Seasons In The Abyss review by Slayer

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1990
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (122 votes)
Slayer: Seasons In The Abyss

Sound — 10
Slayer is mostly known for their biggest metal album of all time, and the highest-rated metal album, Reign In Blood. Over the years, Slayer has accomplished many things with Reign in Blood, but how about the great achievement they created with Seasons In The Abyss? Personally, I like this better than Reign In Blood, no question. The riffs are way catchier, the lyrics are much better, and the solos actually make sense. In other words, this album, is an educated Slayer. This album is probably the most mainstream Slayer, but it still has the classic Slayer sound. Better than any album by Slayer in every way.

Lyrics — 9
Lyrics? Well for one thing, you can actually understand them now. The lyrics are better than ever, the only time he comes close to speed is War Ensemble, and you can still understand him easily. The lyrics are typical Slayer, killing, antireligion, serial killers, communism, and the apocalypse. The only one that isn't about one of these is Expendable Youth, which is about gangs getting in wars. Vocally, Tom Araya has really improved, his sound actually has some tone, not just talking. I love his voice in this album, too bad he went back to his old singing, he should've stuck with it. Araya isn't very skilled, up until this. This is a classic album, and it's easy listening, if you're a slayer fan, that is.

Overall Impression — 10
I'll break it down song by song... 01. War Ensemble: the opener of the song starts out with a classic Slayer riff, and it Slays (sorry for the extremely corny pun). Goes into a speed riff, into a solo right off the bat from Hanneman, another sweet solo. Then, it goes into a sweet thrashy breakdown, reminds me a bit of postmortem. Then another solo, by King this time. It's even better than the first. The drums from Lombardo are just blistering here, the double bass god shows his wrath here. Truly amazing, for any thrash/death metal fan. 10/10 02. Blood Red: the intro riff is incredibly amazing, one of the best Slayer riffs in my opinion. Then the vocals take over, and they really take over. The lyrics are amazing and the singing is killer. Very, very catchy song. Solos are the normal Slayer though, so if you don't like normal Slayer, the solo isn't for you. 9/10 03. Spirit In Black: another extremely cathcy riff, and when the vocals come in, all comes together. The chorus is just amazing, the singing isn't singing though, it's talking. The verses are incredible, I could play it on my iPod all day. This is actually a really good solo, very mapped out, so if you don't like normal Slayer solos, try this. Then, it comes to an even thrashier breakdown, then another solo, but this one is even more incredible. It ends with a sweet thrash tom beat, and closes this incredible song, I wish I could see it live soo bad. 9.5/10 04. Expendable Youth: easily the catchiest riff of all Slayer. This song is amazing in every way, if you learn this on the guitar, you will be hooked immediately. the vocals are incredible, his voice actually changes tone in this song! The solo is also very memorable, mapped out about 50% of the way, then the rest is thrown out there, but really fits. Amazing song in every way. 10/10 05. Dead Skin Mask: the slowest song on the album, more groove metal than thrash or death, and it really fits in with the album. The lyrics are easily the best here, but the opening riff really takes away from the whole song. After the opening riff, an amazing orgasmistic riff comes in and takes over and leads you through the whole song. the solo is memorable, Kerry really worked on this one. I like it, but could've been better. 9/10 06. Hallowed Point: an extreme Slayer song, speed throughout, the lyrics aren't too special, nor the vocal talent. Sounds like it's off of South of Heaven. 7/10 07. Skeletons Of Society: incredibly catchy, right behind Expendable Youth. The drums are my favorite in this one, even though they're extremely simple. the guitar is amazing also, one of my cover songs actually. Very groove metal-like, the lyrics are sweet here, Kerry's backups are sweet as well, the solo is very mapped. Just what this song needs. 9.5/10 08. Temptation: another normal Slayer song, thrashy and the vocals are pretty good actually, but the lyrics are extremely recycled. The second worst on the album, just ahead of Hallowed Point, but it's still pretty cool. Solo is a terrible effort though. 8/10 09. Born Of Fire: ANOTHER normal Slayer song, but this one is actually better, but the lyrics aren't special. The Vocals are terrible, but the breakdown is cool. It's a good listen once in a while, especially when you're feeling angry. Has the worst solo on the whole album though. 10. Seasons In The Abyss: the best song on the album is the last, and it is the 3rd best Slayer song ever, behind Raining Blood and Angel of Death. Has the most ominous riff to ever exist as the intro. The it goes into an even more ominous acoustic riff. Then the verse, and it just blows you away. Tom can really belt it here! The chorus is amazing in every way, this song easily has the best lyrics out of the album. The best solo ever by Slayer. The gong is sweet, which I forgot to mention in Expendable Youth. The best performance ever by Lombardo. An amazing song in every way.I forgot to mention, there's two versions of this song, the one on the original album has a better solo, the other is slightly different. 10/10 The only thing I didn't like about this album is Hallowed Point. If they left that out, this would be pure gold. If I lost this album, I would freak out and go kill someone.

Amazing riff. That is all.

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    530-333-1962 wrote: slayer_rule_\m/ wrote: 530-333-1962 wrote: You slayer fans are all idiots to be honest... King can't solo worth shit and the voice in every ****ing song in monotonous and carries an annoying, hard to listen to beat of it all. yes, singing about murder and blood makes you the most badass heavy metal band there ever was, man how ****ing high are you? You know what makes slayer that good a band though. They're Exciting. That is the point of metal, to be exciting and to make music thats great fun to listen to. There are exceptions but slayer isn't one of them. I could fall asleep on the crapper listening to them if I tried.
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