Apocalyptic Love review by Slash

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  • Released: May 22, 2012
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (315 votes)
Slash: Apocalyptic Love

Sound — 9
Well, I'm not going to tell any stories about the album, you can find that online easily, so just my pure opinion. The guitar sound was absolutely great! Heavy chunky hard rock/blues/punk/metal sound. With his kinda new Marshall AFD, the Appetite AFD) Les Paul, and the MXR Q-Zone (that most of the people aren't aware of), Slash's sound is unstoppable! The bass and drums sound was really decent (in a good way), however sometime I wish that the kick drum sound better. Oh and btw the album was recorded analogue so... There weren't any annoying effects that ruin the song. "Carolina" (bonus track) had this really cool Talk Box effect that made the track very unique.

Lyrics — 9
I'm not so familiar with the lyrics, but they sure are sound great. Myles is doing a hell of a job here, showing complete control of his voice and vocal skills, and not to mention his great and versatile voice. He can truly pass the emotions through his singing, and fit his vocals perfectly for the song.

Overall Impression — 9
Well, in this section I will divide the songs to a few groups. First of all, Anastasia was absolutely the best track, a true masterpiece. With the half-craomatic intro that repeats, and the minor harmonic (or something) feeling of the song, and the great solo and ending solo. Songs like "Halo", "Standing In The Sun", "No More Heroes", "We Will Roam", was absolutely great. Happy, optimistic, full of energy and good vibe. They will always make you feel good, and they are always really fun listening to. Great riffs, great vocals, great beats. Purely good songs! A song that really catched my ears is "You're A Lie". Simply by its awesome verse lead riff, amazing solo, and fantastic chorus vocals and backing vocals. Another cool song is "Carolina", cool riffs with the cool Talk Box effect, very unique and special song. Also really great for use as an alarm clock! "Bad Rain", "Far And Away", and "Not For Me" are more slow-tempo, mellow, melodic, relaxed songs. With awesome vocals, great clean/crunch rhythm, great feeling and mood. All the other tracks were not good as the big hits of the album that I have mentioned above, but they are still good songs, some of them with brilliant intro/chorus riffs, and they are still fun listening to, and that's what important!

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    Dude the songs Halo,Anastasia,No More Heros & We Will Roam are reason enough to get this album. This album got me through a spring & summer full of doubt, the only thing keeping my sanity was learning the riffs off this cd with a ex gf pulling her $hit.
    So, every time Slash makes an album, or writes a riff, or a solo, or puts a band together... every single time, he's meant to make something groundbreaking? Why?... Where are the other groundbreaking rock guitarists, bands, albums, etc? Why is there so much put on him to do that. When GnR came onto the scene, Slash's work was incredible, everyone latched on to it straight away and said yea, this guy's got something. And now, what, he's "living off that" reputation? How? We're the ones to make it that way, not him. Bottom line - Slash plays in styles that he hasnt used before. Just listen to the songs, it's there, it isnt hidden. He's trying new things. There's no code to it, it's on the face of the songs, all you have to do is climb out of your own a-hole and realise it. Myles wants to sing high, he wants to sing loud. Myles is singing notes on this album that Axl Rose has always had trouble with. Not to say Axl never hit them, but he was inconsistent. When he was good, he was brilliant. But when he wasnt, well, everyone knows. And, take all the context out of the situation - when a band writes a song like anastasia, they deserve a certain amount of credit for it. That's what Slash and Myles are getting, deal with it. This message is aimed at those who feel Slash, and this album, are overrated and over-hyped, and think it's because of the 'kids' who simply love Slash because of the brand.