All Hope Is Gone review by Slipknot

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  • Released: Aug 26, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (644 votes)
Slipknot: All Hope Is Gone

Sound — 9
After 4 years of inactivity, in which the various members of the band have dedicated themselves to their other projects (Corey Taylor and Jim Root's mainstream success with Stone Sour, Joey Jordison's stints with Korn, Ministry and 3 Inches of Blood, Shawn Crahan's side project Dirty Little Rabbits and Sid Wilson's solo project), the band from Des Moines back with a new album, All hope is Gone. Since title is understood that the band has not changed it's personality and ideology, but unlike previous albums where the lyrics were completely written by Corey Taylor, now the whole band helped write. Obviously in these 4 years there have been no changes in line-up (fortunately). The sound of "All hope is gone", follows the recent past, both the remote past, because there are elements of the first album (Slipknot, Iowa) as songs almost entirely screamed, "All hope is gone" and "The cold black", and elements of the latest album (Vol: 3) as the great melody of some songs" Snuff "and" Dead Memories "or even elements almost psychedelic as in "Gehenna", psychedelic sound experienced in "Danger Keep Away" of Vol:3, but there are also innovative elements, of which I was very pleased, that finally, in this album, there are long guitar solos, as in "Gematria" and "Gehenna".This type of sound could disappoint old fans of Slipknot (The Maggots ^ ^), like me, that is, fans of the masterpieces of "Slipknot" and "Iowa", remained a little surprised by Vol: 3 ( but I have reconsidered it a masterpiece listening after listening). I think that this change of direction, the heavy sound of "Iowa" to the melody of "Vol: 3", it was a choice of the band, because in my opinion doing other albums with a sound similar to "Slipknot" and "Iowa ", might make horrible Album-copy, that could make albums with the same sound and the same anger, but could be repetitive, instead changing sound have tried to create masterpieces using everything we have inside and especially taking advantage of their huge capacity of musicians. Of course, this is a my thought and can easily mistaken about this. What say, also this time Slipknot not disappointed me, as have evolved in their sound without forgetting their origins. However "All Hope is Gone" remains much closer to the album of the band "Vol: 3" that the other 2 prior to the latter. Excellent!

Lyrics — 10
This paragraph of my review is at the same time the easiest and most difficult to write, because this is the easiest to write as talking about the singing, I can only enhance (again) the great voice of Corey Taylor, which has proven to be able to sing both growl, Scream, melodic way, everything. Therefore I can safely say that Taylor should certainly place in the lead-singer's Olympus of the current metal scene. Speaking of lyrics, those of Slipknot are among the best in the current metal scene, if not the best ever, and remain on the same level as in previous Albums, this is the reason why this paragraph of this review I still easy to write, because those who have already heard the previous albums of the band already knows what I'm talking about, while remaining to me at the same time difficult, because describe the lyrics and their interpretation to those who have never heard a work of Slipknot is impossible in a few lines; then try to describe the essence of all this. First of all the texts of Slipknot talk about various topics, but in particular try to bring out all aspects of our dirty and corrupt society, and all the hypocrisy that pervades it, caused by the money, the state, religion and other institutions, that obscure our view (hence the alleged misanthropy of Slipknot); All this from the personal experiences of the band, consequently there will also lyrics that speak of love as "Vermilion" (love in Slipknot's way), but this last aspect is present in very small (my apologies to all maggots for this reductive analysis of the lyrics of Slipknot). The aspect that makes raising a lot of Slipknot lyrics, are the emotions that you give when you sit on the ground in your room, with one of their albums just bought, with little light from the shutters that allows you to read the lyrics, with the stereo at maximum volume, whether songs as "[sic]", "The Heretic Anthem", "People = Shit", "Three Nil", "All Hope is Gone", etc., Slipknot can send you an inner anger, to go out and you split everything you see, because they are able to express perfectly the disease that leads our society; obviously you do not have to interpret the lyrics of Slipknot as "the schoolboy (18-year-old Morn Harmse) who stabbed a fellow student to death with a sword in Krugersdorp, South Africa Monday morning (August 18) was dressed like SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison.(or the Iowa's mask of Corey, the news are unclear about this)". Slipknot with their lyrics want to make their fans an inner rage, which makes open our eyes to the reality that surrounds us, not like this IDIOT, which goes around to kill people with a sword. In doing so, only stain the name of Slipknot and nothing else. While they are melodic as "Circle", "Vermilion Pt.2", "Danger Keep Away", "Snuff" or "Dead Memories" Slipknot can send you a sense of melancholy and unease interior. Someone I understand someone else will not, but I know it is difficult to explain, the fact remains that Slipknot for this are unique.You have to try. Even in "All Hope is Gone" Slipknot manage to convey the same feelings but at the same time in a different way than in previous albums. I give a 10, only because we can not give higher ratings.

Overall Impression — 9
The impressions of this album were immediately positive from the first 2 singles extracts from the album, namely "All Hope is Gone" and Psychosocial (of which we have shown an edit version of the song, compared to album, as they cut, Inexplicably, part of lyrics in which Corey screams "Limit of the Dead!"), Which immediately made me understand how Slipknot presenting their new work, then with the release the album I had a feeling even more positive (as I described above). In this section we look briefly every song of the album, to try to give you a overall idea of "All Hope is Gone." Execute - the usual intro that Slipknot bring into every album, almost entirely instrumental, rather than "instrumental" say noise "melodic", perfect for diving in their world of hardship and to let you awaken the maggot that is within each of us, after 4 years of rest. Gematria (The Killing Name) - one of the best songs of the album, presents a lighter vein of trash metal, is better to say Slipknot's trash metal, the longest of the album after Gehenna, almost entirely in scream... Awesome! The lyrics talk about the our beautiful society and the uselessness of religion, but the chorus says: America is a Killing Name. I am not American, and on this I cannot say anything, I do not have the competence and the right. Sulfur - musically perfect usual excellent interpretation of Corey and Lyrics talking about the hypocrisy in people and the difficulty that this implies in life, "Like Breathing in Sulfur... " Psychosocial - surely one of the best riff of Slipknot (at least for me), the lyrics resurrect the appearance of misantropo Slipknot; because disgustati by most of the people who live on this world and even from themselves (as stated in "People = Shit" ) say: "And the rain will kill us all." Dead Memories - this is one of the songs in which Corey totally sings with a melodic voice, not using the ever scream. This song speaks (I think, if I understood correctly) a story of love gone wrong, for reasons of money. "But you asked me to love you and I did. Traded my emotions for a contract to commit." Vendetta - in addition to repeat myself for the beautiful instrumental and vocal performance, the title of the song is the key to reading the lyrics. Butcher's Hook - this song besides containing a beautiful solo guitar, is one of the new anthems of "All Hope is Gone" against society... carry over some line... "Contrite - Commercial - Arrogance - Leprosy Consume The Bitch - The f--ker - Mindless - Like A Child For Pity's Sake - I've Had All That I Can Take We Try - But In The End We'll See There Are No More Codes Only Who Is Shit / And Who's Still Free I was gonna change the world with Honor and Aggression No one listened - no one cared All they saw was misdirection Go ahead and disagree / I'm giving up again I don't want you anymore I don't need you anymore " Gehenna - the longest song of the album, even more musically particular, almost psychedelic, with Corey which makes it perfectly the unique atmosphere of the song, for those who have not known Gehenna is the paradise in the Jewish religion, with a sung for most melodic, but with the parties sung scream, short but intense ^ ^ This Cold Black - if "Bucther's Hook" is one of the new anthems of "All Hope is Gone" against society, "This Cold Black" as well as being one of the heaviest songs of the album, is another anthem like "Butcher's Hook" for the lyrics, this song expresses all the pessimistic view that Slipknot have the world in which we live. Carryover the first line. Mother Nature is a Coward (Mother Nature is a Whore) Werein Lies Continue - even in this song the title is very cleverly, I believe that the "lies" to which they relate, are those derived mainly from religion, especially for these lines. "Confuse a liar with a savior from fear Create a Separate Myth and the Chosen Ones Adolescent Independence / Dominion I only want to believe in f--kin 'anything But now my conscience is contradicting everything " But for most of the song we suggest as "react" to this social situation. Snuff - come to the song that surprised me most of the other songs along with "Gehenna" as a song is totally unexpected, "Gehenna" is surely the most particular for the part instrumental, while "Snuff" is unexpected especially for the lyrics and the way in which the Slipknot have expressed. It is perhaps the most melodic song ever written by Slipknot, is a ballad Rock, but this scares us not long after "Vermilion Pt.2" and "Circle". What I was left petrified is the lyrics, is written almost like a poem, and is a song that transmits a great melancholy (especially in people who identify in the lyrics). I am not saying anything about lyrics, go to read as to understand 'll have to read everything. Although this song represents the portion of Slipknot that I like less, but is one of the songs of "All Hope is Gone" that impressed me more, perhaps because I lived a story essentially identical. All Hope Is Gone - the Song of the homonymous album, "All Hope is Gone" is the last hymn with which Slipknot conclude this masterpiece. Besides the usual and repeated several times by myself perfect execution of Slipknot both musically, that the vocals of Corey, the lyrics of this song speaks of how all the hopes we had in a change of this world are now gone up in smoke. Awesome point where it says: "We're the problem, but we're also the solution." This sentence should reflect many people, but now I do not believe in that. All Hope Is Gone!

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