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artist: Skillet date: 12/23/2006 category: compact discs
Skillet: Collide
Released: May 25, 2004
Genre: Rock
Styles: CCM, Alternative CCM, Christian Rock, Post-Grunge
Number Of Tracks: 11
Collide is a disc that chugs along with guitars out front, screaming vocals, and a raw intensity that strips the band of its electronic nuances.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9.7
 Overall Impression: 9.7
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overall: 9.3
Collide Reviewed by: dandesmond, on september 16, 2005
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Sound: Skillet return with the hardcore album "Collide" a raw album which brings out Skillet's aggressive side. The production at times could of been better, when I sometimes feel the lead guitar can't be heard well enough. But it has such a raw aggression, driven by some fantastic drumming, you can't help but smile. // 8

Lyrics: When it comes to lyrics, John Cooper knows how to effect someone. His lyrics can be very dark, but sometimes very passionate. He's done himself well here. John has quite a raw voice as well, but he uses it superbly in this album. It at one point is really soft and passionate, then he screams all his aggression out (this works best in Energy). // 10

Overall Impression: 01. Forsaken - the intro riff is like a good version of Korn's riff for "Right Now" and it has such a catchy chorus. Great start 5/5. 02. Savior - the first single of the album. Beginning with an acoustic intro, to rock into the hardcore riff, John Cooper sings as if The Lord is talking to us. Class song 4/5. 03. Open Wounds - added as a track for the special edition CD, John steps away from the Christian influence. It is a good song, and very helpful for people with parent-problems 5/5. 04. A Little More - great song, the softest on the album. It still has quite an aggressive side. Good tune 4/5. 05. Obsession - straight up, in your face, all the way through. Another catchy chorus, great song 5/5. 06. Collide - it has a kind of orchestra intro, but is still keeping hardcore. The riffs seem more simple, yet smart. Maybe the weakest chorus in the album though 3.5/5. 07. Fingernails - a favourite of mine. John Cooper sings so powerfully in this song, and Ben delivers the good on the guitar. Great driven drums 5/5. 08. Imperfection - free for download off, it's a straight up, hardcore success. Clean verse, but passionate lyrics 5/5. 09. Under My Skin - not a bad tune, but perhaps a little boring at times. Nice use of guitar here however 3/5. 10. Energy - straight up, heavy, aggressive, yet so wonderful. Perhaps one of the most passionate songs on the CD 5/5. 11. Cycle Down - possibily my favourite on the album. John Cooper just lets out all his emotion in more hardcore glory. Great way to finish such a great CD 5/5. Overall, this is probably one of the top Christian albums around, and possibly my favourite album of all time. Worthy of a purchase. I can't wait till Skillet's next album, due in 2006. // 10

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overall: 10
Collide Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 17, 2004
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Sound: I accidently stumbled upon this group one day when I was in tenessee. I turned on the tube and they were showing the video for saviour and I was instantly hooked. From the scorching hard rock songs like "Forsaken", "Savior", "My Obsession" and "Cycle Down", to the soaring ballad "A Little More", Skillet is ready to bring their awesome energy to a whole new audience. Loosing half the band and taking on a female guitarist and drummer (his wife is one) seemed to some a tragedy, but in the end it was an awesome move. Their sound has evolved into a shattering, pounding, beautiful, motivational epic. It drenches the senses and gives clear messages on spirituality, abuse, pain, need, and most importantly, how to heal. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are completely capable of relying too. Cause all of us have felt these emotions or the pains described in these songs. Everyone of you who read this review should go out right now and buy this compact disc because you will not be disappointed. // 10

Overall Impression: Yes, the name is horrible, but the band is awesome! Every song is a 10/10. My favorites are "Collide, Under My Skin, My Obsession, & Fingernails" but as I said they are all very good and original. Probably many christians will whine that Skillet "sold-out" and went mainstream, and watered down their message as a result. What they don't realize is that the album was put out on a Christian label first, before it was picked up by the secular Lava. Nothing on the album was changed except that a new track was added. Anyone who has ever seen Skillet live and heard their message would know that their not about the money. They wouldn't have stuck in the Christian underground so long if that was the case. I applaud Skillet for stepping out into the world and reaching out to lives other than just Christians. To me it would have been dissapointing if they would have stayed under the safety and comfort zone of just playing to Christians all the time. If you want straight up hard rock, get Collide as this is Skillet's hardest album. If you want a little more variety, more melodic hard rock with keyboards, check out "Invincible" which in my opinion is still their best album. Long live Skillet! // 10

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overall: 9
Collide Reviewed by: fret13, on december 23, 2006
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Sound: Skillet is in my opinion the best post-grunge, metal Christian band making music these days. Their unique blend of guitars and symphonic score is remarkable and brings back a taste of Linkin Park. Their vocalist has a voice that anyone can like. The album starts off with 'Forsaken' a really hard rock track with an awesome guitar intro. the CD then goes into the single, 'Savior' but slows down at the powerful 'A Little More' which is my favorite song on the album. Half way through the album is the title song 'Collide' which has more keyboards then any other song on the CD and the most uncreative lyrics. The CD closes off with 'Cycle Down' which is probobly one of the best songs on the album. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are remarkable and are very agreeable to any one, Christian or not you'll be able to fall in love with Skillet. The lyrics fit in with the music, they are in your face type lyrics that most metal bands need bt they also have a soft side at times that fits in well to cover all areas of music. The singer has an amazing voice but I think that they should have had the girl sing more like in their new single 'Rebirthing' off of their new CD Comatose. // 9

Overall Impression: This is one of the hardest CDs I own, general music wise, not lyrically. There is nothing wrong with this album and I incourage everyone to buy it and their new album Comatose which I am going to purchase soon as well. If you really want to hear good songs off of this ablum, I encourage you to listen to 'Under My Skin' and 'Cycle Down' this is an album worth buying twice so if you need to get a gift for your friend or family, this is and idea because everyone can agree with it. // 9

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