Hell Awaits Review

artist: Slayer date: 08/09/2007 category: compact discs
Slayer: Hell Awaits
Release Date: 1985
Label: Metal Blade
Genres: Thrash, Speed Metal, Heavy Metal
Number Of Tracks: 7
When it was released in 1985, Slayer's second full album, Hell Awaits, seemed to many a nearly impenetrable cacophony of sound.
 Sound: 9.7
 Lyrics: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 9.7
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overall: 8.3
Hell Awaits Reviewed by: metal_gods, on june 14, 2006
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Sound: This is a diffentaly a step up from their first album (Show No Mercy). They are much more tighter as a band and seem know what they wanted to play in aspets of style. The songs are fast and there are lots of sudden tempo changes. Necrophiliac is proably the best example of this. The tempo changes fast to a less faster tempo thoughout the song. Hell Awaits (the song) is another big higlight in the album. The Begining is pure gold, the drums and guitars really do sound like somthing you might hear in hell. Praise Of Death, At The Dawn They Sleep, and Kill Again are good soild hits. My personaly least favorite track on the album is Hardening Of Arteries, but even that track is not bad. Crypts Of Eternity has a bit of a lacking chorus but is saved the guitar solos. It's also little lacking in the recording aspect, they should proably remaster it. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are slayer tipical slayers lyrics, killing, going to hell, death, etc. which fit well with the music. The lyrics, for the most part, are presented pretty well. In the self titled song, Tom Araya does a bit of that fast sing thing where he'll all the sudden sing faster than rate he was singing before and then go back to his privous tempo; kind of gives the song a crazier effect which was probably the desired effect. The lyrics in At Dawn They Sleep and Necrophiliac are catchy and well presented, but some songs like Crypts Of Eternity could of been done a little better. // 7

Overall Impression: I always find myself listening this record when I want to listen to slayer. Hell Awaits is 100% slayer, its got everything that makes slayers sound what is, sudden tempo changes, choatic solos, fast songs, satanic lyrics, its all here. The songs fit very well together but there's only 7 tracks (but still longer than RIB). But don't let your guard down, these tracks are brutal and relantless. // 9

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overall: 9.7
Hell Awaits Reviewed by: thegrungyhippie, on august 09, 2007
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Sound: Hell Awaits is Slayer's 1985 follow-up to their debut Show No Mercy. It seems in this album, Slayer has truly found their sound that they will stick with: Fast, Dark, and Edgy. Everyone knows Slayer has influenced Metal greatley and this album proves it! Slayer uses a lot of different musical effects on the album. King and Hanneman tap their amazing solowork out and Lombardo speeds on his kit. This is some of Tom Araya's best vocals imo. // 10

Lyrics: If you are a new Slayer listener, some of the lyrics you may find questionable. Personally, I belive Slayer's lyrics are amazing. Most others question the lyrics, such as on "At Dawn They Sleep", there are chants of KILL! KILL! KILL! I think this gives a stronger feeling to the music. Lyrics like on "Kill Again" work amazingly well with Tom Araya's singing style. On "Kill Again", Araya sports some of his best singing skills I've heard on most Slayer songs. The only complaint I have is that the lyrics become somewhat repetitive over time. // 9

Overall Impression: I think this album is amazeing! Either if you are just starting to listen to Slayer, like I am, or want to add it to your collection, it's a great buy. Blazing drums, brutal vocals, wicked guitar solos, and intense speed. That is how I would sum up this album. My favorite songs on the album would have to be the anthem "Hell Awaits" (which begins with terrifying backward tounges claiming "join us!"), and "Kill Again" for amazing vocalwork. The whole album is delicious, but these just stand out to me. // 10

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overall: 10
Hell Awaits Reviewed by: Slaytanic1993, on june 14, 2007
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Sound: Slayer is my favorite band, so any discriminations against this is maybe because I love them. Well, Show No Mercy was horribly produced but contained some great songs (ex. Evil Has No Boundaries). This album was my first and favorite Slayer album, still is my favorite. Jeff and Kerry slice their way through Hell with their insane riffage and solos. Tom uses his fingers on this album! And, his screeches and howls that are now rare are accesible easily on this and Show No Mercy the most. Dave Lombardo manages to destroy his set (litterally, as stated in an interview from Kerrang!) and all the while retaining the power and thrash they are now know for. // 10

Lyrics: My first impression, just like most, was "Holy shit!". These lyrics are grotesquely obvious and true, yet intelligent nontheless. King/Hanneman remains to be the greatest thrash writing duo in my opinion. My first hearing of the song Hell Awaits (1st track) and Hardening of the Arteries (7th/ last track) was that Tom could really show his chops. // 10

Overall Impression: This album stands as the first classic Slayer album. In my opinion, best Thrash/Speed Metal album ever! My impressions of the songs were: 01. Hell Awaits-This song is in it's entirety, one of the best off the album (third best I'd say, we'll get to the others later) and has some of the speediest vocals ever (Necrophobic wins there tho) 02. Kill Again-some homicide for the Slayer boys again, eh? This song contains a very crunchy and speedy riff that makes you wanna scream for your momma. This song is a good listen if you can make it without killing someone 03. At Dawn They Sleep-The second best song on the album in my opinion, I love vampires and this song manages to capture everything I love about them, and mix them with my favorite music style and band 04. Praise of Death-an overall amazing song, this is one of the songs I haven't yet to fully get into 05. Necrophiliac-A funny-ass intro at live shows, and a horribly sickening and brutal chorus, this song kicks your ass every listening 06. Crypts of Eternity-Easily the weak point of the album, but still one of Slayer's best, making this album a record of hits 07. Hardening of the Arteries-My favorite song on this album, it refers to war, going to hell and back, and violence. The songs "Catchy" riff and immense solos make for some heavy attacks on all the guy's parts. I love every bit of this album. I hate nothing about it, besides the fact that I never got to see the live of these songs v_V. If I lost this, I would reinact Kill Again, then I would reinact Necrophiliac...jk...not really. // 10

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