Breathing The Fire Review

artist: Skeletonwitch date: 03/30/2010 category: compact discs
Skeletonwitch: Breathing The Fire
Released: Oct 13, 2009
Genre: Metal
Label: Prosthetic/Red
Number Of Tracks: 12
This album's perfect if you wanna get your fix of speed and melody. Maybe not the whole 12 songs, but probably most of it.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 7
Breathing The Fire Reviewed by: ComeInnerEar, on march 30, 2010
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Sound: And yet another band we can add to the small list of good American death metal bands. With three albums to their name, SkeletonWitch appears to have a promising sound in future albums. The guitar work combines thrash metal, with the two guitarists in melody during fills and choruses. // 7

Lyrics: 01. Submit to the Suffering: right away the album starts up with fast riffs, and it keeps up for the whole song. The vocals are mostly high screams, except for the chorus, where we hear the vocalists sick lows. Short solo-less song, but overall, catchy and good. 02. Longing For Domination: this song starts off with a slower intro than the opening song, but the speed kicks up as soon as the verse comes in. There is a lot more change-ups with the highs and lows in the vocals. A solo comes in at about halfway through the song, and it's a pretty good one. One of the better songs on the album. 03. Where the Light has Failed: slower than the previous two, but still has a pretty fast speed. The song also has a pretty sick solo. Again, constant highs with the occasional low. 04. Released From the Catacombs: not one of the better songs. I thought it was pretty boring, but that's just my opinion. Again, very few lows from the vocalist. 05. Stand Fight And Die: this song starts off very similiar to Submit to the Suffering, but then takes a change that makes it stand out. First, the vocalist actually uses some lows, and they're used for a while. Then, slow yet melodic tremolo picking come in for the chorus, giving it an amazing sound. The song then goes into a build-up or something, I don't know what to call it. It then sounds like another verse is going to come in, but the song abruptly ends. 06. The Despoiler of Human Life: one of my favorites off the album. The vocalist comes in with his guttural lows for the first verse, then changes them to high. I think this song has the most vocal changes. Another short song, but a very good one. 07. Crushed Beyond Dust: another good song. Well more catchy then good, but still a good song. This song also uses the melodic tremolo picking in between verses that give this song, and others, that epic sound. Another song that has one of those abrupt endings. 08. Blinding Black Rage: this song does not let up! Everything kicks in right away, and does not give in up until the end. It's also one of the few songs with a lot of lows. Oh, and it's the first song where you can clearly hear the bass. 09. Gorge Upon My Soul: this is one of those ok songs, not the fastest and not the heaviest, but it sure as hell is melodic. There's a pretty sick solo to wrap the song up. 10. Repulsive Salvation: in my opinion, probably the best song on the album. Pretty slow, up until the middle of the song when the solo comes in. Slows down again, then speeds up with another solo. The only thing I don't like about the song is that it fades out, and a clean guitar comes in, kinda kills the momentum the song had built up. 11. Strangled By Unseen Hands: nothing special about this song. Basically a filler. Nothing stands out about the song. 12. ...And Into The Flame: for an ending track, there's nothing too special about it. Typical sounding verse, no melodic fills. Just whatever. At about the middle of the song a clean guitar comes in, and then the song goes back to the same sound it had. I would've expected a better song to end such a good album. // 7

Overall Impression: Overall, this album's perfect if you wanna get your fix of speed and melody. Maybe not the whole 12 songs, but probably most of it. If it were to get lost or stolen, I'd buy it again because a lot of the songs are so catchy. I don't know what other artists to compare them to, but this album was an improvement from their previous two efforts. // 7

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