Comatose review by Skillet

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  • Released: Oct 3, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (116 votes)
Skillet: Comatose

Sound — 10
I though the sound and balance of this album was AMAZING, you can hear all parts the way you're meant to. Most of the songs seem to be focused on falling away from yourself, yoru family, your friends, your life, the world, and falling into a Coma, thus the name Comatose. Coming up here in a couple weeks, they're releasing a new album "Awake" essentially a sequal to Comatose, sen as waking up, from the Singles "Monster" and "Hero" the Idea seems to be finding and admitting problems, and coming out of the coma of denial, and fear. The use of delay, reverb, wah, and ofther effects creates an even better tone, and feeling to the album.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics all have meaning, and as many of you know, this is a Christian band, but the music doesn't have to be seen from a Christian stand-point. The lyrics seem to be designed to make it attractive to all people, not JUST christians. The tone of the music and the lyrics fit well together, but thats hard NOT to do when your singer is your bassist. Essentially it's a huge tie between the heart of the rythm and the foreground of the music. John seems to have a good range, although he does seem a bit wobbly on the high notes, but hey, there aren't many guys that have a perfect range.

Overall Impression — 10
I found that the songs on the album that I listen to the most are The Last Night, basically a story about a girl that has had a secret life of cutting, for years, and is going to kill herself (Voice of Korey Cooper) and Her voice fo reason (John Cooper), Telling her she doesn't have to be alone; Falling into Black, I believe the meaning is something along trying to be saved before you've fallen so far down you can get back up; and Looking For Angels, now this one is one that may not be seen from different points during the chorus, but the verses are hard hitting, and full of meaning (i.e. "After all the wars, after settling the scores, at the break of dawn will we be deaf to the answers?" "On the rise, teen suicide, when we will realize we've been desensitized by the lies of the world") I love the vocl styles, the only thing I don't really like about the album is the ammount of songs, I WANT TO HEAR MORE! If it were stolen or lost I'd have to buy another one, even if it is on my iTunes now, I love being albe to listen to it in the car and such.

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    xDeadReckoningx wrote: You honestly think their guitarist is one of the best in music? I think this may be the worst CD I have ever heard.
    You must not hear much music. and skill, yeah maybe he's not the best, but I'll bet I can find many examples of any of your heroes not matching the key of a song in a solo, overpowering everything else, and completely unmatching the song.
    Mmm. This album brings back sooo many memories now that it's almost 4 years old. I got it the day after its release and I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I literally carried a frying pan around school, shoving it in people's faces, and then telling them about the album. Then, to top it off, I got to meet the band that night, they played an acoustic in-store in Grand Rapids, MI. Even autographed my cd. I still regard it as one of the best days of my life. And don't knock on this album, or any song on this album. They're all incredible, and Skillet's best work to date.
    I have listened to skillet since invincible. Granted I was only nine at the time but I still remember when they had a top 20 christian music video countdown and i distinctly remember best kept secret . I stopped listening to them for a while after alien youth and this was the first album I listened to after i started listening to them again. I was surprised musically because it sounded a lot different because I wasn't used to them being dropped tuned so low. I love this album but musically a lot of the songs sound the same. This album was one of my favorites but I think I would still prefer the older albums because there wasn't any doubt that they were a Christian band whereas nowadays people who may have never heard of them may not know they're Christian, which is a good way to outreach because it shows you can still rock and have praise lyrics. overall, I would say this gets an 8 out of 10.