Scatter The Crow review by Slaves to Gravity

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  • Released: Mar 31, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (3 votes)
Slaves to Gravity: Scatter The Crow

Sound — 10
These have to be one of my favourite bands ever after only buying the album one day, but I have played it so many times I think my CD player is about to give way and collapse. The band are a new upcoming UK band from London and released this album, their debut album, was released March 31st 2008 so they have not been around long and are going to be big very soon. To follow up this album release they have been doing a UK tour supporting aiden (I went to see one of these shows and it was awesome) The album has a post grunge feel to it because of the catchy and eerie riffs which seem quite laid back and the strong, clear but gritty vocals from lead singer Tommy Gleeson. There are 13 epic tracks on the album, of which 3 have been released which are: Big red(which reached #3 in the UK rock charts), Meantime (which reached #4 in the UK rock charts) and Mr. Regulator(which reached #5 in the UK rock charts. Along the hard rock post grunge feel they give off they also include a light acoustic track which is track 13 called 'rosa + the ocean blue' just to show us they can do pretty little acoustic music as well my favourite track has to be doll size of course which they will be releasing sometime in 2008, if you wish to hear some of their music without purchasing the album your best bet is to go on myspace because they have a very good page.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics suit the vocals so well and they are catchy and intersting, the chorus to Mr Regulator is very up beat and awesome with the lyrics: "Whatever lies you wanna sell I only buy from myself My little hate born of a witch If I burn I got nothing left to learn" The line "whatever lies you wanna sell" is what gets me the most because it is so quick and catchy but it also has a deep meaning to me as well. Overall the vocalist Tommy Gleeson is extraordinary, he has a strong voice but it's indescribable I cannot compare him to anyone else apart from 'The*Ga*Ga*S' who were the band which he used to sing for (which are also worth checking out). the vocals couldnt suit the music better than any toher bands could, they create not a new sound, but an unordinary brilliant sound, he also has an amazig stage presence, I couldn't take my eyes off him (I'm not homosexual).

Overall Impression — 10
This band are incomparable because of the original vocalist and the strong riffs, but if I had to compare them to anyone it would be soundgarden because of the 'superunknown' riffs and the grunge feel they have, especially in the song 'Pluto' which has a very laid bakc, depressing but inspiring feel to it. My favourite song definitely has to be 'big red' because of the catchy riff and the phenominal vocals which accompany it. I also love the track doll size because of the interestingly peculiar feel I get when listening to it which is inspiring. what I hate about this album is that it is perfect and that it cannot be hated, so I really don't hate anything about it at all, I cannot get sick of this album, it is just too good too perfect. I'll be honest the front picture does creep me out a lot, a crow on a treadmill attached to wires just seems to scare me, and the artwork inside the booklet is mindwarpingly sureal and that freaks me out as well, but it accompanies the music perfectly. I would never let this album get stolen, it was quite hard to find because it isnt in many shops and it seemed to be out of stock on every internet site, I should get a safe just for this album! Altogether amazing, one of my favourites ever and a must buy, especially for grunge fans who like to think grunge isnt dead.

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    Good solid rock album for listening all the way through. Standard of songs is pretty even. Reminds me of the Foo Fighters playing VR's contraband. Nothing incredible though.
    Yeah, pretty average, saw them live sort of by accident. the first song they played was sick, but the rest were fairly boring g.