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artist: Six Feet Under date: 03/21/2013 category: compact discs
Six Feet Under: Unborn
Released: Mar 19, 2013
Genre: Death Metal, Groove Metal, Death 'n' Roll
Label: Metal Blade
Number Of Tracks: 11
Death metal for people who have Dimebag Darrell set as their Facebook picture.
 Sound: 4
 Lyrics: 2
 Overall Impression: 2
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overall: 2.7
Unborn Featured review by: UG Team, on march 21, 2013
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Sound: I bet that Chris Barnes hoped that after 20 years, 10 full-lengths and 3 cover albums (...) the music press would have stopped referring to him as "the former Cannibal Corpse vocalist". Unfortunately though, that's still the most interesting thing about his band and new album "Unborn" is, to put it kindly, artistically stunted. "Prophecy" drags four bumbling riffs by the knuckles through a braindead stomp. "Zombie Blood Curse" has all the smarts of its name and none of the excitement. "Incision" is perhaps the longest midsection Avenged Sevenfold never wrote. Song after song, you think the big bucks production (and admittedly decent guitar tone) might have won you over, but just as quickly you remember that this album is almost devoid of real creativity.

There's something else that this album doesn't have which some people might presume it does death metal. It has Barnes' unmistakeable growl but there's no speed, no twist of the knife, very few traces of the genre whatsoever. It plods around like a homeless man drunk out of his skull. It's death metal for people who have Dimebag Darrell set as their Facebook picture. // 4

Lyrics: Credit where credit's due though Barnes has pulled his voice back from the brink of destruction. There was a time when the man sounded so baked that his performance was more of a cough than a growl; on "Unborn" he's rediscovered a voice which suits his music. He keeps his voice low and his lyrics fairly simple and while there's nothing at all special about what he does, it is at least a plus point when you put his career in context. // 2

Overall Impression: Someone out there's listening to this stuff and to you, I apologise. But before that I implore you to take a closer look at what this genre has to offer and see what else might be out there for you. I wish I could give "Unborn" less, but unfortunately this band did an AC/DC covers album in 2004 and the lowest scores must be protected in case such an incident occurs again. Godspeed. // 2

- Duncan Geddes (c) 2013

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