Pornographic Scripture review by Silvertonguedevil

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  • Released: Jan 7, 2012
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 5.6 (5 votes)
Silvertonguedevil: Pornographic Scripture

Sound — 7
"Pornographic Scriptures" is first album from the new metal band SilverTongueDevil. I saw them live at a bar where they had so much energy that I knew I had to check out if they could hold their own on an album. To my surprised, and hunger for metal, they did more than just that. With a mix of heavy metal and ever so slight punk style that makes this band stand out as one of the best young bands that I've heard. What I relate it to, is Pantera and Bad Religion fusing into one band. What you have is that very distinct easy talking vocal, with some metal thrown in the mix. Articulation is no problem for these guys. On the album, and live, there performance was flawless, something so clean. Something that will please a lot of people looking for something fresh, is that the guitarist isn't using any harsh effects. It seemed that he had his amp, a guitar and himself. Looking at the songs individually: 01. "Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell": Right to the point, this song sets the ground for what will you should expect from any metal band. In your face guitar riffs, with heavy drums. The song sounds more of making pokes at you instead of being a rebuttal of a pissed off musician. Setting the tone, it shows you straight out of the box that these guys have the confidence to back their power. 02. "Witching Hour In The Cosmic Braveyard": Talk about sprinting with everything you have on lap one. The drummer starts out just going at it. His energy extends beyond the intro, continuing to be the strong backing for this song. With sharp pitches from the guitar taking over smoothing out with marching melodic metal riff shortly after. If that doesn't meet your expectations, the bass walks in with his own solo that will snag your ear and make you beg for more. 03. "Chopped Up By A Witch": The guitar here matches the song before it, making me wish that this song was moved away from the previous song when played from start to finish. The bass steals this song for himself about a minute and 45 seconds in, and Ben Shanks doesn't let go. He really shines here, in an impressive performance, when he's ready for a break, he hands it right back to the guitar and they take off. If you like nothing else about this song, you will really the bass solo. 04. "I.R. (Intelligent Radiation)": A refreshing slower melodic start. The mix of the punk style can really be heard in this song. Overall, a great song to put in the middle. It's slightly different, but sticks to their style. These guys aren't throwing you a bone with some pop single, these songs are consistent. 05. "Sex Crime Of The Century": Vocals flow much better here than some of the songs, in combination with a great catchy chorus, this song is just a great example of how great this band is. If they re-record with a higher budget, this is a song I'd like them to record again. It sounds like there are mute-pads on the drums. It breaks my heart to say that though, because this song is wicked. 06. "Of Human Gore Imbued": This song has that "filler" feeling all over it. Using the same rhythmic patterns from other songs on this CD, it's a song for the fans. There are a few things that stand out, like the bass solo, which helps take this song and put it above average. I almost feel like the guitar should have shined more here, and easily could have. 07. "Drugoy - The Other": Slow vocal control isn't Craig Meinhart's specialty. You can hear that he isn't landing those notes perfectly. The song as a whole though is great. This is a much more progressive metal song. However, I don't feel like this song ever really reaches an eye opening climax. Because of all that, I'd say that this is one of the weaker songs on this album. 08. "The Grand Extermination": The vocals here don't stand up to how great of a song this. The instruments are well articulated, but I feel as if the lyrics just don't do a great job with following up and being as promising. Still, the verse is more defined here over the chorus, and there is some great finger work done by the guitar with a very soft bass in the background. I would be possibly liked to hear it with the bass brought out a bit more, but that isn't the first time I'd say that. 09. "Faces In The Smoke": The opening to this is what I invision as smoke clears and faces become visible. In this song you can hear some actual use of vocal effects during the chorus, which adds a nice touch. The bass and guitar do a very fun trade off, as the guitar plays all the notes but the last in the phrase, and the bass plays the last one, giving it a spice that you'll want to hear again and again to pin down why you like it so much. This is a great song by them. 10. "The Insane And The Stupid": This is my favorite song they do on the album. A catchy progressive riff and some time changes. The bass is very inspiring in this song, with a solo that just fits so well, the guitarist and bassist share some love here, each doing their own solo part both of which are smooth. I feel that this might also be the strongest vocal performance. Craig has some great growl, and shows it off quite well here. Transitions from chorus and verse are fun, this is most certainly a song to drive to. Eardrum massaging for the ear with a metal niche.

Lyrics — 6
The lyrics are real love or hate. The singer, Craig Meinhart, has some pretty wacky lyrics. The first track, named "Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell" is a great example of what kind of messed up stuff this guy brings to the table. However, the lyrics don't disgust me, as I first thought they would, instead, they make me curious, as to where this guy is going with the story in the song. Which, is the beauty to it. I wouldn't be surprised if their second album was a concept album and contained more of a story, because I think they would do a great job at it. Sadly though, Craig's intonation isn't perfect, and is somewhat lacking.

Overall Impression — 7
The CD, while their first, is well produced. As I mentioned before, I feel like the lows need to be brought up slightly in some songs, where I feel like what could have been a devastating drum beat was slightly overshadowed. Not to reflect against an amazing drummer though, his play is spot on. The bass had some parts to that should have really been as loud or rivaling the melody instead though, I feel like there was a single volume for him and that he had to actually attack his bass to come out of the shadows. Overall instrumental tone and accuracy is great. The guitarist has very few spots to clean up, I feel like a couple of harmonics could have been a bit tighter, but that could also be based the fault of recording equipment and picking up those highs with quality.

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