All Hope Is Gone review by Slipknot

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  • Released: Aug 26, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.4 (644 votes)
Slipknot: All Hope Is Gone

Sound — 10
So, finally it's here. The long awaited successor of The Subliminal Verses which saw the nine-piece beast push into a slightly more melodic and adventurous approach than with previous albums. The record offered that Slipknot didn't compromise with their image and attitude while diving head first into uncharted territory. All Hope Is Gone continues the style of The Subliminal Verses, with a little more productional space gained by now legendary mixer Colin Richardson and the absence of Rick Rubin's ultra-dry and tight production.

Lyrics — 6
Corey Taylor is by now one of the most respected frontmen in all of heavy metal and his venture with "time-off band" Stone Sour, being his main focus in the last couple of years, has surely matured him as a lead singer in terms of range, style and melodic sense. On All Hope Is Gone he goes from his trademark roaring, a few growly moments to complete clean singing in the style of the Stone Sour single ''Through Glass''. Lyrically, All Hope Is Gone being the title of the whole record, one can rather quickly draw the conclusion that Mr. Taylor doesn't write nursery rhymes about clear blue skies and teddy bears. While his lyrics, as ever, works tremendously on soaring tracks like Gemetria (The Killing Name) and This Cold Black, and even when his voice is only on somewhat half-overdrive as on Vendetta and Sulfur, the most bits of clean singing, Gehenna being a nice exception, simply generate an estranged feeling. When the lyrical themes are so dark and depressing as on All Hope Is Gone, Taylor sometimes sound a bit whiny, complaining about "Dead Memories" or something else. Those moments are quite honestly the closest Slipknot have come to being emo, and must throw off one or two fans along the way. By no means, does this mean that they cannot make experiments within their music, but this path is a bumpy ride at best.

Overall Impression — 7
All Hope Is Gone is a really all or nothing-record. There are songs that certainly qualify themselves as new Slipknot classics. Stand out tracks of the more traditional (if that's a word that can be used in the same sentence as Slipknot) sounding songs, are Gemetria (The Killing Name), This Cold Black, All Hope Is Gone and Vendetta while the experimental pieces work rather admirably on Sulfur and Gehenna (a slow, doomy Alice In Chains-y track. The in-betweens are first single, Psychosocial, with it's monstrous kick-ass groove turning a bit moody getting through to the chorus, and Snuff with it's almost hopelessly beautiful chord progressions and melodies but with lyrics a bit too depressing, even though Corey Taylor really shines. Overall, there are enough tracks to keep us satisfied, but Slipknot must be careful with their experiments and must realise that with full artistic freedom comes great responsibility. However, if Joey Jordison plays this great on all 'Knot albums to come, we should never get to hear the complete disappointment.

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    Volume 3 was FAR superior to this. Where is the coherence in this album? Where are the good riffs? Certainly no standout songs like Duality and Before I Forget. And then there is only one soft song which stands out like a sore thumb as opposed to the way these elements were intertwined all through Volume 3. Also Corey's angry voice is just getting annoying on this album.
    never ben a slipknot fan but i figured i'd give their new album a try and i like it. I'm probably going to get flamed to hell for this but it reminds me in places of Disturbed, whether the groove or the drums. Its good to hear him singing as well. After listening to Stone Sour I really liked his vocals, not to discount his screaming though. Anyway, thats my ramble over. probably give it an 8/10. Feel free to beat the proverbial shit outta me now. cheers!
    This album just show how slipknot has changed and gotten better over the years this my favorite album from this group.
    if anyone thinks that all hope is gone sucked and is a waste of money rethink your words becuase its now #1 on the billoard 200.
    This is the first Slipknot album I've enjoyed. The first two albums were great compared to what other nu metal bands put out, but I've never been into that style so I didn't like them except for 2 or 3 songs. Vol.3 was a bit better, but still boring for me. But AHIG is the only album that kept me interested till the end. There's more maturity, more variety, more interesting instrumental work, wider vocal range... everything is positive IMO.
    Robot99909 wrote: Slipknot is like KISS kind of. Sliptknot has their maggots and KISS has their army. And the masks and the KISS paint. Crazy.
    yeah the only difference is slipknot have things that KISS lack, integrity would be one, lyrical genius, musical genius, heads that arent between their legs, yeah the fact they have unique fans and wear masks/make-up is really important, anyhow, love the album, every album slipknot brings out is good in my opinion
    Ughhh what is your people's problem with Slipknot's new cd. To me it's amazing it may not be as heavey as MFKR and Slipknot but its still really good.
    Taint McGooch
    as my third post in this forum, i have one thing to ask everyone...why did they cut out "The limits of the dead" on the radio??? That's been boggling my mind for weeks now.... Stay (sic) maggots \m/
    What can I say about the new spliknot that has not already been painfully expressed. well, I'm extremely happy that they got their edge back. I mean, the song vendetta it a ****ing ruthless song. and I adore Coreys chorus verse on the song, Ghenna it's unique and impressive. The structure has greatly improved from there previous albums with a good mix of soft and metal sound. My only complaint with the album are the last four tracks. It felt to me that those are there weakest songs. overall: not as aggressive as there self titled ablum; which was absolutely insane. and not ass soft as subliminal verse which strikes bottom on my favorites for slipknot.
    aside from psychosocial the best songs on the album are the last 4! especially the cold black which is the heaviest song on the album!