Haunted Review

artist: Six Feet Under date: 10/24/2003 category: compact discs
Six Feet Under: Haunted
Released: Sep 26, 1995
Genre: Rock
Tones: Aggressive, Reckless, Malevolent, Menacing, Outrageous
Styles: Heavy Metal, Death Metal/Black Metal
Number Of Tracks: 11
 Sound: 6
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7.3
Haunted Reviewed by: sweet_leaf420, on october 24, 2003
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Sound: Hyped to be the biggest Death Metal supergroup to come out ever, featuring Chris Barnes (Vocals, Ex-Cannibal Corpse), Alan West (Rhythm/lead Guitar, Ex-Obituary), Terry Butler (Bass, Ex-Death), and Drummer Bill Gall. And while they are not to bad on "Haunted" they still fail to meet the expectations they were to meet. The Album starts with the definite highlight "The Enemy Inside" which keeps the listener ready for even more to come. The sound of this album is detuned, heavy, grinding death metal in vein of Obituary, which is not all bad, til they start to rely on some of the riffs from them, one example being "Beneath A Black Sky", where the riff is very similar to "The End Complete". But all in all it is a decent album that stands up well against the future releases (with the exception of my fave. album "Warpath".) // 6

Lyrics: The Lyrics, written mostly by Chris Barnes, is a departure, if you expect alot of the same as he did with Cannibal Corpse, you will be shocked, although there are still some gory ideas, such as "Silent Violence" & "Remains Of You", but even these are sublime when compared to anything he did in the days of Cannibal Corpse, Chris has also seemed to become more clear with his vocals, you can actually understand a vast majority of what he is singing on here. // 8

Overall Impression: Warpath is still the best album they released, IMO, but this one is a close second for me, it features highlights , such as "The Enemy Inside", "Lycanthropy", "Beneath A Black Sky" & "Torn To The Bone", which should be impressive for fans of Obituary, or that kind of death metal in general. Only complaint is that it is still not 100% in it's direction. // 8

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