World On Fire review by Slash

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  • Released: Sep 15, 2014
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 7.6 (70 votes)
Slash: World On Fire

Sound — 7
1. "World on Fire" - Starts off on one of my favorite chords and flows into a pretty cool riff, like it's from "Appetite for Destruction." What goes for instrumentals, the song is pretty cool, nothing mind-blowing but certainly not bad at all. The lyrics are kind of a let-down, it's basically the same theme as "Apocalyptic Love." The solo is pretty rad. Just a solid rock song, nice to get into the mood of the album. Very catchy too.

2. "Shadow Life" - I like the clean intro and Myles' voice coming in. The lyrics are better than "World on Fire." But one thing that bothers me are the riffs. The riffs are all okay/good but they don't fit together, almost like they are in a different key, but they aren't. There is no mood in the song in my opinion, kind of strange.

3. "Automatic Overdrive" - When I first hear the title, I thought "Slash, why did you make a song about the first thing you do when you turn on your Marshall?", but then I listened to the lyrics, and they are NOT about amp-overdrive. The intro riff is nice. Although Slash noted it's "punky," to my ears "Automatic Overdrive" sounds more like a pop-rock song, something Paramore would write. But it would be Paramore at it's absolute best. Don't like the song very much, but it's catchy. Just a shame the solo is a tad generic.

4. "Wicked Stone" - This is where things get better. The songs starts off with a cool riff, that flows in with the bass which sounds really bada-s (good job, Todd!). Lyrics are nothing special, but damn, that outro! It's one of the best solos on the album. I just don't get the title. How can a stone be wicked? Oh well, it's a very cool song.

5. "30 Years to Life" - The best track on the entire record in my opinion. The use of slide guitar is so cool! And that riff after the intro, which kinda returns in the chorus. They lyrics are much better than most on the album and they have a very nice theme. And the solo is just cool.

6. "Bent to Fly" - Aaahhh, 12-string guitars! The intro is very nice and I love the riffs in the chorus. The vocal melodies are very nice too. Solo is amazing too. One of the best songs on the album.

7. "Stone Blind" - Another song about stones... It's kinda similar to "Shadow Life" with the intro, but it's much better than "Shadow Life." The riff after the clean intro sounds a little bit like GnR's "Coma." Lyrics are okay. I'm just not too fond of the chorus. But the first notes of the solo are pretty cool! One of the better songs on the album, it's pretty catchy too, but in a good way.

8. "Too Far Gone" - One of the coolest intros on the album and by far the best solo on the album in my opinion. The vocal melodies are very good too, just as the lyrics. Nothing more to say, great song.

9. "Beneath the Savage Sun" - What do you get when you mix Alter Bridge with Slash's Snakepit? This song! The intro was pretty nice, but the song is a bit weird and pretty boring. It's kind of a filler track.

10. "Withered Delilah" - Lovely, lovely intro that's very nicely transitioned into the main riff of the song. I just have no idea what this song's about, but the melodies are nice! Only letdown is the chorus, which is a bit poppy.

11. "Battleground" - Finally, a ballad! I love power ballads! Just a shame it's the only one on the album. Most impressive vocals on the album, very haunting. The intro guitar is a little bit bland, but the bass fills it nicely. It's clearly on a Les Paul's bridge humbucker, which in my opinion is not the ideal clean sound. Lyrics are great, the "second" part of the song is odd, but it fits well. Solo is outstanding too. If this song doesn't give you chills, you're totally heartless!

12. "Dirty Girl" - The worst song on the album. It's not just a bad song compared to the other songs on the album, but it's a bad song by itself. I don't like anything about it. Filler track. But hey, with 17 songs there's got to be SOMETHING that is not perfect.

13. "Iris of the Storm" - Better than the previous song, but not much better. Intro sounds a bit like "No More Heroes" from "Apocalyptic Love." Song isn't the best on the album, lyrics are meh, clean guitar is good. Cool chorus. But it's still a filler track. It has a very, very strange breakdown and a rather cool wah solo, I usually don't like wah but this is cool. And so is the outro.

14. "Avalon" - No matter how much I love this song, the guitar, lyrics, melodies, everything, I feel a lawsuit from Queen incoming, just because it's so similar to "Tie Your Mother Down." But it doesn't make it a bad song. I love this song.

15. "The Dissident" - Hilarious intro, but I don't get why it's on this song. This song is another filler track. Mixed feelings about it. Don't really like the melodies and riffs, nor the lyrics. But it's not a bad song.

16. "Safari Inn" - The instrumental track. If this is the music you hear when staying at a safari inn, then I'd stay there. Very cool chord progressions and riffs, the lead guitar tone is odd, it kinda sounds like a Mockingbird, but I like it! Killer track.

17. "The Unholy" - When I first heard the intro, I thought it was A7X's "St. James," but no. Although it has something in common with "St. James"; it's very weak for a closing track, which is a real letdown. Also some kind of filler track. Too bad.

One thing I love about this album are the riffs, tones, and tightness of the band. But the best thing on this album are the superb harmonies between Todd and Myles. Both did an amazing job. But so did Slash and Brent! Sound quality is great.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics vary from bad to okay to awesome. The best lyrics are on the songs "30 Years to Life" and "Battleground" in my opinion, the worst on "Dirty Girl" and "World on Fire" (the title track). But at leas they tried on them. Myles is known as a great songwriter and you can hear that on both Alter Bridge and Slash records, but in my opinion Alter Bridge lyrics are better than those on Conspirators albums. Myles' skills? He's one of the best (if not best) singers out there right now. He did an amazing job, especially on "Battleground." But I expected that. Todd Kerns also has a very good voice, glad they did the harmonies on this record. The lyric themes vary from personal situations, to viewing something through the eyes of a character.

Overall Impression — 8
Produced by Michael "Elvis" Baskette and Myles on vocals, it's logical that it will have an Alter Bridge vibe to it, which is a very good thing. But, Baskette also produced some worse pop-punk albums, and that is sometimes heard too on some songs. Another comparable album is "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere." This album has a very nice Snakepit-vibe to it, especially with guitar tones, instrumental track and sometimes the lyrics. I love "30 Years to Life," "Avalon," "Safari Inn," the guitar tones and playing, Myles' and Todd's voices, I hate the song "Dirty Girl." Overall, this is a very cool album, worth the listen and worth buying!

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