Christ Illusion review by Slayer

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  • Released: Aug 8, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (298 votes)
Slayer: Christ Illusion

Sound — 9
Slayer has gone through the years as a band that continues to play the most agressive, loudest metal in America, and this album, 20 years after their breakthrough Reign In Blood, is as good as anything they've done up to this point. The music, still the good assortment of Slayer's driving power chords, harmonized riffs, and insane solo work has not left anything to be desired on the record. I also think for the first time Slayer harmonized a solo, I think which happens on Jihad.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics of Slayer have though undergone changes over the years, and we find this album has the good assortment of political and satanic lyrics. Over the years, Tom Araya has put in much more agressive screaming into his music, noticeable from the opener Flesh Storm. Remember him 20 years ago screaming like a girl on Angel of Death? I love both sounds. The lyrics range on from religion tearing apart society to the views of a terrorist bombing America, to the war in Iraq. This album has far much more swearing than any I've remembered, and maybe that's why the sticker is applied.

Overall Impression — 10
Slayer still rocks harder than anyone out there in the metal world today. Christ Illusion is now right up there with my favorite hard rock albums of all time, next to Toxicity, Reign In Blood, and Paranoid. The songs worth checking out our Flesh Storm, Eyes of the Insane, Jihad, Catatonic, and the single Cult. I still love that Slayer hasn't changed a bit throughout their careers, not trying to get on every playlist. I strongly recommend this album to all Slayer fans.

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    That HybridCacaphony guy really doesn't like this album does he :/ I think you took everything too literally. Slayer's lyrics aren't a statement of its member's beliefs. If you happened to read the interview with Kerry in [Metal] Hammer then you'd realise the lyrics are intended to be controversial, to get people fired up. They aren't a window into the religious beliefs of Slayer. Granted that they lack originality and Tom's voice isn't all that toneful, but it's Slayer's sound & its what the fans love. To be honest it took me a while to get into this album, not being a huge Slayer fan myself. But its true old fashioned home grown thrash metal, you gotta love it (: though I'd still prefer Reign in Blood or South of Heaven
    why do people call it trash metal??? its THRASH, theres an H in there people, cmon, not that hard. slayers cool, i like
    Mortamar Kahn
    The album serves it's purpose to shock and offend. I'm not satanic nor atheist...but I take the album for what it is...good entertainment. As Kerry King and Tom Araya said..."we have nothing against God...but doing songs about satan is just way more fun" need to lighten's a Slayer album!
    dthorp wrote: Music good, lyrics crap, they think they know what they're singing about but they dont know shit. They think its cool to slag off christianity but what they dont realize is that whether they like it or not they will have to be accountable for what they sing about. True christians should be able to forgive them for this blasphemy so the more shit they come up with the more it can strengthen christianity.
    Dont push your beliefs on people by saying "They will have the be held accountable" and shit. They dont belive what you do. why would they be scared of it? Your a part of ONE of the THOUSANDS of exsisting religions, its nothing special, just another group who is brainwashing the masses. I think this album is great, I love the guitars, love the vocals, drums, bass everything.
    sikejsudjek wrote: Why don't they call it Mohammad Illusion ? Because they have no balls, far easier to offend Christians. Bunch of wussies really, music is crap too...
    Dude, have you seen how insane the muslims get if you **** with Muhammad? In the past, people have been assasinated and/or recieved death sentences for simply joking about their prophet. Just because they took the slightly easier path of religious criticism, doesn't mean they should be called "wussies" for it.
    sikejsudjek wrote: Why don't they call it Mohammad Illusion ? Because they have no balls, far easier to offend Christians. Bunch of wussies really, music is crap too...
    Why dont you shove your head up your ass! These guys aint "wussies", if you tried to say that bullshit to Kerry King he'd take you out with one punch.
    you are right... they did make heavyest metal band in the world... seasons of the abyss DVD... im sure you seen it...
    sikejsudjek wrote: Why don't they call it Mohammad Illusion ? Because they have no balls, far easier to offend Christians. Bunch of wussies really, music is crap too...
    what!? they can call it what ever the **** they want to call it... its their cd not yours... when your as good as slayer and makin cd's you can call it what ever you want... untill then i wouldint talk shit about one of the most sucsesfull metal bands in the WORLD
    For that comment up there about "brainwashing the masses" we most certainly do not. I probably will get laughed off this page because I don't listen to this. I have a kind, none-imposing comment. We don't believe in "imposing our beliefs" or "brainwash". We also don't believe in slandering peaceful religions that don't kill people for heresy or judge people for their differences. True christians believe what they believe and gently yet boldy share only to people who want to know about it. We did nothing to derserve this hostility.
    I think HybridCacaphony has never been the type to actually listen to metal. First of all, I just felt like doing this cause it bugged me, it's not "iconic devotion", it's "psychotic devotion". Tom's singing isn't bad at all either. He sounds just the way he did back in the 80's! And the part that says he writes lyrics that are good for idiots! Man, I'm speechless. You sound like the kid at my school who craves for attention, he's a retard you know. I don't need to say more.