The Dark Awakening review by Sleep Serapis Sleep

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (6 votes)
Sleep Serapis Sleep: The Dark Awakening

Sound — 9
Sleep Serapis Sleep's sound is very heavy, brutal, and fast. I heard of these guys from a friend about a year ago and my first thought was, "Damn these guys are amazing!" The album was recorded by the member of Sleep Serapis Sleep themselves. SSS is a very unique band, mixing many genre's. One minute you'll have a metalcore sound, next thing it will be more thrashy sounding and faster, then it will be a brutal deathcore sound. Sleep Serapis Sleep is a great band to come along and have something new and unique when so many bands are sounding the same and generic these days. The Guitars are very creative and unique, not just breakdowns and the same old riffs. The drums are very unique for a metal band these days, it's not just blast beats and breakdowns. The vocals are very well done with the dual vocalist combo. Some stand out songs you might want to check out are "Son Death is Beauty in your eyes", "Mercy", and Answers "Unquestioned".

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are very good for a band these days. They arn't just about bashing religion, or relationships that you hear in deathcore bands these days. The singers have a very, very good sound. You have Mike, who is a deeper pitched scream/growl, and Clay who has a higher pitched scream/shout and they are used very well mixed together. Sam, the bassist, also has some clean vocals in a couple songs that compliments them very well. Overall I'm very pleased with Sleep Serapis Sleep's vocal area.

Overall Impression — 9
I honestly think that The Dark Awakening is one of my favorite albums to date, it's something new and refreshing to the metal scene. I honestly don't think that I know of any other bands that Sleep Serapis Sleep sound quite like. Some of the impressive or outstanding songs on the album are "Son Death Is Beauty In Your Eyes", "Mercy", "Answers Unquestioned", and "Explaining Sight to the Blind." If you have never heard of Sleep Serapis Sleep, you should go to Itunes and buy the CD, you won't be dissapointed!

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    The lyrics are very good for a band these days. They arn't just about bashing religion, or relationships that you hear in deathcore bands these days.
    Deathcore bands that talk abut religion are like Rush Limbaugh talking abut his love of liberalism and flowers-empty,fake and insincere...
    I find that bands like this are nowhere near as good as the reviewer claims and nowhere near as bad as the comments make them out to be. They're somewhere in between, it's listen-able, has some good moments, but still kind of generic with riffs that sound like you've heard a bunch of times already. That being said, it's not bad but kind of forgettable. There are some good head banging moments and they get a little groovier than other bands in this genre do, sounds like something I'd want to hear while working out to amp me up some lol
    Megalomaniac46 wrote: Epi, where are you buddy? +1 haha
    +2 Haha. Where is that obnoxious bastard?
    These guys are pretty amazing haha. I personally think the review was a little bit high ranked. If no one here has checked out the first cd, "Dead Man Walking", check that out (: