God Hates Us All review by Slayer

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  • Released: Jul 3, 2001
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (86 votes)
Slayer: God Hates Us All

Sound — 9
Slayer prove that they can still kick ass with God Hates Us All, a very brutal, slower but still heavy album. Tom Araya's voice is certainly more deeper on this album, some may argue that he has lost his flare with age however I believe he has imporved he shouts alot more on hoever there are some songs where his voice does not seem to fit in with the music which may annoy some people. Tom Araya's bass lines really only give some serious balls to the guitar work, there isn't much funky improvised bass solos or anything but what did you expect? Kerry King and Jeff Hanngen have written some seriously heavy riffs for this album, they are much simpler then previous work and that now drop tune their guitars and occaisonally use 7-strings guitars, they have a louder sound and use some more effects than usual however some of their riffs are abit too similar which gives the impressoin of not trying hard enough to differ each track. The solos are great on some songs but I'm afraid they are really repeative shredding with Kerry King doing a wah solo on every song almost this may bore some listeners. Paul Bostaph has some really nice drumming work on this album which differs from the usaul rehashed drum beats that most thrash bannds use.

Lyrics — 8
Kerry King wrote most of the lyrrics on this album and personally love I wouldn't recommend them to any devoted Christians as they are really anit-Chriantinty and anti-God I would not say Satanic because their isn't anything that deals with the devil its more athseit than satanist. However on some songs the lyrics are dealing with the same thing and are abit too similar. Tom Araya handles them better than anyone else could, he sings how they should be sung they just wouldn't better any other way only thing is sometimes they don't really ryhme or fit in with the music but hey its Slayer they don't give a shit about that.

Overall Impression — 9
01. Darkness Of Christ - can't really say much just a a intro with a lot of sampling and a woman saying a Bible reading? Sets the album tone nicely. 02. Disicple - one of the best songs on this album, killer riffs, heavy drumming and probaly the best lyrics on this album "I have no faith distracting me I know why your prayers will never be answered". A fast brutal song. 03. God Send Death - an ok track nothing special, some cool guitar effects and a cool solo that switches pace a lot. 04. New Faith - this track has some great lyrics in it aswell with some heavy mid tempo music. The best part is probaly when the music stops and Tom screams "I keep the in a pool of blood, so that none of its lies can affect me!" 05. Cast Down - some more brutalness shown with this track about those who are dependent on their faith even though they are Cast Down (hence the name) by their soicety. More heavy riffs and drumming. Solo isn't all that. 06. Threshold - this for me is a highlight of the album may seem weird to some of you but still, though the absence of a solo and it being only around 2 and half mintues it still kicks ass. The riffs are the main atrraction here especially the intro with that stop start feel to it (one of the most underatted Slayer songs). 07. Exile - this has my favourite Slayer guitar solo in it, it's crazy the rest of song is good but the solo is worth the listen. 08. Seven Faces - this song has the first use of of clean guitar which is not that unexpected. It has more of a crazy feel to it with Tom singing about the Seven Deadly Sins. 09. Bloodline - the single off the album I would of picked a different song but hey stil is alright. A little over rated but some cool riffs in the song. The video is worth checking out. 10. Deivance - this is a slower number, with some evil sounding clean guitar riffs. Nothing else to say. 11. War Zone - this is Paul Bostaph at his best, some superb drumming and stop start riffing when it gets to the second verse, really full of speed and energy and don't see why they don't perform this live. 12. Here Comes The Pain - this is my favorite Slayer song. Slow hard hitting riffs that are really in you face, tribal drumming and singing about torture or possibly prison. Two killer guitar solos. 13. Payback - really fast song that is ok but nothing special a lot of f--k you in it. This album for me is there best so this review might of been a little biased but I tried my best to be critcal. The most impressive songs are War Zone, Here Comes The Pain, Threshold, Exile and Disicple. I love the production, lyrics, music everything about the only thing I hate is that not all off their albums sound more like this. I know its not exactly a metal masterpiece like Master Of Puppets or Reign In Blood, it isn't exactly a well thought out intricate beautifull album ever, but I still love it. If it were stolen or lost I would buy again without hesitation.

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    to the guy on top. your favorite slayer song and solo are both on this CD? this is deffinalty your only slayer CD, you have to get some of their old stuff, you ll love it. check out reign in blood, south of heaven, and show no mercy. thats some real slayer goodness.
    Read the last reveiw & this "Contraband" guy is a complete idiot. To say Slayer's God Hates Us All is like Metallica's St.Anger is just RETARDED! God Hates Us All came out 2 years before St.Anger! So this douchebag says this album is like a album that came out 2 years later!?
    Where they get that release date? July 3rd 2001! This CD came out on 9/11/2001! Kerry King even says it came out on 9/11 in the War at Warfield DVD!