Feel review by Sleeping With Sirens

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  • Released: Jun 4, 2013
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 4.3 Poor
  • Users' score: 5.6 (69 votes)
Sleeping With Sirens: Feel

Sound — 4
Hello everyone, as some of you may know, I'm the same guy who reviewed Escape The Fate's latest album. That aside, I bring you Sleeping With Sirens junior effort, titled "Feel." While Sleeping With Sirens may be a band that's not your cup of tea on first listen, I still think that everyone can agree that this band has the talent, and skill needed to craft up a well thought out album. If you've never heard this band before, then most likely you don't listen to much post-hardcore, or follow what's going on with the new. Now, if you're listening to this album without listening to their previous works, I suggest that you listen to those first just to get an idea. That being said, I think as though this album is much like Kellin taking over, and I say that in a bad way. I'm not going to judge the dude. I think he's very talented, but it was only a matter of time for this to happen. I saw it coming. With the way their highly acclaimed EP turned out to be, (which came out last year) I just knew that Kellin had that side of him, where the band was a lot about him. And I'm saying this because I feel like that EP was mainly where the band decided to focus in on Kellin, and to me that just made me uninterested. It's not a bad EP at all, but it definitely lacks something. Much like that EP, this album nearly follows that same pattern where the left off, only to make a few somewhat heavier songs with distortion. That being said, I think this album was over produced and was definitely missing a lot of the depth in Kellin's voice, especially on "Here We Go." The chorus in "Deja Vu" also seems to act the same way, where Kellin's voice seems a bit lost in the mix, and the instruments overtake the song. Speaking of the instruments, I think that guitar-wise, this was where the album fell flat. I wanted to hear more killer riffs, and more of guitar solos like they did in "Congratulations," which was actually not bad, and to be honest, that was one of the highlights on this album, in my opinion. I think a lot of the riffage came from the influence of (and I'm going to take a guess here) Breaking Benjamin. Hell, this song featuring Matty Mullins practically rips off the opening riff of BB's "Follow." I was highly disappointed once I realized this, and I couldn't listen to the song again. The song structure, and layout is much like The Used's "Pretty Handsome Awkward." The heavier side of Sleeping With Sirens was sadly on songs like those, and "The Best There Ever Was" (featuring Fronz). Sadly, a lot of these short collaborations didn't really help any of the songs much at all. I'm not a fan of Attila at all, but the dude did help make the song at least somewhat interesting. It's just the lyrics I was mostly cringing at. "Alone" has definitely the most random collaboration, though. If you thought that part with Matty on "Congratulations" was random, well listen to MGK's part on this song. It's not bad, but I think it came out of nowhere. As for Shayley Bourget's part in "I'll Take You There", I was highly disappointed. I had to really open my ears to tell that Shayley's part was up (you can blame that on the mixing). A lot of these collabs were just not needed. A huge disappointment in this section. Overall, I think I'm mostly impressed by the drumming on this album, like always with any SWS release. I just wish the mixing was better.

Lyrics — 5
The lyrics on this album I guess you can say are the high point, compared to the other sections, but in the end, it's just average for the most part. Songs like "Feel," I feel like I've heard before. The chorus is: "And I feel I feel so alive again Yeah, oh I feel I feel so alive again." I think the most standout song would have to be, "Free Now." I chose this song in particular not only because there isn't a short guest vocal, but because this song actually has some great meaning and went fairly in depth. I can relate to this song mainly because it's about family, and staying together. I don't know if Kellin has the same type of perspective as me, but my parents are not close to each other anymore. In fact, they broke up fairly recently, so this song really helped me think about family in general. My favorite lines in this song would have to be: "And we dream of the day, when our kids can play In the streets with no fear of them being taken away Fathers raise their sons with respect and love Handle anger and pain with no need for no guns If we hope to be free it takes you and me To start over here and now 'Cause this world is, the way it is, it's how we raise our kids. I wrote this song for my mother, wrote this song for our father So hopefully we can come together And hopefully make things a little better." Now, I'm not sure where Kellin got his arrogance from, maybe by how big of a fanbase he's gotten over the years? Yeah... fangirls... well I won't judge, but clearly, lines like: "Don't f--k with us - BOW! You're a hypocrite You're so full of sh-t You want everyone to just think and look and act just like you do But we're over it We're not giving in And now it's time to beg forgiveness for the selfish things you do," really show how much he's taking advantage of his popularity to a whole new level. And that's not a good thing. I've barely heard this guy swear on previous albums. This time around, with a song like this, "The Best There Ever Was," you think to yourself how far these guys have come, and then you think to yourself how utterly awful it is for Kellin to half-a-s lyrics such as those lines. Whenever I read those lines without the music, it reminds me of Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria. He writes those types of lines, and hopefully... just hopefully, Kellin doesn't turn into something like that. Kellin just needs to learn how to be himself on some songs, and he'll be fine. Going back to the song, "Congratulations," I think this is also a very meaningless song. Matty's part really does the song no good. I was honestly disgusted by his part. This is a guy that has talent, singing soulfully, and screams that could break through glass. I could say almost the same thing to Kellin. Matty's part, though...it just doesn't make much sense. Kellin, for some reason randomly says "(Get 'em Matty)." As though, this is a live stage performance with the two exchanging parts. I don't know, it's catchy, but when Matty says stuff like: "They try to do it like me But they do it all wrong I'll pass the torch when someone better comes along Congratulations to every label that ever turned me down Me and my top 20 record aren't too worried about it now I hope this lesson taught is a lesson learned Now go and bury your head while me and Kell rule the world!" I feel like they were just trying to have fun with this song. Here I am stoked to hear his part because the beginning voicemail clearly makes the person listening feel that way!

Overall Impression — 4
This album, while a few ups, definitely has a lot of downs. I wish they knew more about what they were doing when making this album. There's a lot of flaws from the guitar parts, and a lot of other general flaws. Lyrically, this could've been much better, and also vocally. This falls a bit under average, but I don't think it's as bad as most people have been saying. Nevertheless, I hope that these guys keep making music, and remember to be themselves. This album clearly was all over the place concerning what type of music it is. Post-popcore? Lol. Anyways, good luck to you guys in the near future, and the next album release.

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    lol sorry to be this rough but the UG review sounds like bullshit. Sentences like "Again, though the drumming style is constant across the album, it is well calculated and executed, leading to an above average experience." are the kind of sentences I used in school assignments when I had no idea what I was talking about.
    music salvation
    This statement pissed me off, "It is easy to hear the feeling and soul in his voice, distinguishing him from the typical modern punkish voice easily seen in Periphery's Spencer Sotelo among others." To imply that Quinn's vocal style is anything more than typical post hardcore whining and Spencer's voice is generic is pure blasphemy. Don't get me wrong there are some good post-hardcore bands (although few and far between), but Sleeping with Sirens is simply not one of them.
    Why are the people who dislike this getting thumbed down? Can't we objectively say this is no good?
    When did the entire post-hardcore genre get taken over by these bands? I remember a lot of bands that were being called "post hardcore" years ago were making interesting, original music (Fugazi, Shudder to Think, Rites of Spring, Cave In, These Arms Are Snakes...). Now it's one after another of these carbon copy, whiny pretty boy boring bands that all sound and look the same. Yes, I'm old and yes, I'm complaining. That's all, Thanks.
    I feel like ever since the inception of Thrice, The Bled, Silverstein, Story of the Year, and Dance Gavin Dance, the genre has declined rapidly.
    To the UG review: "Each of these tracks shows the best collection of riffs and vocals on the album." The best? Really?
    "Post-Hardcore, Pop Rock" Sorta got two completely different things there...
    Not by today's standards. What passes for post-hardcore is quite often appealing only to 13 year old girls who think they have hard lives, want to party, and know nothing about music.
    I read "feminine vocals" (in a good way.) Then read that the singer is a GUY. I'm sorry, but unless you're a 15 year old girl who likes wearing a lot of black, and finds guys who are 110 pounds with "flippy emo hair" cute, then theres NO WAY a guy with "feminine vocals" is a good thing. Congratulations reviewer on pandering to the high school girl crowd with this review. For everyone else, the new black sabbath has leaked, and its AWESOME.
    I'm not fond of this band either but you're just being ignorant. Why exactly is a guy with "feminine vocals" a bad thing? Please, do explain.
    I'm talking "feminine" emo vocals. not glorious freddy mercury feminine vocals. theres a fine line between whats good and whats cringe worthy. bands like this? its mostly cringe worthy.
    I'm not drunk enough to appreciate this non-sense (P.S. I am very drunk right now) (P.P.S I will never appreciate this)
    I loved every release they had up until this one. It sounds extremely rushed, stale, and just plain boring. I feel like I've heard every song on there before.
    I'm a fan of Sleeping With Sirens, but I'm just not really enjoying the album. It fell below expectations and just seems really boring, rushed and over-produced.
    Eh,it's not bad if you're into sleeping with sirens, which i'm not particularly a huge fan of. It's not bad, but it's predictable really. not breaking any new barriers here.
    If you don't understand this music, then you are obviously not gonna like it. Why here if you dislike the band? Amazes me every time.
    Why does it amaze you so much? After seeing it so many times, you'd think you'd catch on to how this place works...
    Freedom of speech. We all have opinions. Get used to it.
    Freedom of speech protects you from the government. The government isn't here. Half of you are just *******s
    I've had enough post-hardcore with Barbie-style vocals thank you...
    I'd never listened to this band before, but the album came up in the YouTube recommendations, so I'm giving it a shot. The positive review reads like UG's typical paraphrase-the-press-release bullshit, and the negative one makes good points, so I'm siding with vppark on this. But here's the thing: I like what I hear so far. Yeah, it's got its weak points (those awful lyrics), but it's good for what it is, and doesn't pretend to be anything else. It all comes down to taste. Good review vppark, but I'm still putting this on a couple Spotify playlists.
    Hmm. I think I can see where both sides are coming from here. SWS are a group of talented musicians, in that they are flexible. With each album their sound changes and unfortunately every album they release gets compared to their debut, which is the only release to sort of resemble "post-hardcore". All of their latter releases are closer to pop-punk or pop-rock. There is nothing wrong with those genres, however you must have a taste for them. SWS has not been a post-hardcore band for years. Everyone here is entitled to their opinions, I personally love this album and believe it stands as their debut albums' equal if not its superior, however one thing said here doesn't seem fair to say. Saying that a band far outside the same genre as SWS is better bothers me because it doesn't make sense to do so. You can't really compare say Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, or Metallica to SWS. There's a severe lack of similarity between them and SWS. Both kinds of music are equally valuable to me Perhaps I just have a tolerance and taste for a wide array of music but this all seems like a given to me... Anyway take away the post-hardcore label and the album will hit the target audience it was meant to. Remember SWS is not POST-HARDCORE
    Yeah, I'm giving this album a listen and after the first two tracks, I'm already getting bored...bands like this end up making a lot of stuff that sounds similar to all the other "post-hardcore" s**t out there today. As for the UG review...there's no way around how simple this album is. It's not musically interesting from a theoretical standpoint, so stop writing reviews that just go in circles in an attempt to give more credit to the band than they're due.
    well...I guess somebody must like this music or they wouldn't have been able to release an album...but I wasn't impressed at any point...
    I promise, I listen to a whole lot more than just what sounds like Metallica. Good music is good music, but this still isn't it.
    UG, as a male soprano with a timbre comparable to Kellin Quinn's I honestly get offended when singers like us are written off as "bland emo garbage." That aside, this vocalist has delivered some excellent performances in the past, however, this album is not one of them overall.
    the "Deja Vu" lyrics mentioned in the first review are absolutely awful. In fact that whole review is awful. I expect this album to be awful. Awful is a good word.
    I love Sleeping With Sirens, can't wait to hear the whole album. Sounds pretty good from the links posted
    If you people dislike Sleeping With Sirens so much, then what the actual fuck are you doing on this review.
    Say whatever you want, but SWS found, in this album, the almost perfect balance between commercial pop-rock and post hardcore. This being their most successful album proves it. It has really low points, and I mean REALLY LOW POINTS; as usual with SWS, these are exemplified with lazy writing ("Free now"). But it has really ambitious songs here too, Deja Vu, Feel and others. Sure their previews efforts remain the best for the small audience that post hardcore fans is, but this is one of the best pop-rock records made in the last 5 years at least.
    Didn't mean to post this twice. Now I can't edit this for some reason. Anyways, where the hell is EpiExplorer?
    Just because you have a billion tattoos doesnt make you a badass, or your make your music any good.
    Also, given the fact they were given 2 weeks to write this entire album, they did really well. I might be biased, but even if one of my own favorite bands writes shitty lyrics, they are SHITTY LYRICS to me. Yes, the lyrics aren't that... creative... but they ARE really good with the amount of time they were given to write them.
    So wait... if he gave both catigories an 8 and a 9 respectively... how did this get a 6.3 from him? Wtf...
    From the guy who did the 2nd review, which gives the opposite view to the album but really we need someone who's view isn't from either side, just a neutral one.