Alloy review by Skepticism

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  • Released: Oct 20, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (7 votes)
Skepticism: Alloy

Sound — 9
We begin with a song unlike any other, "The Arrival". Organs blaring, riffs solemn and crushing, gutterals finding their place, and drums gracefully following suit within the mix. About halfway through..A short break, we find the feeling is larger, and it becomes more intense, with leads overlapping the riffs, and our vocalist has put more of his power into this bit. "March October" is our next song..Acoustic work, accompanied by the sound of the wind..Onto the magic that is Skepticism, the pipe organs swooning in and out in the right places, riffs are held as crushing, although faster paced than our first song. Vocals coming in, fixed on an almost inaudible growl, hard to hear. Thank god it picks up speed around 5 minutes in, our vocalist is now giving more to it, and the music itself has picked up, however, we are brought back to our opening riffs again, this time with the solos, on top of the riffing. I mean, don't expect complete diversity from a death/doom band. At 10:31, I feel it could have been a bit shorter, simply because, it's a little too repetitive at points, although the organs are very tasteful throughout. We get into a speech part, and depending on your thoughts of talking in songs, you just might like it. I found it to be fairly easy to listen to, and nothing too offensive either. Onto our next song! "Antimony", beginning very similar to the stylings of a carnival of death, a literal carnival of death. Gloomy, yet fun. Experience aside, the song itself is roughly 9 minutes long, and has many ups and downs pertaining to certain moods. This song is probably my favourite on the album, seeing as how it has a lot more to keep you occupied musically, than our previously mentioned song "March October". With an overall mad feeling to it, and hateful to quite a degree. Excitement and thoughtlessness approaches near, as we find ourselves in the midst of "The Curtain", a moving 5 minute masterpiece. Although, one of the shorter songs on the album, definitely makes up for it with sheer power, there's use of clean vocals at certain parts, barely noticeable, but are there, and they fit in perfectly. The time moving slowly, "Pendulum"..Embracing our rather cookie cutter formula for this album, this song is no different for style wise. A slow start, a speedier middle, with a disheartening finish. However, you'll notice the organs are used slightly less in this song than the others. "Oars In The Dusk", our final song, and a mighty finish if I might add. Strong start, riffs blasting, drums slowly backing them up, and the vocals start off soon instead of slowly making their way in. The song itself has a sort of different feel, more of a funeral tone, much like the rest of the album, but less so, ha. Much like the rest of the album, is very dark..But, this has quite a graceful way to end it, more in the tone of peaceful hymn, instead of a funeral. Overall, quality was top notch, riffs, drums, vocals, were all what you should expect from a band of this genre.

Lyrics — 9
Vocal usage consisted primarily of gutterals/growls, which is exactly what you should expect. However, lyrics wise..Truly remarkable, they took simplistic lyrics, combined it with simple riffs, and the finished product was quite nice. As for the lyrics themselves, they focus mainly on nature, as you'll find with previous Skepticism lyrics. Ex. "March October" "March has come time to awaken Break the silence deeply sleeping And the stillness lasting ages Once more to start freely moving And the pulse start beating strongly And the words set calmly flowing Blow the dust out of the pipe ends Rid the chains of rust they carry And the pulse set free and roaming And unleash the words from slumber One another then shall follow Join each other in the alloy To bring forth the march october In march start and onwards journey Boldly reach out for october"

Overall Impression — 9
A cold-hearted endeavor brought from the shadows into your lives, to realise what nature holds for you. Absolutey devastating riffs, and the vocals, such power. Possibly one of the greatest death/doom albums I've ever heard, breaking you down, riff by riff. A masterpiece in two genres, and well worthy of a mention to any loving fan of metal, and overall, it's a massive album.

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