All Hope Is Gone review by Slipknot

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  • Released: Aug 26, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (644 votes)
Slipknot: All Hope Is Gone

Sound — 7
It is easy to listen to this CD and say, "Shit another band that sold out, this doen't sound like Slipknot at all." While that may be true, if you have only ever listened to the first album, if you have heard all of the albums and heard the bands progression and slowly evolving and changing sound it is no real surprise of the directin that they have taken with this album. There are still moments for the 'old-skool' die hard fans with songs like All Hope is Gone and Gemtria staying true to the old thrashy sound. The newer sound shows to me that they have improved musically and are now able to do more musically than just hammer strings as hard and fast as they can. That being said there is notrhing musically brilliant about this album, there never has been in Splipknot their beauty comes from the lyrics.

Lyrics — 9
Corey Taylor stays true with his lyrical brilliance in this album, while the style of getting his message across has changed. The violent angry lyrics have gradually disappeared from his writing the messages that he has remain the same and are as clear as ever. While Corey can't scream and shout like he used ot be able to the clean singing adds a certain element to the music that has never been there before and allows for more emotion, rather than just anger. I presonally feel that the emotion that you can feel from a song is key to developing an attachment to it so this helps greatly. I am, however, looking forward to seeing them live to see if Taylor can reproduce the same shouting that he has in the album because last time I saw them his singing was a little sub-par because, as I mentioned earlier, he is unable to shout like he used to. One of my favourite songs on the album is ironically enough the least heavy song on the album, Snuff. Even though it is slower and more melodic the emotion and composition of the song are not matched in my opinion anyway.

Overall Impression — 8
This SLipknot album proves that they are smarter than people give them credit for, it slips right into that genre betweeen MTV music and underground, which is where I think they want to be. It is not so heaby that it won't get media play and heavy enough that people won't think that they have sold out. The final thing I will say though is when listening to this album don't go in with the frame of mind that it is a typical slipknot album. You need to suspend that belief and just listen to it by itself and seperate it from the other efforts of the band and I'm sure you will be happy with your purchanse. I know I was.

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    I've been a maggot for about 8 years now. Everything they've come out with has been great, Even the offshoots of the band, Such as the Murderdolls. I ****ing love Murderdolls and Wednesday 13. And The Frankenstien Drag Queens From Planet 13 and Maniac Spider trash. Stone sour i was a bit iffy about when i heard the single "Bother" But then i sucked it up and bought their first album, and holy crap. Bricks. Thats all i gotta say about the first time i heard Corey actualy sing instead of screaming\growling\other thing he does He's a very versitile singer not as good as Rob Halford or King Diamond in that sence, but you get the point, But this album i noticed it sounds like most of it was written as Stone Sour and only a few songs were written as Slipknot my favorite is still their self titled but this ones my third favorite, im still getting to know the songs though. Best $12.72 i ever spent ( I bought Iowa for $27.99) Im probably going to get flammed for some of the stuff ive said in here by some random wad with his own opinion. but everyone has one. Unless its some emo kid who listens to one song from a band and says their a fan.
    123-Trav wrote: Volume 3 was FAR superior to this. Where is the coherence in this album? Where are the good riffs? Certainly no standout songs like Duality and Before I Forget. And then there is only one soft song which stands out like a sore thumb as opposed to the way these elements were intertwined all through Volume 3. Also Corey's angry voice is just getting annoying on this album.
    i agree, duality and before i forget are awesome songs and nothing off the new album is a great as them or will stick in my mind like they have but its still a good album
    I thought the new album awas crap when i first listened to it but the songs grow on u and they are totally awesome. Wherin lies continue, Phcosocial, snuff, child of burning time and butchers hook rule.
    general maxx
    if you have listended to slipknots classic stuff you proly wont like this album. it seems like corey is trying to incorparate stone sour into slipknot. well its not working. every song on this album is boring as sh*t. none of these songs scream back at you like there older stuff does. theres no insain riffs like there classic stuff. i like what metal_tasha said... ''Volume 3 was FAR superior to this. Where is the coherence in this album? Where are the good riffs? Certainly no standout songs like Duality and Before I Forget.'' and i agree 100%. spit it out surfacing tatterd and torn the nameless three nil wait and bleed welcome scissors new abortion THATS WHAT WE NEED MORE OF. btw. look up spit it out(overcaffeinated hyperverson), sic (molt-injected MIX), and wait and bleed (terry date MIX) theres my say, peace
    their first album was great nothing beats iowa vol. 3 was kinda comercialized everyone knows a certain group of songs of their but it has boosted their fame and credibility so im not bitchin i bought the live album and loved it because i saw them live and it was like i was right back in the ****ing pit. this album is amazing i love pshychosocial and everything else on it and the fact that corey is trying to incorporate stone sour into slipknot isnt a bad thing its just showing that the band is evolving i mean look at what happened to metallica its all for the greater good the masks and the persona are sweet corey has sort of a general leader look which is awsome and clowns new mask would make freddy kruger hide in his closet its ****in sic keep doin it and someone hit me back up with the good and the bad
    Wtf is going on? Slipknot is my favorite metal band; well used to be until this piece came out. Their previous albums are classic. It doesnt get any better. But now they sound like straight up pussies. Wheres the anger and the transistive metal pounding in your ear that you can yell out to?? Its true. All hope really is gone..... for Slipknot. If i wanted pussy ass mainstream singing id go to fall out boy, but this is utterly dissapointing. I want the real Slipknot. Theyre from FUCKING IOWA!! It doesn't get more bad-ass than that. But now they sound like theyre from "Politically correct", Connectcut. You've gotta be kidding me. I dont turn to slipknot to hear about god damn politics. I turn to slipknot to rock the ****en house!!! Now its gone. wat a shame. And Coreys stupid comb-over is really starting to annoy the **** out of me.
    This album is amazing but what pisses me off is that people bash other mainstream bands because they're mainstream, but when slipknot does it they're still totally amazing? hmmm...
    i love this album the most out of all of them, i dont really classify this one as metal like the first ones but it is a hard rock hit in my opinion
    Slayer_Guy wrote: I want to know how the drumming is... It's the best part of slipknot so why is not mentioned so much?
    YEAH! I Fucking love the drumming.
    All Hope Is Gone is simply a great album, which really got me back into Slipknot. I've just seen them live in Copenhagen and they blew me away! Amazing live group
    this cd is ****ing amazing and has so much passion in it it may not be iowa but does everyone remember metallica real good bands know how to change it up a little bit we cant always be doing the same shit or that shit starts to get old if you wanna see how good the album is look at the ****ing record sells and shut the **** up