Christ Illusion review by Slayer

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  • Released: Aug 8, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (298 votes)
Slayer: Christ Illusion

Sound — 8
So my next review is slayer. Obviously slayer is a great thrash Thrash Metal band and all there earlier releases are great and have an amzing sound leave an impression on you, especially if your a metalhead. This is the first new album I've bought by slayer, Lets see how it sounds. Well having it for a week I cna say that this doesn't sound like Reign in blood or south of heaven or any of the other classic albums that we have grown up. The sound is definetly thrash and has a heavy influence from the older stuff but there also seems to be somewhat of a tansference from the nu metal slayer had done in there last tunes. I think the album definetly would have been better if Rick Rubin had been the producer. Instead he kinda of dicked out of it but whatever. Eyes of the Insane is obviously a more classic slayer sound and is my personal favourite track. I didn't like how the vocals didn't hold up on this album. I know that vocals aren't super important to slayer or slayer fans but they have usually had presentable vocals. I think it's Tom getting older and everything but it's still better than a lot of the crap knowadays. I also thought that the sound was also lacking a really great guitar solo. A lot of people may disagree but it's a review by an amateur on ultimate guitar. Don't get worked up about it.

Lyrics — 7
the lyrics are definetly dark thrash lyrics. The way Metallica should've done it on St. Anger, actually Metallica should've just asked slayer for help, anyway I couldn't get over how the music was very dark angstful and heavy. The lyrics begged to be wrote by a nu metal lyricist, they begged to be. Tom has definetly aged and you can hear it in his voice but he still manages to lower his vocal growl into something that reminds you of classic slayer so I can see that he tried. All and all they did an okay job with this part. The lyrics just didn't match the music some of the time. That's all I can say.

Overall Impression — 9
When you compare Christ Illusion to classics like Reign In Blood, South Of Heaven and Haunting The Chapel, then Slayer kinda can't compete to them. Cmparing to a lot of metal/hard rock bands nowadays this is easily the best album of them all. I love how angry and metallic it sounds. I don't lik it sounds. The only thing I can pick out is the mismatched music with lyrics. I hope I never lose it or anyone ever steals it from me, I would buy it as soon as I had the money, most definetly yes.

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    People are idiots for giving this anything less than 6. Its not exactly a great album, fair enough - but come on, let not forget the abysmal efforts that were 'Divine Intervention' and 'Diabolus in Musica'...
    Oh yeah, new Deeds Of Flesh album out soon in November, check it out!!! In Necrophagist We Trust! WWW.ZEITGEISTTHEMOVIE.COM
    Guitar_gOdd wrote: esp1988 wrote: Awesome.would be unfair to expect another reign in blood but still good. Thats true, most people compare bands newest album or release to their standout ones, i.e. master of puppets or reign in blood, so take the album for what it is not what another album was, anyway, i think this album kicks ass!!
    I agree completely, but however if you've been following slayer lately, you will expect big from World Painted Blood!!
    MexiChriS wrote: iAmVincent wrote: Nuums wrote: do they use 7-strings? or is it just B-standard tuning or drop b? im pretty sure they use 6-strings in drop b, makes me glad i have a 7-string so i don't have to downtune to hell to play their songs to the both of you, no they do not at all...Kerry King even said so himself on the new GuitarWorld Magazine. But there new shit on the album have D sharp, C sharp, and B sharp or whatever the **** it was called. So no they dont....Just so you guys know and everyone else. =]
    Yea, the only album they switch tuning is Diabolus and GHUA, Diabolus in D, GHUA in C, otherwise, they're the regular e-flat.
    lionslicer9999 wrote: dude your an idiot, tom araya doesn't write lyrics.
    For this album, he actually did write some of the lyrics.
    mellowyellow729 wrote: why are there the alternate covers for it?
    there were ceertain countries, like India for example, that banned the release of the album due to the fact that the original cover is very obscene, so a while after the release, they came up with alternate covers so they can get more copies sold in those countries.
    I think this album is quite good.Although it lack memorable riff and I only found 2 song that really have a quality to be named slayer song.The drum is very good though and it save this album from mediocrity.But it's very disappointing for me because its a waste of Kerry and Jeff talents.You know,this album will make people said synyster gate is better than jeff and kerry.Its a bullshit statement but my friends already said that because of this album.F' them.I hope the next album have the same quality of season in the abyss.
    Sure the production isnt perfect but the songs are so good that it doesn't really matter and how do some people compaer eyes of the insane to Green Day? This album proves that they aren't too old and I can't wait to hear what they bring out next year.
    Wow, horrible production there Slayer. Crappy sound all around, and Kerry's guitars sound weak, lol.....From see all the Marshall AMP ads in guitar mags kerry indorses his axe would sound better, its more like a high school band.
    Silas S Thompso
    I'm a christian and I like Slayer Metallica Megadeth Anthrax Ozzy Exodus FLotsam and Jetsam what have you. But I know that Dave and Tom are christians. So is Dave mustaine (megadeth). Tom even said if Kerry writes something good and it goes against his religion he'll still sing it because it is for shock value.
    long time slayer fan here and i am very dissatified with christ illusion. very boring. each song had maybe one good riff or a song would start off promising only to falter into dismal oblivion of rehash! i'm not religous in any form and am not against antireligion lyrics but these are just horrid! just listen to the older slayer lyrics for example, its basically the same subject matter (maybe more "satanic") but so much more interesting and intelligent, these have about as much creativity as an angry 6 year old brat. i use to love tom's voice but i think he's lost it a little bit. maybe becuase he's alot older now, maybe becuase there's no distinctiveness or hooks anymore just yelling at the same level most the time. its probably a little of both. and as i have said above the lame lyrics don't help much either. back in the day slayer solos had a certain aura about them thats hard to put a finger on and once in awhile they pulled out a decent thought out solo like in the song "seasons..." for example. but now the solos are just shit straight from the *****. christ illusion is a sad attempt of seasons in the abyss but it just don'nt come close in any shape or form. part of the problem is kerry writing majority of the material. kerry was never the creative genius of the band. and looking at the credits all the "good songs" are from the hannemen/araya tandem. but even those fall short from the classics. i don't know IMHO they should retire as they are just sounding old.
    i believe that this album should be rated with 9 at least cause for me it's the comeback of slayer
    hahah its too hardcore for the second reviewer, HybridCacaphony, haha wat a soft loser... probly listens to my chemical buttwipe or fall out of my ass
    wow i didnt know slayer was so satanic tom doesnt sound like a catholic to me he sounds like a devil worshipper
    Tom Araya is a ****ing catholic, you idiot
    Tom is a liar, abseloutly he is. how it's possible one who screams: "this is god's war... ****in god's war" be a catholic. you're a ****ing idiot, stupid son of a bitch.
    Slayer is one of the best metal bands out there but when I listened to Christ Illusion, I was like WTF. A very mediocre album. This is not of a SLAYER standard. Season in the abyss, rein in ****ing blood, hell awaits, south of heaven, etc are of Slayer standard. With Megadeth releasing a good album, United Abomination, hopefully it will say to bands like Slayer and Metallica to release a ****ing great album.