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artist: Simple Plan date: 03/04/2008 category: compact discs
Simple Plan: Simple Plan
Release Date: Feb 12, 2008
Genres: Pop Punk, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock
Label: Lava
Number Of Tracks: 11
Simple Plan's third CD strikes to the swollen heart of emo, and maybe even pierces it a little. Compared with the band's first two albums, this eponymous one leans a shade more sedate, a bit less manic.
 Sound: 5
 Lyrics: 3
 Overall Impression: 4
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overall: 4
Simple Plan Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 04, 2008
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Sound: This isn't the same pop-punk band people know. This sounds like a whole different band. I watched the bonus DVD that it came with, It was the making of the album. They say that at this time they are very influenced by Justin Timberlake and othe pop/rappers. I'm not hear to bash because this band does have some credibilty with the other albums but this album isn't the same. This band has come along way from thier roots meaning when they went by the name Reset back when they were political/hard punk. Now the band is trying to hard to be popular but what they don't realize they don't ahve a huge fan base, considering most of the bands fans were in middle school when they started and now are in highschool. To mature ear this isn't that cool. In my mind they took too long to produce this. This album is over produced if you will. This will appeal to very little, they probably have lost all punk fans with this and have already lost all the teenage girl fans with fact only this strictly because girls move from 1 band to another like Fall Out Boy, Boys Like Girls and other pop bands (by that I mean not all girls of course). They are really a couple years behind. Sorry if any of this offends you. // 5

Lyrics: Very basic, these lyrics have very simple words and easy rhymes. The lyrics are not over all very creative. The singing on the album is the same voice as the other albums but tries too on the ballads. One other thing that needs to be said is Chuck (the drummer) is too good to be replaced by techno drums. // 3

Overall Impression: This album isn't their best. Lets just go down the line. When I'm Gone, I don't really dig the techno drums but the song is pretty good overall when the chorus kicks in. Take My Hand, one of the best on the album, it has a punkish type of sound and is one of the best tracks. The End, most people will be scared away by the begining but I actually the beat, then the song speeds up which is really good. Your Love Is A Lie, first off obvious boulevard of broken dreams ripp off riff, Justin Timberlake like sound, sounds like something my sister or mom would like and the cheezy part is their is no explict version around as this is the only swearing song on the album. Save You, slow poppy song, about cancer. Generation, the worst song on the album, I can't get by the cheezy trumpet and the fake drums. Time To Say Goodbye, the best song on the album, this song is really really good, just like the good old days. I Can't Wait Forever, very cheesy piano, an obvious example of trying too hard sounds like something off the disney channel or a lost song at a junior high dance. Holding On, this song sounds like an angels and airwaves song or U2 song. No Love, this song is alright just some dumb piano in bits and pieces. What If, good song once it gets into it. Ok that's all the songs, this album would be good, if they kept the same old sound, this certainly isn't my bag. This band needs to look back at one of their oldest songs back when they were in reset (the song is pollution): "I'm not a walking commercial, my life is not a rehearsal." These guys are the definition of selling out, these are not the same guys, this is a new band, dubbed the "New Simple Plan." If this album was lost I would not buy it again. // 4

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