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  • Released: Apr 6, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (506 votes)
Slash: Slash

Sound — 9
When you listen to this CD you are automatically thrown into the classic Slash sound. The much anticipated solo album from Slash delivers on bringing a quality rock album. Such tracks as "Crucify the Dead" featuring Ozzy Osbourne and "Doctor Alibi" show off that classic Slash rock sound that has made him such a guitar icon. While other tracks as "Nothing to Say" feat M Shadows shows off his depth to expand to other genres of rock with his speed playing lick.

Lyrics — 9
For my taste I thought that each guest vocalist added just the right touch to the song with the exception of a few. Tracks such as "We're All Gonna Die" feat Iggy Pop and "By The Sword" feat Andrew Stockdale are all combined with the technique of Slash perfectly. While other tracks dissapointed me such as "Gotten" feat Adam Levine this track just seemed a bit forced and didn't mesh as well as the other tracks did.

Overall Impression — 9
While Slash and the gang look for a replacement for their band Velvet Revolver I thought this was a great CD to introduce to majority of people who aren't familiar with the wonderful Slash sound. Songs such as "Beautiful Dangerous" feat Fergie are a great introduction to the classic Slash sound. Out of the fourteen tracks on the album I would say the tracks that stand out to me are "Crucify the Dead", "Doctor Alibi","We're All Gonna Die and "Beautiful Dangerous". If I had the choice to buy this album or not I would definitely buy it, if not for the great guitarwork but also for the interesting guest work on the album.

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    not that impressed, some decent stuff, but the songs are pretty generic. In appetite each solo is incredibly memorable and fits the song, in this you really could swap the solos around, with some exceptions, and you wouldnt notice.
    Funk-E-Munk : the best song he did was Chains & Shackles with Nick Oliveri, but it didn't even make the album yeah i love that song Nick's the man he has just as much influence on it as he did with SFTD anway this song is better then nothing to say
    JayT44 wrote: This album > Chinese Democracy. Seriously.
    you probably never even heard it the chinese dmeocracy it ****ing amazing we all the miss old lineup but no need to bash the new gunners cause i don't see anyone bashing VR for not having axl,izzy or steven and dizzy, and i heard this album and dude this ain't the worlds most rocking album nor is CD snakepit was more rocking than his solo album i loved ghost off this album izzy makes that song, the rest is great though gotten wasn't that great for me i loved by the sword,beautiful dangerous, watch this,saint is a sinner too and baby can't dirve
    It's funny how some people look at this. Since GNR this guy has played with so many different artists from such different genres; from Marta Sanchez to Michael Jackson to Cypress Hill & he wanted to record a different style of record with some of these people instead of doing another snakepit gig. There seems to be some very intelligent media mind behind all of this - all the marketing for the album & tour seems very polished & of course having those names on the album will bring in new listeners from different genres. As a lifelong Slash fan - I don't feel this album, or any, can compete with Appetite, and he knows that. But in 2010 Slash released an awesome album that I think will sell a lot of singles as well as albums. So what if he's gonna make money out of it. He's getting divorced & will need it! From a creative point of view the only thing for me that I wish he'd done differently, is got Izzy to play more rhythm parts on it - Slash's rhythm playing can be a bit too over powering sometimes. The verse hook on Ghost is just killer. 9/10
    Force Reaver wrote: Im a huge Slash fan but I have to say im not realy impressed. The fact that it jumps from genre to genre is kinda cool but also confusing. This album doesnt really fit anywhere. This album is so mediocre dont buy into the hype this album does not deserve the high rating it has gotten. This isnt R N F R its generic am radio music. All this time slash worked on this and for what, a generic rock album?.....sigh
    Don't think you should be as stubborn as that :/ Ok if you don't like it, but people can decide for themselves. Your comment is like implying that everyone who rates it highly is wrong. Try and remain a little more open minded. I don't think it was amazing, it wasn't G n R but I love the musicality and I think it's great how he's involved a range of different voices and styles.
    bulby wrote: Dr Alibi delivers beyond belief! Also great performances by Astbury, Kennedy, Stockdale and Iggy Pop. Overall a very strong album offering quite a musical diversity. The low points of the album are to songs with Cornell and Levine, the latter simply sucks and lacks true character as a singer. While Chris simply has hit rock bottom and that coming just 4 years after releasing one of his best works with Audioslave... really sad.
    Get real man, it's clear from your songs that seem to be into heavier stuff which is cool, but don't bash the softer stuff just because that's not your scene.
    I agree the Cornell song is in my opinion the worst on the cd. Unlistenable garbage. Cornell BLOWS GOATS! Slash had to play behind his head because Cornell was on his knees givin' it between boring parts. It sucks that bad.
    Best record I've listened to since Appetite For Destruction... it was about time ! Thanks Slash for waking Rock n' Roll up once again !!!
    the singapore indoor stadium show on the 12th march 2011 with myles was the WORST SOUNDING GIG I HAVE EVER HEARD. the sound quality was appalling. TOO FU**ING LOUD!!!! All we wanted was to hear Myles' awesome voice but it was so damn loud all we could hear was distortion and the sound of our ears bleeding. We left half way through along with many others. We travelled all the way from Perth western australia to see this gig and it was really disappointing. Dont you guys do sound checks? Cant your hear that it sounds like crap and change it on the go? i know my 2 bit shit kickin band wouldnt put that rubbish to our audience and im surprised pros like you guys would allow it... also travelled 2000 miles to sydney in 92 and you sucked then too, sorry slash but u need to lift your standards mate. Myles youve got an awesome voice,pity we couldnt hear it over the mess.