean-versed songs, the only difference being the slightly more upbeat feel to the ones which will appeal to both the airwaves and the masses. Opening track 'Sound Of The Sun' was the first taste fans received of the new record when it was posted on the bands Myspace, and it's exactly what you'd expect from the Burlington, Ontario boys. Aggressive riffs, catchy hooks, tight breakdowns: but this is what we expect when screamo signs to Victory. First single 'If You Could See Into My Soul' has all the write hooks and hits all the right chords to make anyone in this scene bang their head. // 8

Lyrics: Granted, the lyrics are mostly about relationships (of the failed variety), and there are a fair few clich lines (such as Lying all alone, wishing you would call from 'World's Apart') but Silverstein have always open to more influences than just the girl that broke their heart, after all they have been known to cover fairly untouched ground, such as on the last record when they talked about the assassination of Julius Caesar in 'The Ides Of March' and used their lovesick songs to fit concepts ('Your Sword Vs. My Dagger' was based on Romeo & Juliet). This time, songs like 'Here Today, Gone Tomorrow' talk about the pressures of being away from family and friends on tour, but they try to keep it positive by telling the listener how there's no-one they'd rather do it with, before it all ends in tragedy their tour bus crashing on an icy road. For the most part, the lines are strangely poetic, and whilst you know Silverstein are singing about the same thing as most generic cookie-cutter emo bands nowadays, they have a certain eloquence about which they do it, which in turn sets them apart from a lot of the crowd. // 7

Overall Impression: There's nothing remotely new about what Silverstein are doing here, but at least they have the good manners to do well what bands like former labelmates Hawthorne Heights are so lacklustre at. // 7

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overall: 8.3
Arrivals And Departures Reviewed by: screamokid, on july 05, 2007
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Sound: As being a fan of this band for 2 1/2 years, listening to this album quite surprised me. When I first listened to the opening track, I was shocked, in the best possible way, in how much better Silverstein has grown as musicians. The guitars seemed less sloppy, clean bass line, relaxed drum beat, and good singing. The sound is very similar to their last 2 albums, but they have grown as musicians making this album come together much better. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are the worst part of this album. They don't seem to branch off or talk about something that has any particular meaning (Breaking up with girls and wanting to kill them). They are very repetitive and kind of bland. Shane Told on the other hand, is a very good vocalist and makes up for the not so hot lyrics. He can go from a very low almost growl scream, to clean singing in no time. He has good control and a unique voice on top of it. // 7

Overall Impression: Yes, it is still Silverstein. I remember reading Alternative Press's most anticipated albums of 2007 and Shane Told saying that he is as big of a Beatles fan as of a Metallica fan, and you can see that in this record. It has slow songs, fast songs, screams, and singing. I really like how much they have grown up over the past 2 years. They made the guitars especially, much more technical. Even a pretty cool little guitar solo in My Disaster. Everyone is saying that they are trying to be radio friendly, and I don't see it. To be honest, I think it is still Silverstein. They want to impress their fans, and they are doing that. // 9

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overall: 8
Arrivals And Departures Reviewed by: ian4sho, on july 03, 2007
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Sound: For their new album they definitely decided to make the sound more different than any other album. This album, though, is by far the best sounding one. Their is a different sound to each song, but you still know it's Silverstein. You can tell they put a lot of creativity into making this album. Although they do drop the F Bomb a few times in this song, a first for them, they have really defined their sound. // 9

Lyrics: Their lyrics for this album are amazing. They each have their own story line and have their own flow, but they all come together. You can really tell the emotion that the singer (Shane Told) put into these songs. He's actually a talented singer, because he goes from singing to screaming in this album and he still keeps his voice sounding good. His singing keeps the songs together. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is by far the best. Silverstein is definitely one of the bands you should check out if you like post-hardcore. The songs will blow you away and as usual for silverstein, they didn't just put one slow song and keep the rest harcore. They all come together to make a perfect sounding CD. The songs to look for if you're wanting to hear how hardcore they've gotten are "Sound of the Sun", "Bodies and Words", and "My Disaster". If you're looking for the slow sound, look for "True Romance", and "Worlds Apart". If you're looking for just the good sound, listen to "If You Could See Into My Soul", "Love With Caution", and "Still Dreaming." You should definitely buy this album if you don't have it. // 7

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overall: 7.3
Arrivals And Departures Reviewed by: guitar_freak91, on july 03, 2007
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Sound: Their sound has changed a little bit, from being in your face, technical guitar riffs, to a more heavy linear sound. They wanted to mature a little more and change things up a little, but I don't think that it made them any better. It sorta downplayed their catchy sound, and made them less easy to listen to. Their guitar riffs are good, but they could have done so much more with it. The drum track is nothing special, it's like Paul had a "whatever" attitude going into recording. The bass is normal for a band, no special solos or anything throughout. The vocals are almost the same. They've changed a little though, for better or for worse, I'm really unsure. Overall, they've got a more radio appropriate sound, and are edging away from their underground roots. // 7

Lyrics: The lyrics in this record are still the same Silverstein, and they did try to make them a little more mature. But they made the lyrics sound a little more cornier and more like something out of a chick-flick. The lyrics match the music pretty well, and seem to blend together nicely. The only problem is Shane's singing style in this album. it sounds like he took melody pieces out of Discovering The Waterfront, and put them right into this piece of work. He also sounds like his voice is synthesized in some sort of way throughout the entire record. It is really noticable when in the song "Sound Of The Sun", when Shane stops screaming and begins singing with "And I don't know what's wrong with me, I wanted to be all the things you need". They do scream a considerable amount, but in their new sound it's almost needed less, and takes away from the music a little. // 8

Overall Impression: Compared to their other albums, this sounds like a lesser effort. It's almost like they ran out of ideas. A lot of the songs on this record sound the same, but there are a few good ones. "Sound Of The Sun" is a good start to their album, but with the song "Bodies And Words", it's like a move away from their sound, and their single, "If You Could See Into My Soul", it doesn't sound anything like the Silverstein I used to know. It's probably because they're trying to get their name out there more, but to the old fans, it's not really them. I would like to see the old sound again, but when bands mature, that normally never comes back. // 7

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overall: 6.3
Arrivals And Departures Reviewed by: carrotcake, on july 05, 2007
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Sound: This band has changed a lot since their 2005 album "Discovering the Waterfront" and it was for the worse. I was kind of disapointed with this album when I first heard it. Because I knew they could do much better. Silverstein has always been one of my favorite bands because I always thought they were different then most "emo" bands. In "Discovering the Waterfront" they made each song interesting and worth listening to. Now, they've became a lot more mainstream with their music on this album. I hope Silverstein does their all on future albums compared to this one. // 6

Lyrics: The lyrics in this album aren't as interesting as I thought they would. They're more like a bunch of poetry that were turned into songs in my opinion. His voice has also changed a bit. His singing voice is a little more mellow and uninteresting and his screaming is just horrible compared to "Discovering the Waterfront." But, I guess he bases his lyrics with events that are taking place in his life. A good bit of the songs off this album are relating to relationships. Others are about going on tours and not getting to see family or friends. So I guess my overall impression on the lyrics are that the songs are portraed as poetry and Shane using sad vocals to sing them. // 7

Overall Impression: This albums does compare to other albums. It's probably their worst they've done. And they do compare to other artists, they're trying to be just like other bands to fit in. There are a couple songs on this album that I actually like, the first three on the album: Sound Of The Sun, Bodies And Words, and If You Could See Into My Soul. These songs actually have a little bit of hardcore in them. But compared to the other songs I would say that Silverstein's lost their hardcore side. The only thing I love about this album is that it's a full-lengthed one, there last one: 18 Candles: The Early Years was a just an album of previous albums and extra tracks. The thing that I hate about A&D is that Silverstein didn't do what they're capable of. It's kind of like they rushed the album so fans wouldn't be complaining. If it was stolen or lost I wouldn't really care that much, it's on my computer and I don't like it as much as the other albums. So, my overall impression is that Silverstein didn't do their all on this album and they need to take time with recording. // 6

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overall: 5
Arrivals And Departures Reviewed by: fret13, on july 06, 2007
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Sound: Silverstein is one of my favorite bands, and don't get me wrong their a great band, but this CD is not anywhere near as good as Discovering The Waterfront, the vocals are terrible and nothing really stands out. Their are no good guitar solos during the entire album even though there is a semi decent one in True Romance, it doesnt prove anything because any good guitar player can play it. They stick to the screamo sound, which is starting to get old but I can deal with it, but I was hoping for a repeat of balance between screaming and singing, but unfortunatley there is no chemistry. I was also hoping they would stay out of the emo mainstream deal but again I was let down after briefly listening to some of the songs. When I say briefly listening to I mean, such as int My Disaster, I as trying not to laugh at it. I made it through some of the songs but most of them just werent good enough to waste my tome to listen to all of it. // 5

Lyrics: This is lyrically the worst Silverstein CD out there. even 18 Candles had better lyrics that carried throughout the song. Most of the lyrics are not catchy and change meaning throughout the song, such as in True Romance, he sings about a beautiful girl and a lonely husband and all of a suddenly, emo mainstream strikes again, with lyrics dealing with "Blood" and "What have you done". makes no sense and I'm noit a fan of violent, emo lyrics. In the booklet for the special edition Discovering the Waterfront CD, Shane describes how cutting yourself and suicide are wrong and how it shouldn't be done and how all the songs on Discovering The Waterfront don't deal with it, but I'm still trying to figure out how that works with this CD. // 3

Overall Impression: I pre-ordered the CD, since I am a Silverstein Junkie, so to speak, and purchased the 7" Inch Vinyl. it was not a disappointment, it's very cool, but that's about all it's good for. I really wish this was just a preview of upcoming Silverstein songs instead of the real CD because I'm now anxiously awaiting their next release and hoping it will not disappoint me like this one has. Shanes vocals really killed the CD and the lyrics did not help. I really do like Silverstein, Just not Arrivals & Departures. // 7

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overall: 8.7
Arrivals And Departures Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 08, 2008
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Sound: The album Arrivals and Departures is good in some parts but not good in others. Silverstein seemed to have gotten softer after Discoveringt the Waterfront. The music itslef hasn't gotten much softer, but to me there is less screaming that I looked foward to. But my favorite songs off of this album are probably True Romance and Here Today Gone Tomorrow. Even though these songs are softer and don't have much or any screamo in them, they're are still constructed very well and lyrics are amazing. // 8

Lyrics: Shane Told did it again. His lyrics are so good and very poetic. I read something about him that said that he just broke up with his girlfriend of seven years and he wrote about his emotions during that time. These emotions really show in the songs "Worlds Apart" and "Still Dreaming". The song "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" I'm guessing was about baysides former drummer John Beatz who died. Shanes voice has gotten deeper, same with his scream. His scream got pitchier and better. His singing voice seems to get deeper each album. // 10

Overall Impression: Silverstein is still my favorite band; still bringin the crazy guitars and drums. In the song Bodies and Words, the guitar intro sounds really good yet easy to play. The drums in that song are incredible. But the guitars don't have as many cool intros or catchy tunes. Like I said, True Romance and Here Today Gone Tomorrow are my two favorite in the CD. The beat is catchy on here today gone tomorrow while the singing is flawless and lyrics are super. True Romance is a nice soft song all the way through with some cool drums and finger picking in the beginning up until the bridge. The solo is amazing in this song and I hope someone tabs it! well if this CD were stolen from me or I lost I probably wont buy a new one cause I got it on my windows media player (I have an mp3 player, not an iPod). But you should buy it it's very good. // 8

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