Christ Illusion Review

artist: Slayer date: 02/28/2008 category: compact discs
Slayer: Christ Illusion
Release Date: Aug 8, 2006
Label: Warner Brothers/Wea
Genres: Thrash Metal, Death Metal
Number Of Tracks: 10
Christ Illusion will incite furious anger some and be embraced by others. It will be burnt by church groups and cherished by kids learning to play guitar.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 6.5
 Overall Impression: 7.1
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overall: 8.7
Christ Illusion Reviewed by: UG Team, on august 10, 2006
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Sound: The hour is at hand. That's right, Slayer is once again taking it's dark throne in the music world and unleashing a fiery, pounding, and melodic blend of metal. Christ Illusion is the first full-length studio release from Slayer since 2001's God Hates Us All, and it will likely be a satisfying addition to Slayer fans' collection. With Dave Lombardo once again behind the drums after a long absence from the band's studio albums, and his amazing contribution results in some of the most memorable aspects of the new CD. Christ Illusion has plenty of what Slayer fans expect and adore: an insane tempo driving each song; dark and often inflammatory lyrics growled by vocalist/bassist Tom Araya; and the essential dual guitar sounds of Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman woven through each song. From the first track Flesh Storm, the band sets out to prove that it is as fast as ever and that age has only intensified it's metal. The song lets up on it's mind-blowing tempo only long enough to feature an inspired guitar breakdown -- a classic Slayer formula that works over 20 years after the band first formed. The song that stands out from the rest of the bunch actually does not begin with the bang of the other tracks, but it first allows the music to build up in intensity. Jihad and Cult are reminiscent of the band's older tune South Of Heaven in that they feature and intro with melodic riffs over slower tempos, which is just as powerful as the fastest segments on the album. Plus, you still eventually get the best of both worlds in both tunes: the melodic base and an eventual insane tempo led by the skillful Lombardo. Slayer is not a band for everyone, with it's ever-controversial lyrics and mind-shattering speed, but Christ Illusion is a solid record that deserves more than a few listens. A few songs might lack the complete package Cult does, but the talent in Lombardo, King, Araya, and Hanneman is absolutely awe-inspiring. They all know they can play fast and showcase that talent, but they also aren't afraid to go a bit slower to showcase a guitar melody. // 9

Lyrics: When you listen to a Slayer tune, you probably already know what's in store for you lyrically. While most of the songs do have a dark theme, often involving death in one aspect or another, there are those tracks that go a little bit further than that. The band has always inspired an uproar with it's satanic lyrics, and Christ Illusion keeps the tradition going strong. In the song Cult Araya sings, There never was a sacrifice, No man who hung the crucifix; Beware the call for purity, Infections their facility; I've made my choice, 666! Yes, there's nothing subtle about Slayer and that's probably why the band has maintained such a strong fan base. Will some lyrics offend listeners? Absolutely. Is that a bad thing for a band like Slayer? Not a chance. Controversy has worked wonders for artists in the past and Slayer has been around long enough to know. The song Black Serenade takes a more basic approach (for death metal) lyrically. Araya sings, Welcome to my Black Serenade; The entrance to my hell your pain; Scream your song the Black Serenade; Live in fear a mind insane. Some might call the lyrics silly, but the words fit the song pretty well. For the fans needing a classic fix of the Slayer they knew and loved back in '85, the words in Black Serenade are probably kind of nostalgic. // 8

Overall Impression: Slayer has a history of releasing some amazing, memorable records and a few mediocre ones. So the anticipation for Christ Illusion, which features classic Lombardo drumming no less, has been high. The record does not quite reach the legendary status of Reign In Blood, but it will not likely disappoint die-hard Slayer fans. Most of the tunes have the standard Slayer arrangement, featuring more than a few tempo changes. The band knows how to keep songs interesting and that is why Slayer has become a household name among the throngs of metal bands. The album reaches it's peak when it allows enough time for Kerry and Hanneman's melodic guitar lines to take center stage, then immediately unleashes up-tempo madness. When Slayer is at it's best, it's when it can reach that equilibrium that other thrash metal bands just can't seem to find. And then there are those classic Slayer lyrics. Christ Illusion will incite furious anger some and be embraced by others. It will be burnt by church groups and cherished by kids learning to play guitar. When you can sense the storm before the record even comes out, that's a pretty powerful album. Yes, Slayer is back with a vengeance. // 9

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overall: 1.3
Christ Illusion Reviewed by: HybridCacaphony, on august 11, 2006
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Sound: Let me start off by saying I did my best to walk into this album objectively, as if it were the first time I've heard Slayer. Granted, everyone has probably heard at least one Slayer song in their lifetime if they listen to the metal genre. I haven't listened to every Slayer album, but I thought I'd give this one a shot, since 2005/2006 has been a great period so far for bands to release new works. I listened to this album on myspace when it started streaming. I also borrowed it from a friend, and I'm listening to it while I'm writing the review, so I won't miss anything. The quality of the album is no better than on myspace, which bothered me a little. But I digress (oh, I'm not going to bother reviewing the bass, since overall, it is unimpressive. Granted I'm sure that's because Araya is singing something). 01. Flesh Storm - a very nice intro for the album, fast, full guitars and some decent drum-work. Then suddenly, we reach 0:35 and Tom Araya steps in and does his best to ruin everything. I'll discuss more about his lyrics in the lyric section, but needless to say, you need to be a die-hard fan of his voice. Honestly, his sudden appearance into the music just killed the song. The section about "iconic devotion" is less than amazing. The little solo at 1:25 is decent, albeit short. He tries to make up for it at 2:39, and he does manage to redeem himself, so kudos. But after this, the song really should have just ended. It's ridiculously repetative, and I was thankful to get a break by 4:14. 02. Catalyst - the song wastes no time here. You're thrown right into Catalyst. I liked the guitar solo at 1:36, it's decent. Guitar work here is really nothing special. The drums do not seem to shine. Araya again murders the song as best as he can vocally. 03. Eyes Of The Insane - actually heard this song before the album came out on a local radio station, and didn't know it was Slayer. My reaction then was the same as now: "What is this garbage?" The guitars in the intro are less than impressive (personally I hate them). The drums are very good however. Araya again destroys any chance this song had lyrically. By 1:25, this song has gone on too long. At 1:51, the guitar soloing returns, with as much suckitude as possible. What was that supposed to be? He has to be kidding. Too long, too boring, too uninspired. Next. 04. Jihad - holy shit! The guitars are doing something different? I actually hate the intro to this song, but it's the only thing that isn't the constant tremelo picking of the top string. Kinda thought this song was going somewhere, but aound 0:40 it disappoints. By 0:52, we're back to the mindlessness featured in the 3 previous tracks. Quite a buzz about this song before the album came out. Everyone figuring it would be controversial, and practically salivating over the idea. Well, Araya is in rare form here. And I'll comment on it here as well as in lyrics. His lyrics are more than inflammatory. Not the just the whole "this is God's war" part, but Aray accuses God of "raping" believers. I'll get into this more in lyrics. The guitar solo is crap again. Sorry, but we've heard the same thing in previous songs. Do something else, or at least let us forget you're there. 2:51 to the very end is just plain lame. But I'll tell you, I'm kinda glad that Araya stopped singing. Easily one of the worst songs on the album- and so far, that's been hard to do. 05. Skeleton Christ - oh boy. Gotta love the "anti-God, hail Satan" themes here. The guitars are boring and repetative. Solo before 1:08 sucks. And the guitar solo at 2:56 sucks even worse. Listen, we've heard that in the two previous songs. Do something else. Around 3:30 the song takes a turn. And not for the better. The guitars remind us at 3:42 that it is possible to solo over crap, but the solo will also sound equal. A step up from Jihad, but that's not saying much. 06. Consfearacy - very clever play on words. You can tell Slayer is just oozing with wit at this point. More capitalizing on politics as we've seen by so many bands whose careers are in the toilet. The intro is the same thing we've heard in just about every single song, with just a minor variation of what notes between open and the 6th fret (Let's face it, he's not going any higher than that) are being played. This song is nothing special until about 0:26 where the solo guitar returns, again. The same type of soloing as we've heard in the 5 previous tracks prevails. Thrilling. It returns again throughout the song, and to be honest, it actually improves the musical quality slightly. I'll even give him that the little guitar effect at 1:37 is awesome. But his droning soloing that continues, is nothing impressive. 07. Catatonic - a step in the right direction. You know towards melody. This song is really good until 0:38. If Araya wasn't singing, I'd like it a whole lot more. 1:05 (which I guess is the chorus-type riff) sucks. The soloing at 1:43 just shouldn't have happened. 2:32 takes a better turn. The drums pick up substantially, and the guitar riffs are much better. The solo is better after this point. Too bad we've heard it so many times. Can someone buy him a new effect or something? And someone needs to show him when the solos need to end, because they go on too long and then just sorta fizzle out, like a sparkler. 4:54 is far too long for this song. 08. Black Serenade - the transition from Catatonic to Black Serenade just does not jive. The guitars feel half-assed. You can tell there's a lot of potential here, but they just go nowhere and side in favor of repetition. 1:10's sudden burst of energy makes no sense. It feels like they just spliced two songs together. After this point, the song just sorta goes to hell. Although, it's Slayer, so maybe that was the intent. The atonal quality of this song is really, really overdone. Too much of the music does not jive, even by Slayer standards. I would have favored guitars more like the beginnig. 09. Cult - starts off with a much needed quiet riff. The tempo change is welcomed at this point. The guitars are decent again. The drums at 1:11 are awesome. Then enter the same garbage we've heard before. Guitar solos appear periodically to distract from Araya's completely ridiculous yelling. 2:49 the song just starts to go into overdrive in the suck department. 3:16 marks the return of the ever-so-boring guitar solos. Nice try guys. Take a breather and try not to suck on the last one. 10. I was so happy when I reached this track. It felt like there was a lot more then 10 tracks. If that were the case, I'm not so sure I would have continued past here. I'd reached my limit by song 4. I like this guitars here. They give up the overly loud quality for sound. Araya comes back here in his most prevalent hate speech ever. The guitars become disguisting. I'm not sure what happened to the energy in the intro, but it is completely lost until 1:36. Then the energy returns, but not in a good way. The solo at 1:50 sucks. The change in tempo at 2:00 sounds like everything else on this album. 2:28 marks a return to the slow, painful guitar riffs. The soloing in the background is useless. Araya takes center stage here, and overpowers everything until 3:16. The song finally dies at 3:17. But then persisits with annoying little noises until 3:50. Slayer certainly leaves us with something to think about on this last track. Why did you waste your money on this album? With every track reviewed, my overall review of their sound should make a little more sense. When I started off, I wondered how I could describe the sound of Slayer's new album. In one sense, they remind me of those kids in high school who had that metal band, and all the songs sounded exactly the same. In another sense, I remember those kids having a little more talent. And I remember they all ended up pumping gas. If only that were the case with Slayer. Slayer is a testament to the idea of "too much of anything is bad for you." Too many unnecessary tempo changes. Too many "insane" beats and breakneck tempo. Too many poorly thought out lyrics. Too much yelling by Araya. Too many awful guitar solos that sound exactly the same. It's a problem when one song really can't be distinguished from another because they are all played the same way. Too little of everything also hurts them: Too little direction. Too little variation. Too little thought put into the songs. You can argue, but the guitars are completely half-assed and identical for the most part. The drums could be swaped in and out of any song and traded for a different drum track from another song and I wouldn't bat an eye. I can't imagine Slayer spent much time in the recording studio. And I can't imagine the guy at the sound board cared too much. This album sounds like it was mixed in someone's basement. In terms of sound, Slayer should just throw in the towel. I'm deducting 1 point overall from the total score for it's really shitty quality. // 2

Lyrics: There are some things you need to know when listening to Slayer so that you can understand the lyrics: expect nothing special; frontman Tom Araya thinks you are an idiot. His lyrics are written for the unintelligent (which I guess works, since so many people love it), and the only time he uses a word longer than four letters is when a bunch of little words wouldn't fit; Tom Araya's writing is about as inspired as Swiss cheese. There is an utter lack of imagery and a lack of substance. He also recycles the same themes again and again and again, without even bothering to change the way he says it (for example: how many times can you possibly talk about blood raining down); Araya's lyrics are contradictory. God doesn't exist. Oh, and God hates you. Religion is powerless. But it starts wars; Araya goes for shock value, because he sucks at writing and he wants people to pay attention to him; Araya is also completely egocentric- He demands you see things his way. Otherwise, he'd gladly see you dead. I need to look this up one day, or maybe someone else knows. Was Tom Araya enrolled in Catholic school? Did he get knocked out by a nun? Or did he have a dog that died when he was four and he's mad at God for it? Seriously, at this point, his vendetta against God and religion is old-hat and it's a little more than an obsession. He sounds more like a child angry at a parent. He should probably get some sort of counciling. How many albums of anti-religion hate can he churn out? Personally, I thought this whole anti-religion, anti-God thing was wearing itself out. Slayer's really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Not only is the subject old, it's uninspired and his presentation is garbage. There isn't one intelligent thought going on. It's more like Araya just spitting everything he says is true out of his mouth totally stream of consciousness. In addition, those with a careful ear will hear Araya being guilty of reverse bigotry. Araya's hate speech has never been more prevalent, claiming in songs that he wants to see religious people crucified and wants to see them burning. Araya lumps everyone together in one big pot, in quite possibly the worst form of stereotyping ever. What's worse is, his listeners allow him to get away with it, and never call him on it. People even support the sort of hate preaching he allows to spew from his mouth, and he revels in that support and all the money it rakes in. Araya's lyrics are also confusing. He denies God's existence. Then says he is fighting God, and claims he's made his choice to side with the devil. Granted, he's probably just talking about the "symbol" of God and Satan, that he's fighting those ideas. But sometimes, it's hard to tell if he actually believes he is fighting God- actually leading a war against a diety. He also falls back and forth between blaming God and rebuking God. There's no real rhyme or reason here. I took a look at four which really stood out as just nonsensical. Eyes Of The Insane: let's capitalize on the idea of soldiers and warfare. Everyone else is doing it. Come on, look at Green Day. Yeah, we can pretty much start lumping Slayer in with those who ride the band-wagon (no pun intended) when their career is dead. But, for what it's worth, this is Araya's only half decent attempt at anything to be considered imagery. And it's a sorry excuse at that. Jihad - oh the things that could be said about this song. Honestly, this should be offensive to everyone, religious and non-religious. This guy gets up and throws every obscenity into the face of people who are religious. Even if you don't agree with the ideas of Holy Wars (and practically no one except those in the middle east do), you can't possibly believe that his hate speech here is founded. Cult - this song is offensive, and Araya knew it when he wrote it. I know that's what Slayer is about, but at this point, he is seriously writing simply to hurt people. It's not like he's offering an alternative. Just shooting down Christian beliefs. There never was a sacrifice, No man who hung the crucifix; Beware the call for purity, Infections their facility; I've made my choice, 666!. Ultimate-Guitar loved this line apparently. But when you look at that, he's asking for people to get mad. Maybe it's just a cry for attention. Supremist - wow. That's all I could think of. This is just dripping with anti-everything sentiment. Araya is practically seething in his statement that he doesn't even want to breathe the same air as other human beings who have differing beliefs. He wants to see them crucified, suffering and in pain. Worst of all, this is not just a figure of speech, he means it. How he gets away with saying these things is amazing. Again, this should offend everyone- this is just preaching utter hate. The same thing he accuses religion of doing. Hypocrisy reigns in Slayer. // 1

Overall Impression: Here's where I'll stop being objective, because I've made up my mind now. Slayer had their day, and it is over. In fact, even then, their day didn't amount to much. Anyone could do what they have done, in fact, others have. Shock bands aren't drumming up the sort of response they used to, especially not after 20 years. And without the muscial prowess to back themselves up they are just making fools of themselves. Ultimately, Christ Illusion is garbage. Pure, unadulterated garbage. There is nothing special in terms of the band's sound, nothing new, nothing innovative, and in fact, they've lost the sound they previously had (which wasn't really much to begin with). Not only did they not "invent" their genre like everyone seems to believe, they are atrocious at it. They are certainly a "god" of rock we could do without. // 1

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overall: 6
Christ Illusion Reviewed by: DownInAHole., on september 04, 2006
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Sound: Well in 2003, Iron Maiden and Metallica had their little comeback albums. Judas Priest released one last year and then Slayer felt like releasing their comeback album as well. These guys are one of the pioneers of metal and it is hard to give them negative feedback, but after hearing this album, I think it deserves some. First of all, Kerry and Jeff should get a reward fro writing the same riffs over and over again. They tried so hard to mimic Season Of The Abyss on this album. It really shows with the song construction. Second, production quality is horrible, in some songs I can't even hear what Tom is saying. Not that you would want to anyway because he is horrible. I am a huge Slayer fan and I don't think this is true "Slayer sound." // 6

Lyrics: Lyrics, way worst than the sound. These guys lacked originality lyrically as well. Sceaming "666" isn't very creative in my opinion. I think they were trying to stir up some controversy with their choice of lyrics. Tom Araya has to be one of the worst metal singers I've ever heard in my life. He has no range, no talent, and no songwriting skills. This album is in my view, a lyrical joke. // 5

Overall Impression: Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Slayer fan. They wrote some metal classics: Raining Blood, Angel of Death, Dead Skin Mask, etc. I think this is a disgrace to Slayer and their fans. The only songs I liked on this album are "Cult" and "Jihad" the rest sounded just previous songs they have recorded. Only a diehard Slayer fan should buy this. Don't buy it out of impulse or you will be disappointed. Bad concept, sound, and songriting. I wish I wouldn't have bought this. If you are new to Slayer, I suggest you check out any of their albums that were released before 1990. Their new stuff just disappoints me. // 7

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overall: 9.7
Christ Illusion Reviewed by: Chop_Suey92, on august 14, 2006
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Sound: 24 years of controversy, and 24 years of chaos have been good to Slayer, and it shows on Christ Illusion. This album pummeled me in ways Metal hadnt done in a while. When you listen to this album, you might wanna have an extra pair of pants in case you piss yourself. Each note on Christ Illusion is crushing, white-hot needles are pushed into your ears as every minute passes. Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman hit you with speed more intense than the fastest Jet or bullet, and Dave Lombardo pounds the rythym into your face and leaves you in total and utter awe. Christ Illusion isnt gonna leave the Hardcore Slayer fan dissappointed! // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics in the album werent as good as the music itself, but they hold their own, and Tom Araya belts every word out like a pissed-off Demon. Age has not marred his voice, and is more reminiscent of that of Reign In Blood, and doesnt't sound strained as on God Hates Us All and Diabolus In Musica. The lyrical style of this album will probably not appeal to you right away, but after a few listens you'll get used ot it! The lyrics address events going on around us, such as "Jihad", written about 9/11, is from the point of view of an Iraqi terrorist. "Flesh Storm" is written from two perspectives, the point of a soldier in the war, watching body parts fly around him, and watching his friends die, while the other is written from the views of the media. Very clever, over all the lyrics are great. // 9

Overall Impression: Definetly, this album is better than any Metal album on the Market, and Slayer definetly delivers. I think the most notable songs on "Illusion" are "Flesh Storm, "Jihad", "Eyes Of The Insane", "Supremist", "Skeleton Christ, and "Cult". I love the fact that this album is the most political and religious album they have, and that even when they are well into their third decade as a band, they still write things that other people wont dare write about. If someone stole this album, I would probably hunt down the faggot that stole it, and beat the crap out of him. Screw buying it again, the person who stole it will die. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Christ Illusion Reviewed by: floydfan001, on november 28, 2006
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Sound: Slayer has gone through the years as a band that continues to play the most agressive, loudest metal in America, and this album, 20 years after their breakthrough Reign In Blood, is as good as anything they've done up to this point. The music, still the good assortment of Slayer's driving power chords, harmonized riffs, and insane solo work has not left anything to be desired on the record. I also think for the first time Slayer harmonized a solo, I think which happens on Jihad. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics of Slayer have though undergone changes over the years, and we find this album has the good assortment of political and satanic lyrics. Over the years, Tom Araya has put in much more agressive screaming into his music, noticeable from the opener Flesh Storm. Remember him 20 years ago screaming like a girl on Angel of Death? I love both sounds. The lyrics range on from religion tearing apart society to the views of a terrorist bombing America, to the war in Iraq. This album has far much more swearing than any I've remembered, and maybe that's why the sticker is applied. // 9

Overall Impression: Slayer still rocks harder than anyone out there in the metal world today. Christ Illusion is now right up there with my favorite hard rock albums of all time, next to Toxicity, Reign In Blood, and Paranoid. The songs worth checking out our Flesh Storm, Eyes of the Insane, Jihad, Catatonic, and the single Cult. I still love that Slayer hasn't changed a bit throughout their careers, not trying to get on every playlist. I strongly recommend this album to all Slayer fans. // 10

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overall: 6.7
Christ Illusion Reviewed by: F-ing Hostile, on may 03, 2007
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Sound: This CD is alright, it's pretty repetitve, like most Slayer CDs, the album is mostly charged on anti religion, mostly christianity, and politics. The style of the CD is pretty much what makes Slayer stand out, extremely fast palm-muted thrash riffs, and double bass, but they really need to try to go for some different sounds, especially the guitars, the whole play as fast as you can thing is starting to get old to me, and the solos are not very good at all, this CD is definetly not another Raining Blood or South Of Heaven. // 6

Lyrics: The lyrics are decent as usual, they usually keep it on the cutting edge with some of the stuff they say, for example "Jihad" they talk about 911 attacks in the eyes of the terrorist, and the lyrics comply with the music pretty well, I would say that the lyrics were my favorite part of the album, although Tom Araya is a good lyricist, his singing skills have never been good, he can't hold a note at all really, but he works with what he has prety well. // 8

Overall Impression: Does it compare to the other albums? No, and I'm not saying that because it's superior, it's probly my least favorite of them all, the only songs that I liked were Jihad, and Cult, none of the others really impressed me, I really don't love anything about this album, but I hate the solo's really bad, and that Slayer's guitar riffs have sounded the same for the past 15 years, if it were stolen, I really wouldn't care. // 6

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overall: 9
Christ Illusion Reviewed by: otski, on july 14, 2007
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Sound: I never really liked Slayer until I bought Reign In Blood and since then I haven't lived a day without playing a slayer song or listening at least 2 songs. Their sound and style is just amazing in my eyes and with this album they have just made me a bigger fan. Original isn't the best way to call a Slayer song because they always take the same scales or power-chords but they do it so good. The overall sound off the album is in my opinion great but in the solo's they could have just little bit more viarity in effects.One off the cool things is that on this album they use a drop B, B and E# tuned guitar which also makes the albums more interesting. // 9

Lyrics: Personally I love the lyrics. I can't get it if someone who loves metal can't like the phrase "Your faith has atrophied and rots in hell's asylum". Alright maybey your religious and can't stand any crap said about your belief but for everyone else this must be one great collection of anti-war/religion lyrics. It never get's repetetive and every song must stab someone in the stumach. Maybey it's just me but hellllll this stuff is hard to sing and play at the same time. This is for me a sign that a band is good in songwriting: A songwriter('s)/singer who by singing out of the chords schedule gives a song an extra layer. And who's better to point out on that field then Tom Araya. Although you can't see Araya as a singer he brings the lyrics with such aggression/passion that you forget about that he actually just talks the lyrics. // 9

Overall Impression: Concluding this album is a beast which till the end off Cult is eating your brains and life away and let me tell you you'll love every second off it.I really this belongs with my 3 favorite Slayer albums Reign In Blood, God Hates Us All, Christ Illussion. My favorite songs are Cult, Catatonic and Eyes Of The Insane. If this Album was stolen I would buy a copy of it for the one who robbed me and then ask my own back cause he really needs this CD. // 9

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overall: 1.7
Christ Illusion Reviewed by: ilovemyepi, on august 14, 2006
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Sound: Slayer: a band near legendary, a band who, together with others, pioneered the trash metal genre. The influence of the band is undeniable. However, this album does not compare to their previous efforts at anyway what'soever. While the quick speed guitar riffs sound really cool, they get repetive after a while. The strong yelling vocals are so harsh they get annoying. This isn't innovative at all; it's the same stuff Slayer's put out before. // 2

Lyrics: The lyrics are probably the worst part of the album. Although there are some parts where Araya writes some really good lyrics, most of the time it's the same stuff we've heard on other Slayer records, "I've chosen 666, I dislike christians, I dislike everyone." Araya also has mediocre singing skills. His vocals are too harsh, so the album gets hard to listen to after a while. // 1

Overall Impression: This doesn't compare to Slayer's other albums like "Reign In Blood" and "South Of Heaven." The impressive songs, although few, include "Flesh Storm" and "Jihad." I love some of the guitar riffs, but I hate the feeble solos and vocals. If it were stolen or lost, I would get something else. // 2

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overall: 7
Christ Illusion Reviewed by: suicidemessiah1, on august 14, 2006
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Sound: First off, I've been looking forward to this release for quite some time, especially knowing that dave lombardo would be on this. The sound on this CD is like they picked up from where seasons in the abyss left off as far as the energy and the way it attacks right from the first note. I didn't care for the opening to Jihad or Eyes Of The Insane, probably the 2 weakest songs here but the rest seem to get better and getter every time I listen. // 8

Lyrics: For the lyrics it's typical Slayer so I'm not going to give it a high mark because it's basicly the same subject matter that they've written about for the last 23 years. Although the lyrics to jihad give you the perspective of the terrorists on 9/11 which I find to be kinda disrespectful to all the people that died on that tragic day, but nonetheless I don't hold it against them because it's Slayer and that's what they do. // 5

Overall Impression: This is a great CD. like I said, with the exception of Jihad and Eyes Of The Insane, This is the best Slayer release overall since seasons. They have proven that truly age does not matter and I hope they kick ass for another 25 years. And for all the people out there that are bashing this CD, go home to your mom and dads house and stick to your Avenged Sevenfold! // 8

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overall: 8
Christ Illusion Reviewed by: fnoof, on march 19, 2007
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Sound: Many are sceptic on the new drop tuning that king and hanneman have used on the two latest albums, Losing some fans as a claim of "commercialism". However. If you are a die hard Slayer fan, as me myself, you will learn to appreciate that the low end juice really gives this album, and enriched, dark theme. As ever, expect machine gun kickdrums with the return of legend drummer Dave Lombardo, Blood curdling screams from Araya and tremolo passages from King and Hanneman that top 200 bpm. // 8

Lyrics: The tradition of death, occult imagery and evil in Slayer's lyrics continues but in a more "real" and reserved packaged. If Kerry King has once made a turning point in the bands lyrical imagery, this album is it. Passages on "Cult" and "Katalyst" seem almost poetic. By far the most dark and controversial song lyrically has to be 05 - Jihad. This song is themed on the terrorist attack of 911 from the extremist point of view. Lines such as "Ill take these towers from the world; You're f--king raped upon your death bed with indefinitiveley stike some chords. This is how you define shock rock, if you are religious, faint hearted or easily offended, this album isnt for you. As brilliant as the lyrics may be, Arayas' vocals, seemingly weak on this record have become the fixation of critics. // 9

Overall Impression: If I listened to this album, in no knowledge that this was Slayer I would love it, but as far as Slayer have come, this album is a mediocrety. This record may dissapoint die hard Slayer fans, however, to anyone new to the concept of thrash or Slayer, this album is a must have. Despite not being the best Slayer album on the market it is definetly worth buying. If someone stole any of my Slayer albums, I would feed them to the pigs. It's that simple. // 7

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overall: 8
Christ Illusion Reviewed by: nfldguitarist, on february 28, 2008
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Sound: So my next review is slayer. Obviously slayer is a great thrash Thrash Metal band and all there earlier releases are great and have an amzing sound leave an impression on you, especially if your a metalhead. This is the first new album I've bought by slayer, Lets see how it sounds. Well having it for a week I cna say that this doesn't sound like Reign in blood or south of heaven or any of the other classic albums that we have grown up. The sound is definetly thrash and has a heavy influence from the older stuff but there also seems to be somewhat of a tansference from the nu metal slayer had done in there last tunes. I think the album definetly would have been better if Rick Rubin had been the producer. Instead he kinda of dicked out of it but whatever. Eyes of the Insane is obviously a more classic slayer sound and is my personal favourite track. I didn't like how the vocals didn't hold up on this album. I know that vocals aren't super important to slayer or slayer fans but they have usually had presentable vocals. I think it's Tom getting older and everything but it's still better than a lot of the crap knowadays. I also thought that the sound was also lacking a really great guitar solo. A lot of people may disagree but it's a review by an amateur on ultimate guitar. Don't get worked up about it. // 8

Lyrics: the lyrics are definetly dark thrash lyrics. The way Metallica should've done it on St. Anger, actually Metallica should've just asked slayer for help, anyway I couldn't get over how the music was very dark angstful and heavy. The lyrics begged to be wrote by a nu metal lyricist, they begged to be. Tom has definetly aged and you can hear it in his voice but he still manages to lower his vocal growl into something that reminds you of classic slayer so I can see that he tried. All and all they did an okay job with this part. The lyrics just didn't match the music some of the time. That's all I can say. // 7

Overall Impression: When you compare Christ Illusion to classics like Reign In Blood, South Of Heaven and Haunting The Chapel, then Slayer kinda can't compete to them. Cmparing to a lot of metal/hard rock bands nowadays this is easily the best album of them all. I love how angry and metallic it sounds. I don't lik it sounds. The only thing I can pick out is the mismatched music with lyrics. I hope I never lose it or anyone ever steals it from me, I would buy it as soon as I had the money, most definetly yes. // 9

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