It's Five O'Clock Somewhere Review

artist: Slash's Snakepit date: 05/09/2007 category: compact discs
Slash's Snakepit: It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
Release Date: Feb 1995
Label: Geffen
Genres: Hard Rock
Number Of Tracks: 14
If you're a fan of Slash's work with Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver, you don't want to miss out on this album, as it contains some of Slash's best work.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 7.5
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere Reviewed by: guitarwhiz234, on may 09, 2007
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Sound: This album is great, I didn't think it would be. I'm a huge of Slashs guitar work so I gave it a shot with not too high expevtations. I was wrong this album was very well done. In my opinion these are the songs that could have saved Guns N Roses, but anyway. The album is very well produced, not too polished and still very raw, but you can make everything out very well. The sound was very hard rock, what do you expect with Slash and Matt Sorum are both on this, and Gilby Clarke is on it. So it's most of the GN'R line up on here. The title is great "Its 5 o clock somewhere" this comes from Slash, it was right after the Use your Illusions tour ended. It was after the last gig and he wanted a drink. The airport bar was closed after 5, but the bartender said "It's 5 o'clock somewhere, here have a drink". What a great title for a album. This album is really hard rock, but you can hear hints of blues and funk in this album. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are well done. It's not like GN'R completly, but the lyrics have a hint of chaos and a big f--k you to Axl Rose, Especially the song "What Do You Wanna Be". The lyrics in some songs are kinda sad. "Neither Can I" is sad it's about a friend who commited suicide. For the most part it's a very well written lyrics, and they fit the songs very well. They aren't insanely clever like most of GN'R's work. The Singer has a very good voice, I was pleasently surprised he delivered very good vocals. // 9

Overall Impression: Well seeing how this was Slash's first solo album I can't compare. I do like this CD more then "Ain't Life Grand". My favorite songs on this album are "Neither Can I", "What Do You Wanna Be", "Beggars And Hangers On" And "Dime Store Rock", but most of the band is very good. I love that this album really showed that Slash didn't need Axl or Guns N' Roses to be successful. This album has the under line of f--k you to Axl, but this isnt what this album is about. I, love that this album is the band having fun, it's a very good album. All the musicians shine on this album. If this album where stolen I would be pissed it is very hard to find this album, I'd go to the ends of the world to find it again. // 10

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overall: 7.7
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere Reviewed by: heart_ache, on april 26, 2007
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Sound: It's very obvious that this album is one of Slash's many works, every Slash fan would hear it almost instantly. This is really a collection of many astonishing intro-licks, bridges, solos and fills, and they all got the classical Slash-style within, but in new combinations. The CD is recorded at Slash's own homestudio but don't let the word "homestudio" fool you, the sound is awesome and very proffesional. The music a creative and exactly as you want a real rock-album to be. The songs got influences from blues, rock, metal, jazz, trash and pop. It's all mixed together and gives an awesome musical experience. Personally I'm in love with all the Blues/rock solo's and riffs that Slash delivers on this album. It's not only the guitar that blows you away, but Matt Sorum (former GN'R drummer and current VR drummer) is probebly doing one of his best pieces of art here, with rythms that elevate the bass and guitar to the higher skies. And he haven't changed his typical "cymbal-style" of playing the drums, the only thing is that he've added some more jazz, and metal influences to his already fullfeathered drumming style. Which makes him even better. And about the bass, well Mike Inez is doing some good work here, although it doesn't blow you away, and in compare with the other main instruments, it can become a little bit faded. He got some songs in which he creates some very good rythms however. So what do I miss? Nothing but a better singer. I'm not satisfied with Eric Dovers work and not with the lyrics either. I far to often wish that I heard Axl's voice instead (even though he's and airhead). This CD was recorded during the time when Slash was on the edge of leaving Guns, and both Gilby Clarke, Matt Sorum and Dizzy Reed is playing on this CD (all of 'em where Guns members at that time). Duff McKagan is also helping out in one song (Guns bass-player at that time). The fact that this CD is mainly recorded by Guns N' Roses musicians is reflecting the style of this CD, and if you traded the singer for Axl, then this CD would fit perfectly into Guns N' Roses repertoire. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics ain't that impressive actually, this is a CD that heavily relies on it's instrumental qualities. But the lyrics fits to the music style, and they work out, but if you start to think to much of 'em, then you'll realise how much they lack in compare with the instrumenal qualities. But there is a few songs that is a little better than others in this matter, like "beggars&hangers-on" were the singer is doing an real showcase in compare with most of the rest singing efforts in this cd, "back and forth again" is really good to. But hey, it's not horrible, just a little faded in compare with what you're used to, Axl. And the CD is still very worthy buying. So my impression about the overall singing? Well it's like a copy of Aerosmith, however it's an bit downgraded copy. But the singer is better than many other rocksingers I've heard, and he got a rough voice that reminds you a bit of AC/DC, (if you havn't heard Aerosmith) which is quite nice to. The best part of him is when he screams through the outro of "beggars&hangers-on", it really take the song into an upper level. It is however extremly similar with many long crying parts made in many Aeromsmiths songs. // 6

Overall Impression: Overall the music is very good. I would like to describe it like this. If you take the aggresive riffs and attitude from "Appetite for Destruction", the experimental parts from the "Use your Illusion" cd's, add a little bit more Slash and cut away Axl, put in some Aerosmith to it, put a more superior Matt Sorum than ever on the drums and mix it all together. Then you'll get an almost exact copy of this cd. If someone would ask me which song I prefer the most, then I wouldn't be able to anwser honestly, because all of 'em got their own charm. But the best singing parts are in "beggars&hangers-on" and in "back and forth again". And regarding solo's, intros and riffs by Slash. Well then any song will do, and if you want to hear some nice fills on the drums, then listen carefully to "jizz da pit". But almost any song will do for that purpose as well. The best thing with this CD is the Guitar with it's solo's, riffs, bridges, backround fills (you know slash) and all the unexpected turningpoints throughout most songs. The creativity and combination of styles. The drums, which represent the best I've ever heard from Matt. It's not to much, which will drown all other instruments, nor to less which fade the licks. It's exactly as I want it. The worst thing is the Singing-voice, that don't have any unique or special touch to it, just an ordinary rock-voice. The lyrics, which lack to express feelings, any feelings. (exept for a few few exeptions). But if someone tried or managed to steal this CD from me, I would probebly do something illegal towards the culprit. And if I wouldn't be able to find him/her or take back the CD for any other reasons, then I would buy a new CD instantly, no doubts about that. I highly recommend this CD to anyone, but especially to all Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith and/or Slash fans. And to thoose who seek inspiration for their guitar playing, this CD should be a very importent part of your personal "guitar-bibel". So what to do with this CD? Don't download it, that's lack of morality! // 8

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