Meet Me In The Afterlife review by Simeon Soul Charger

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  • Released: Mar 21, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.9 (11 votes)
Simeon Soul Charger: Meet Me In The Afterlife

Sound — 9
Rock with a swagger. Twin guitar attack. Amazing vocals worthy of Queen. There's some psychedelica, classic bluesy rock, complicated progressive structures, jumbo sized riffs but mainly pure joy of music! If your music collection sometimes seems jaded with nothing you want to hear, Simeon Soul Charger are having a party at their house!

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are not simple and without a lyrics sheet the words create an atmosphere more than anything else. But like opera, you don't need to know the words to know what's going on. However, on "Please" there's a a chain gang blues vibe going on "Please set me free from the things I cannot change and let me be" but there's 13 notes in the word please! The song "Dear Mother" about a tortured son rejecting his mother's religion "I'm sure that you'll be doing well while your sweet children burn in hell, the burden you wish you could ignore". The singer's range and emotion is outstanding. He could sing Queen or "Jesus Christ Superstar" without a problem.

Overall Impression — 9
The songs are diverse and original and whip along with so much enjoyment it's unfair to stick the band in a box. I suppose their sound could be compared to Queen's early albums but there's a new freshness here. At over 11 minutes, "Swallowing Mouth" is the final track and sprawls in several parts through a weird circus of sound before pulling it all together towards the end with rampaging guitars and everything else at eleven. This is an album that I would replace straight away if it was lost. Great fun!

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    gRiLeD cHiKen
    The album has a very Queen-esque direction to me. In the thread of "I'm Going Slightly Mad" and the Queen and Queen II albums. In short, it's got the eccentricity of Queen. I'm going to stop saying Queen now
    I have seen and heard Simeon Soul Charger several times live on stage. The band has a wide range of sound from Beatles going over Jethro Tull or Led Zeppelin up to Black Sabbath. Based on the drums of Joe Kidd the band is playing with a huge virtuosity. The bassplayer Spider Monkey plays his instrument with the flexibility of a Leadguitarist while Rick Phillips plays the leadguitar as if he wants to make Jimi Hendrix looking small. On this base Aaron Brooks sings with virtuosity and feeling, that reminds me the bands in the 70ies. Simeon Soul Charger is for me one of the best Bands of our decade, because they have a unique sound and the only thing that exceeds their musical creativity is that they are really nice guys.