Iowa review by Slipknot

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  • Released: Aug 28, 2001
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (173 votes)
Slipknot: Iowa

Sound — 9
Definatley a younger Slipknot. This is easily way before they seemed to calm down music-wise and wrote Vol. 3: Subliminal Verses. This album cross over not only nu-metal, but rap/grind/heavy metal. This album is the musical equivalent to a nuclear bomb. The Drumming on this album is mind-blowing. Never have I heard something so heavy, so angry. Not is it there to keep the beat, it, in my opinion, is there to remind the listener what the hell they are listening to. Had it been fast, talentless it would not be Slipknot. Jim Root and Mick Thompson are fantastic guitarists. The work is heavy, fast, intimidating, and angry. The effects pedals are pushed almost over the limit where no effect pedal should. The Heretic Anthem is a good example of the ability of the guitars. The bassist, Paul, is finely tuned to his maximum potiental. The bass riffs are deep, angry, and set a good amount of the angrieness in SlipKnot. In fact, so deep that they must be sent to a factory to be tuned (I think). Though less than the self-titled album, the tables are used in the right moments, and when used, are spun into full potiental.

Lyrics — 10
Meaningful and amazing. Just two words that describe Corey's abilities. This is one of the things that makes them Slipknot. They cover many topics, from girlfriends, to self-destruction, none of which are happy. Though the F-bomb is dropped several times in several songs, it is worth listening to. Corey also has some of the widest vocabulary I've seen yet, and he oncorporates that into many of his songs. I'd goves examples, but that would mean listing lyrics to every song, and straying off topic. Corey is one of the most talented singers today, and he will forever remain in years to come.

Overall Impression — 10
It can't compare to any other artist, simply because Slipknot is Slipknot. They don't follow any trends. They stand alone when it comes to nu-metal. There is no other band heavier and more musically talented at they same time. The most impressive songs on the album are My Plauge, People=Shit, Diasterpiece, Heretic Anthem, Gently and Iowa, the 15-minute showstopper. This album is for metalheads everywhere. And if your no become one and buy this album

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    Oh, and to the guy who said
    13. Iowa - ok here it is the 15 minute showstopper. The meaning is basically the same as the one from MFKR. The song is about someone who kills women and recreates them in his own image, like a living doll type thing (Corey was butt-naked and all cut up and bleeding during the recording of this song).
    No he wasn't. that was scissors he sang that way
    Slipknot is very terrible
    Your mom eaths pussy for money and your father rapes little girls for fun. Slipknot are only hated because of the masks and because they took darker forms of metal and combined them to something more mainstream, have dropped tuned guitars, are actually shown (rarely) on MTV and becuz all those poser types like them cuz they think they're hardcore. Hate the fans, Love the band. This CD is awesome. Metabolic gives me the biggest ****ing headache, but it's like a trip gone wrong. Favorite song is Gently, it's like a Horror Movie.
    Hey Ive never really looked through this part of the site before and when I found the reviews section I was interested in reading the reviews on the Slipknot albums [especially Iowa] because this was the first album I listened to that got me into the genre of rock. I mean I had heard lots of individual music and liked it but never investigated into them. This album is one of my number one albums of all time, I even read through the lyrics while listening through the album a few times just because I wondered what the story behind the album was [and sorry if I seem stupid] but I didnt really get a story out of the album even though the album is amazing, guitars, programming, drums, vocals, percussion, and it just kinda made me feel good when I listen to most of the tracks even though the lyrics prove otherwise [but I guess it depends in what context you take the lyrics]. It gives a kind of 'get up and go' feeling, and I really dislike the whole mainstream thing "oh My Plague is too mainstream now, gets played too much, Resident Evil anthem and all that" because they are played too much or not, all the tracks are awesome and have power to them and youd listen to them if they came on some Jukebox or Radio at random [not saying theyd be on the Radio or a Jukebox]. I see Slipknot as a good band whether people agree or disagree with that, and you can see they grow with each album whether your view on them is high or low, so at somepoint you will have an album you can say you like no matter what kind of critic you are because I believe Slipknot can produce a better album each time, and whether you didnt like Iowa or Subliminal Verses you might like a future album they bring out that might make you change your mind, or you might listen to their older stuff in a years time and hear them in a different way then you did at first [I say that through my own experience as I didnt like Slipknots self titled album with the numbers, but now I can enjoy it from beginning to end]. So just thought id also say my part about the album in a comment linked to the album itself. I know I probably dont have as much knowledge as most Slipknot fans about Slipknot or rock music in general, but Id say I had enough to say my part and show my interest in the band and for people to maybe read my comment and not see it as 'emo', 'pathetic', 'a load of crap' etc.
    I jst got Iowa today ... and the songs i've listened to are starting to convince me that this is one of the best metal albums of recent years. Their self-titled debut kinda gives me the feeling they were trying to prove themselves vs. the rapcore/nu-metal Kings of the day *KoRn and Limp Bizkit* but this album tells me they followed their own musical influences and broke away from the rest of the pack. it's the darkest of the three full length ablums by a looooong-shot and the most musically complex as well. The debut and Vol. 3 (TSVs) are great albums espec. Vol. 3 ... but this album gives me chills when i listen to it ... it's that good. 10/10
    Oh, and by the way, I say DAMN YOU KORN!!! because they started all thit nu-metal bulls*it!