Apocalyptic Love review by Slash

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  • Released: May 22, 2012
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (315 votes)
Slash: Apocalyptic Love

Sound — 9
Fronted by the man himself, Slash, Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators make a formidable rock band. Their first album as a solid unit, "Apocalyptic Love" is one for the rock history books. The sound is unmistakably Slash, with the Velvet Revolver-style powerchording and Slash's scratchy, bluesy pentatonic solos and riffs make it obvious that Slash definitely fronts this band. Everything else comes second (after all, it is his second solo record). The guitar sound is warm and deep (like something else we all love), and the overdrive is just right; early-eighties rock with slightly more distortion through the solos. The guitar solos, whilst being great, are more of the same pentatonic mega-bends and blistering legato speed lines. Great if you're a fan of them, but if like me, all you do it listen to Slash records you can pretty much tell what's happening next. The album wouldn't sound very good without vocals, a rhythm guitar, bass and drums however. And Slash has recruited just the guys for the job. Myles Kennedy's vocals are smooth and melodic, with an old bluesy feel to them (imagine "Mr. Brownstone" and you'll have an idea of the sound). The problem for me was that in the third track, "You're A Lie" Myles lets out this awesome, Grohl-style scream in the chorus, and I was disappointed that there wasn't more of it. He also lays down simple but effective rhythm guitar, often stepping up to harmonize riffs with the master himself. The bass guitar is solid, and Todd Kerns is clearly a rock bassist. His bass licks lock tightly with Myles' guitar and the drums. Not much decoration though, I must say. Not quite in the ranks of Duff MacKagan, or Flea, but then again, this is the bands' first record as a solid unit. The drums are warm and tight (once again, tee-hee) and drummer Brent Fitz is becoming legendary thanks to his recent history with Slash, (mind you, playing with Alice Cooper didn't hurt much either). However the drums are rather concrete. I'd have liked to have heard more advanced fills. Don't worry, they're definitely more interesting than AC/DC's.

Lyrics — 7
Myles Kennedy was left in charge of the lyrics, and they aren't too depressing, but they aren't too happy (rock music with happy lyrics?! ). They fit with the style of music, but that's all, and Myles has got down some catchy hooks, such as, "Here it comes, Here it comes, Time to dirty up your halo" (from "Halo") and "I don't care how we do it just as long as we can love under the same sky" (from "Apocalyptic Love"). Myles Kennedy is a brilliant lyricist, up there with Dave Grohl, Axl Rose and Paul Macart- er... Mick Jagger?

Overall Impression — 10
To put it in plain English, this album is better than "Slash". A factor of this could be that there is only one singer, and the style of music is the same throughout, although the variety of "Slash" was somewhat appealing. I can't listen to this album without comparing the powerchord sound to "Libertad" (Velvet Revolver's second record), and the melodic value is similar to Guns N' Roses' "Use Your Illusion 1&2". All very Slash, of course. The thing I would change though, is the drum sound. It's slightly too deep and the snare is soft. Not just on this record, but whenever Brent Fitz plays live his snare drum sounds soft. Oh, and I would've turned up the rhythm guitar a tad. If it were stolen, I'd buy two more copies, just to be one-up on the burglar. Thinks he's a Slash fan does he?

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    I just bought this like 20 minutes ago. Bought it off iTunes so I got the bonus tracks too. I'm like 3 songs in and I already love it. I'm sorry I ever doubted Myles Kennedy.
    This is Slash, of course you'll get the handful of haters. You don't need to reinvent the wheel with every release, this is a solid album and that's all that matters. Personally, I'm not going to hate on the music or Slash what so ever. It's ALL spot on and if this were a MK or unknowns release all the haters would be creaming their pants right about now, saying it's the second coming of rock. The band, great. What irks me here, and keep in mind that I've only listened to part of the album twice so there's definite room for change, was the vocals. No the lyrics per say, but on the first few songs, Myles' vocals really didn't seem to fit great. It's worth noting that I loved the songs Myles did on Slash's first solo album and I'm a fan of AB. Here, they just seemed to stray to far from what was going on in the songs. The second listen seemed a little easier on the ears, but I'm still hoping for an overall improvement in the second half.
    ok cool reviews, but seriously how could you say anything bad about Slash's Snakepit. Every song done by them is amazing, pure hard rock. Loads of riffs left over from GNR, and two great albums. I love everything Slash has done, and he has been consistent with his hard rock/rock n' roll attitude, tone, style and awesomeness! In my own opinion, I think Myles is trying to sound like Axl a bit too much on the new album, but also his singing style is like that anyway so it is all good. But album is totally awesome, and I can't stop listening to it. 9/10!
    I'm really enjoying the album despite not being a huge Slash fan. It's nothing ground-breaking, of course, but it's good old-fashioned rock and that's something we could use a little more of these days.
    The man is a magician with strings and things and rock n' roll. Loving this album.
    darthbuttchin wrote: 4/9 people found my review helpful. Making it a 2 star review. Evidently, these people who down rated it can't accept that the man has not released anything ground breaking since 1991. Everything post-GnR has been derivative. In fact, 1987 was probably the last time he was 'fresh' and original. The man has a 27 year comfort zone. I'm sorry to those people (probably teenagers) who are so far rammed up his arse that they can't see the truth. If you had been teenagers 6 years ago, you would have been emo's and scene kids, i'd wager. If you cant handle the truth, thats fine by me. Live in your fantasy world. I bet if he released an album which was just the noise of him taking a shit, you'd rate it as a 10 and go on about how amazing it was. Well, at least it would be something different to the drivel he's subjected upon us this year. db
    I guess those people might have different taste in music. And we all know that is wrong and they are all idiots or "fanboys" There is only two kinds of music in this world. Good and bad, and bad music is the one listener dont enjoy.
    i think people should give the album at least two listens before posting their complete opinion about it, and of course, throw away any bias they have. i think this album is great. its an enjoyable listen and that's all there is to it.
    Amazing record, powerful guitar, amazing singing and a kickass bass also clean and well mixed. One of the best records in many years! I waited since december for this record and finally:'D
    I'd just like to say, along with everything that was said in my review, that it's day four with "Apocalyptic Love" and it's the only thing I've listened to. That's an honest review up there, but the guitar work in this album is just f***ing incredible.
    Really love the new CD. But does anyone agree with me that it sounds a little badly recorded? Especially compared to his first solo album.
    I totally agree with you on the fact that the album was so completely Slash. Like I said in my review, with Slash, you kind of know what to expect now. All things considered, I still think it's a brilliant album, because his style is what made him great, and we'd all complain if the album wasn't Slash sounding.