When Broken Is Easily Fixed Review

artist: Silverstein date: 01/04/2007 category: compact discs
Silverstein: When Broken Is Easily Fixed
Release Date: May 20, 2003
Label: Another Victory Inc.
Genres: Emo, Post-Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Punk Revival
Number Of Tracks: 10
When Broken Is Easily Fixed is a rousing, cathartic record that effectively blurs the lines between emo, hardcore, and metal.
 Sound: 9.2
 Lyrics: 9.2
 Overall Impression: 9.2
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overall: 10
When Broken Is Easily Fixed Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 07, 2005
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Sound: The sound of this CD is incredible. It has so many amazing riffs and the singing is incredible. The lead singer does all of the singing and most of the screaming himself. He does an incredible job of doing so. I heard discovering the waterfront before I heard this CD and at first I thought that silverstein was just alright. Then I heard this CD and I have to say now that it is an amazing cd and they are an awesome band. They have many styles for the CD. They have some good slower songs and some really good upbeat faster songs. And there is always a good ending to every song. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics for this CD are amazing. He works his ass off to think of the awesome lyrics for the whole CD. They are very distinctive and well thought of. They truly come from the heart. Every song fits the lyrics and the music. They all go together and they do an awesome job at the whole thing. The singer is amazing. He does an awesome job at what he does. // 10

Overall Impression: There are not too many artist that compare to this CD. All the songs change up and have an amazing outro that rocks amazingly. I love that I can listen to every song on the CD and not come close to wanting to change it. This CD is one of my favorite CD's and it does not come close to getting replaced by a better cd. If it were lost 10 times I would buy it every time again. Just go out and buy the CD and you wont be sorry. // 10

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overall: 8.3
When Broken Is Easily Fixed Reviewed by: guitardo19, on may 25, 2006
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Sound: Personally Hand's Down Silverstein is one of my Favorite Bands because of the creativity they bring out in each and every song on When Broken Is Easily Fixed. Face melting guitar riffs go as far as reaching beautiful picking and thrashing hardcore. Some songs sound more metal then others, and some songs sound more softer then others. But nonetheless, every last guitar riff is backed up with emotional screaming and melodic vocals all done by Silverstein frontman Shane Told in all their songs. When Broken Is Easily Fixed is full of surprises. There's never a dull moment as far as this cd is concerned. If you want to try something new in the form of Emo meeting Hardcore Then Silverstein is The Band For You. If your'e not really into pensive/painful lyrics and the whole scream-scene I do not recommend Silverstein. 01. Smashed Into Pieces - an awesome start to an awesome album. The screaming goes perfect with the heavy guitars in this song. The lead guitar in the chorus almost sounds like an orchastra, which gives this song a very powerful brilliant piece by the musicians and the vocals. 02. Red Light Pledge - this is the first sign that Silverstein's lyrics aren't afraid to be simple and soft, but you can still very much relate, but they still come back with overpowering guitars and bone crushing screams. 03. Giving Up - indeed the emocore side of Silverstein. Truly lyrics anyone has hes had a painful break up can relate to. Shane totally puts himself in the shoes of Silverstein's fans, And he doesn't even know it. 04. November - not an upbeat song but still a very great one. Not one of their heavy song's though. 05. Last Days Of Summer - another song that starts out slow and soft like the previous one. But like I said there's never a dull moment. They bring you right back up there with the screaming, which is a very well respectful tempo change. 06. Bleeds No More - this is the point in the album where the hardcore jumps back in the picture. A very change of pace as far the other few emo songs go. This is something you won't see something. Definitly something to open the dancefloor. 07. Hear Me Out - not too mellow to make you fall asleep but tunes that keep you in a hopeful mood. Harmonic guitars come out in this song to keep you all awake. 08. The Weak And The Wounded - definitly a beautiful comeback just when the album started to get almost too soft. Silverstein brings the in your face screaming, and bradford and boshart bring the true sound from their inner musician. One of the heaviest songs on the album. 09. Wish I Could Forget You - when I first heared this one I was confused and thought it might be a mix or something because of the funky guitar intro. But nope, still the screams are crushed out from Tool. This one isn't heavy at all. 10. When Broken Is Easily Fixed - the heaviest song on the album. A very big sadisfaction. This is a non-disappointing song. Hardcore throughout the whole song. But still Shane Told still squeezes in those beautiful vocals, and makes it seem so easy. // 9

Lyrics: All of Silverstein's lyrics go along perfectly with every last Song on the CD. Some might think that Shane Told's lyrics are a bit amatuer, but everyone has their own feelings about all varieties of lyrics. I find that his lyrics are a bit childish at times but for a brief second. All in all this album has a song for any emotion anyone can feel. That is how iI feel in love with Silverstein. // 8

Overall Impression: There are no other albums that come even come close to the creativity of this CD. I think in a weird way everyone can truly say that Silverstein is indeed a very diferent experience with what's going on with music right now, and that is perfectly. The songs on the album only compliment each other vastly. Because of the diferent sound they bring I was extermely impressed with such fearlessness of trying something new, and they do a dang good job at it. I love the heaviness that Silverstein brings, but the only thing I don't care for is when the album might seem like it's dragging. But all in all I love the comeback's on the album. // 8

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overall: 10
When Broken Is Easily Fixed Reviewed by: punkrockerblind, on january 23, 2006
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Sound: Ok, so I didn't think much when I heard Silverstein was playing in my town. I had never heard of them and at the time was an emo basher. I went to see how they were and make fun of them. They came on stage and I was blown away. I loved their sound. I immediatley bought the CD right after the show. I was in love. The album is amazing. It is all good songs. I would have to say that the best songs in my opinion are Hear Me Out, Giving Up, Last Days Of Summer and Bleeds No More. This album as they say themeselves "tore down the barrier betweeen punk, post hardcore and emo". Their guitar is fast and loud, their bass is distinctive, their vox are genuinely amazing and their drumming is well crafted. I love the way it goes fast, slow, slow, slow, slow, fast, slow, slow, fast. // 10

Lyrics: I liked the lyrics. Very heartfelt at times, very angry and hateful at others. Shane is an amazing singer the way he switches from screaming to singing. The lyrics also went very well with the music. It blended amazingly. I would have to say Shane is the best screamo/emo/hardcore singer right now. // 10

Overall Impression: I was very impressed with this album. I have already bought the new album and love it to death also. The only thing I had against this was the quality wasn't as good because it was their first album. If it was stolen, I would be very sad and murder whoever did it. I love Silverstein so much and it's great becasue I'm from their hometown so like every 2-3 months they come back here and play. // 10

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overall: 9.7
When Broken Is Easily Fixed Reviewed by: GuitarGod01, on february 08, 2006
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Sound: This band has literally blown my mind. With their sweet guitar riffs with a bipolar singer, they are a creative band unlike any other. I say bipolar as an expression for those who sing with good melodies and then belt out the most hardcore screams/growls ever to be heard. If your not into music as I described above, then more than likely you will not like this album, however you should like this genre if you want to hear something new. The music is very complex and hard to tab out. I love a challenge though and I have a couple Silverstein tabs in the tabs section if you want to play along with this phenomenal album. I found this CD in Hot Topic and I bought it just for the hell of it judging it on a cool-looking cover. Since then I am so glad I bought it. Some would consider this emo-style music, and maybe the artist themselves call it that but I just consider it hardcore. It is a great CD and a must have for all musicians out there. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are typical emo lyrics with catchy screaming parts as well as singing parts. Silverstein sings of broken hearts, cheating girlfriends, betrayal, the weak and the wounded(a song title), trying to forget ex girlfriends, ect. They may sound dumb from my description, but you really have to hear them for yourself. // 10

Overall Impression: Silverstein is definately one of my top 10 favorite bands of all time and their impression was incredible. The most impressive songs on the album are Smashed To Pieces, Red Light Pledge, Giving Up, The Weak and The Wounded, Lastly and most importantly the best song on this album is the song of which the CD is named after When Broken Is Easily Fixed. If this album would be stolen from me I would go buy it again in a heartbeat. // 10

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overall: 9
When Broken Is Easily Fixed Reviewed by: AVA_182_44, on september 04, 2006
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Sound: Silverstein is one of my new favorite bands. I picked up their CD from a friend last year, and since then I love them. (I love these guys so much I'm going to go to their concert this November). Silverstein takes emo, screamo, and post-grunge to make 11 great songs on "When Broken Is Easily Fixed" These guys are amazing. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics on Silverstein's CD are really powerful. Silverstein's not out just to get money lik eother bands nowadays, the lyrics are too powerful and moving to be thought of by someone who doesn't mean it. The lyrcis go perfect with the rest of the music, and the screaming goes perfect with the music and the singing. Great vocals. // 8

Overall Impression: This is Silverstein's debut album, so we can expect a lot more greatness from them. My favorite songs on this album are "When Broken Is Easily Fixed," "Smashed Into Pieces," "Bleed No More" and "Red Light Pledge." This is a really cool album, if you like other bands on Victory Records, you're going to love these guys. This album is irreplacable with any other musical artist, this album is awesome. // 9

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overall: 8
When Broken Is Easily Fixed Reviewed by: fret13, on january 04, 2007
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Sound: Silverstein is probably my presently favorite band and for some strange reason I hadn't got this CD until after I got Discovering the waterfront and 18 Candles: The Early Years. I just never really saved up my money for it and heard it wasn't that good. The first song on the album, "Smashed Into Pieces", was the first Silverstein song I had ever heard on a sample CD that I got after purchasing Hawthorne Height's The Silence in Black and White a few years ago. It's a really fast tune that is really catchy, one of the best on the album, Silverstein at their finest. Afterwards, you hear "Red Light Pledge" which is really sensitive and has way too much screaming in it for that slow of a song. A bad way to switch from the opening song. Other songs that share the same overview of "Red Light Pledge" are "Giving Up", "Hear Me Out", and "Forever and a Day". They do however have some harder songs on the album that I like but also have a lot of unnecessary screaming such as a sensitive but hard "November", "Last Days Of Summer", and the on and off "The Weak and the Wounded". The two tracks that I don't think there is an overdose of screaming are "When Broken Is Easily Fixed" and "Bleeds No More" considering "Bleeds No More" is intended to scream the entire time I have no trouble with that. Guitars on this album I found more Metal influenced than "Discovering The Waterfront" and also found that the two guitars comply with each other with tons more duos than the other album. The Bass also has a line of it's own and Paul alway puts a great drum line in. // 7

Lyrics: The lyrics are well thought through and has things anyone can relate to, from the intense "When Broken Is Easily Fixed" to the upbeat "Wish I Could Forget You" to the soft "Red Light Pledge", anyone can relate to the lyrics. The lyrics flow with the song. When the song is hard, the lyrics are hard, and vice versa. The two bonus tracks however are not my favorite when it comes to lyrics however. Shane puts on an impressive vocal display but doesn't show it that much in the song "When Broken Is Easily Fixed" but the BGVs cover up for him. // 9

Overall Impression: If I had to choose between "Discovering the Waterfront" and this CD I would choose both, but do what I did and start off with DTW and save your money for this CD. The most impressive songs on the album are "When Broken Is Easily Fixed", "Smashed Into Pieces", and "November". I felt that Silverstein put a little too many depressing melodies on this CD and not enough upbeat songs but I love the guitars. This is worth buying again. // 8

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