Iowa review by Slipknot

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  • Released: Aug 28, 2001
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.4 (173 votes)
Slipknot: Iowa

Sound — 10
The sound on this album is a metallic masterpiece and it is one of the most heaviest albums I have ever heard. The guitars on this album are absolutely incredible, Jim and Mick are probably one of the best guitar duos today with Mick's furious leads and Jims amazing style of Rhythm they make it all worthwhile. The drums on this album are really good, Joey is one of the best drummers in the history of heavy-ass metal. Paul is a really good bassist and he keeps on impressing with his bass riffs in the songs. The rest of the instruments do their job and it really cool to see a band would have a DJ, turntables, and percussion.

Lyrics — 10
Corey Taylor is one amazing songwriter and man has he been through a lot of shit in his life and I'm kind of going through the same things he's going through right now. He has been bullied, his dad left him before he was even born and he was betrayed which really sucks but he got revenge on almost everyone and took out his anger.

Overall Impression — 10
This album cannot compare to any other albums because it is like nothing you have heard before and it is really cool. I don't have favourite songs on this album because all of them kick ass and just are amazing in their own way. I love everything about and hate nothing about it sure they didn't have guitar solos but that's because their label wouldn't let them. If it were stolen/lost I would beat the living shit out ofa anyone that stole it. I would recommend this album to almost anyone and oh yah if your looking for soft stuff just don't even touch this album touch Vol.3 where they are more calm. If you are looking for really heavy stuff then touch this and you will be amazed by the sound of this album.

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    Um, excuse me metal maniac69, but WHO STAYS UP AT 02:53AM POSTING COMMENTS ON ULTIMATE-GUITAR.COM!? no offence, I just found it funny.
    I like Slipknot, but IOWA is not my favorite album, I'm not an uber-heavy music fan. But the album is good, nonetheless. And to the guy revuewing who went through all the songs, I think you forgot "Spit it Out".
    FUK YEAH, this a a hard core albam! slipknot at there best. there high anger distorted music its qullity shit tracks like 'people= shit, or my plauge are awsome. im not sure its slipknot best albams, but its still hard-core.. ONE MORE TIME MUTHER FUKKA!
    Drizzt Do'Urden
    Slipknot is a band that people look up to, not only cuz they are good but also because they dont care what people that hate them say about them. And IOWA is ****en SIC So everyone who hates slipknot can go on hating them, do you realy think you are important enough to make us care. Welcome to IOWA mother****er
    They are clearly Nu-metal on this and their debut album. The turntables, the hip-hop style beats (Spit it Out), and Corey's rapping (found on their debut prominently) clearly make them nu-metal. I'm not saying nu-metal is bad, but Slipknot definitely fits the genre.
    metal maniac69 wrote: who ever says slipknot is nu-metal are idiots!
    No.. Actually they know their genres. There's nothing wrong with nu-metal in my opinion. It's just unique hard rock. I mean really.. Look at how different Disturbed, System of a Down and KoRn are from each other. Not very many other genres have as much varying sounds.
    metal maniac69
    who ever says slipknot is nu-metal are idiots! apart from the occasional sound effect they are still as heavy as ever! slipknot kicks ass!
    omg skin ticket is good. it is just a masterpiece. wen it starts of with the slides and the titanium drums then goes into the dark "zero, zero" bit the goes out in one of the most brilliant outros eva. dunno how many times he says "keeping myself alive" though. at the end he doesnt have enough breath 2 finish the scentence. its just awesome.
    Oh, my bad, "Spit it Out" was on the self-titled album. That guy did forget a song though, cause there are 14 songs, he reviewed 13.