All Hope Is Gone review by Slipknot

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  • Released: Aug 26, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (644 votes)
Slipknot: All Hope Is Gone

Sound — 8
After having this album for a few months I finally feel that I can review it. Slipknot had stated that they wanted to take elements from iowa and vol 3 and mix them together, while being more experimental. I had my doubts that they could go back to the sound they had in iowa, but I was confidant they could create a very experimental album. it turns out that slipknot did everything they wanted to do and more for this album. From song structure to solos to longer songs to acoustic, they have done it all. I could not be "prouder" at all. Yet, it seems that it lacked a certain energy that previous albums had. Their self titled album, while far from being musically perfect, was so full of energy and aggression, that I just can't help but to crank it up and scream along with it. A similar situation would be the new bullet for my valentine album, which I just can't help but to compare with all hope is gone. so while slipknot has become more musically sophisticated, they have lost a lot of their drive and power. Not to say I don't like this album, far from it, it all depends what I am in the mood to listen to.

Lyrics — 8
The style of lyrics hasn't changed much over the years, aside from covering a broader range of topics. Corey even sings about politics! His voice hasn't hardly diminished over the years. I'd say his screaming was at peak in Iowa, yet his singing is as good as ever. It must be hard to find something to scream about these days, but Corey manages to, and his singing still works with the rest of the band.

Overall Impression — 9
01.execute: typical slipknot intro. It works very well with as the beginning of the album, and really give a sense of anticipation. hearing Corey yell ALL HOPE IS GONE amidst the drum beats and static really sets the stage for the album. As an intro I give it a 10/10 02.Gematria (The Killing Name): track one immediately gives way to Gematria, with a guitar riff that really has been beyond slipknot until now. At around six minutes, this song is all screaming, with a guitar solo to go with it. A perfect "heavy" song on the album. 10/10 03.Sulfur: this song has a tone of forbearing that I really can't describe. it seems to give a sense of impeding doom, at least to me. this song gives heavy double bass pedal, chugging guitar, and not-quite-screaming vocals along with clean singing. 8/10 04.Phycosocial: the "biggest hit" of the album. I have seen people who really don't like heavy metal still like this song, which means that slipknot has really attracted a mainstream audience. Which I suppose is something to be proud of. But it is definitely a powerful song, and I find the beat to best part of the song. 8/10 05.Dead Memories: one of my favorites. this song has no screaming, and really is quite beautiful. I love the contrast of the heavy drums and guitar with the clean vocals. this song proves to me that corey taylor still has one of the best voices around. 10/10 06.Vendetta: starts by showcasing the drums, this song is average to me. the part of the song that sticks out the most is the chorus, which is quite catchy. Sometimes this song seems really good to me, others it is mediocre. 6.5/10 07.Butcher's Hook: not one of the best songs on the album. the verses seem like they don't fit together. Everything seems just out there, like different people wrote the different parts and threw them together. 4/10 08.Gehenna: I love the sound of this song. it seems very flat and downtuned. at above six minutes, it doesn't waste space. the song doesn't get boring. the chorus really shines in this song, especially coreys "give me youoooouuu" along with the really low chord. 9/10 09.This Cold Black: the slower, softer sound fades into this fast, aggressive, all-screaming song. it seems to be the most angry and heavy, and that's all there is to it. 7.5/10 10.Wherein Lies Continue: this song just seems, well, cheesy. Between the main guitar riff and, the generic metal lyrics, this song kinda fails, until the neat chorus. Which has better riffs and singing. 4/10 11.Snuff: um, beautiful. some people might get mad at slipknot for this song, but I praise them for it. they show that they don't need distortion, screaming, and tons of drums to right a good song. this song sort of sounds like a christmas song, probably because of the bells. I love the build of the song. it never gets as far as you want it, if that makes sense. It leaves you wanting more. 9/10 12.All Hope Is Gone: this and Snuff seem like complete opposites. this is one of the heaviest slipknot songs to date. Although after a couple of listens, I get bored with it. However, it is a decent song. A very fitting conclusion. I should mention a very special bonus track to me: Vermillion pt 2 (Bloodstone Mix). This song is great. Give it a listen.

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    guitarfreak222 wrote: Slayer_Guy wrote: I want to know how the drumming is... It's the best part of slipknot so why is not mentioned so much? YEAH! I Fucking love the drumming.
    Don't they have several drummers or something? Looking at live videos...
    Fool Dominhated. you say that in previous albums corey completley wrote the lyrics. You should have looked that up because thats NEVER been the case with slipknot. They all had an input.
    love that line 'bout gehenna it truly deeply defines us all maggots love them, hope they come by argentina
    "Its a fascinating intro that makes for a nice transition into Gematria (The Killing Name), which is full of fantastic intro riffs in the intro and an intense breakdown about halfway through." Apparently the intro is good...
    slipknot owns because they change their style a bit, but every album is as kickass as the others!
    ytse Jammer
    steve_a7x wrote: Cannibalhell666 wrote: Penguinblimp500 wrote: 1st album- they could improve 2nd album- just plain sucked 3rd album- ok 4th album- awesomeness Ture very ture are you an idiot or something 1st album was amazing 2nd album was real good 3rd album was quite good 4th album not great
    self titled : pure perfection iowa : room for improvement but some ****ing brutal songs vol 3 : sick album all hope : some good songs but just not as impressive as the others
    they are so flippin overrated, they have a good driving drummer with 2 lame guitarists and an excess of members. great for poser metalkids of the new generation that "have a great taste in music"
    washburn0c03 wrote: dude normal people don't wear masks... I fcuking love slipknot but they are weird... you can't even argue that... BTW CAN'T WAIT FOR NEW ALBUM!!! For some reason the HMV in saskatoon isn't getting it till the 28th ???
    It's all an act dude, not serious. you've obviously never seen a black metal video. not that I like black metal, i'm just sayin... these guys are SERIOUS. it's actually kinda funny, almost as much as this band. either way, Slipknot are totally overrated.