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  • Released: Jun 29, 1999
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (238 votes)
Slipknot: Slipknot

Sound — 8
Released in 1999, this is SlipKnot's second disc, and it represents SlipKnot at their angriest. Thier rawest CD to date, it was the loudest, rudest, ugliest, and most importantly, heavy (or angry, depending on how you look at it) nu-metal CD to be released. It combined loud, distortion-ridden down-tuned guitar and the use of sampling and turntables, and the masterwork that is Joey's drumming to create an angry anthem for people all over the world to listen to. Starting with a intro courtesy of the DJ-ing, it falls right into place with the fast-paced (Sic), and ending with a 19-minute spectacle, it is laced with Mick and James' fretwork, creating a forefront for the 6 other musicians (not counting Corey), and a dirty soundscape for Corey. The use of quirky bends and mean powerchords gives this a dark, forbidding feeling. For having 9 guys on stage and in the studio, they are able toplay very well together. Musically, however, this falls behind when placed up against Iowa and Subliminal Verses. And it should, showing that they are improving. But this could be better, like including more creative and original songs (as the songs all sound alike, save Wait And Bleed).

Lyrics — 8
Corey is truley a very talented vocalist. He combines the raw anger and energy of a metal vocalist, and the style and speed of a rapper. However, for those who have heard Stone Sour or Subliminal Verses, his singing voice is much more better, and might have contributed better to this CD. But the majority of this part of the review should be given to the lyrics themselves, and the lyrical content. For one, Corey has an amazing ability to write lyrics, even on this disc, considering that they ar emostly screamed into a mic. They have catchy chorus', and are overall well-written. There is even a poem written by Corey's father among the songs. There is also a lot of language cleverly placed in the CD, and is not for the timid.

Overall Impression — 8
Slipknot is definatlet one of the most unique nu-metal bands. They represent some of the heavyest nu-metal around, like I stated. And they have left a lasting bruise on modern metal as well. Overall, the CD is a mix of metal and rap. Each song is more anger-ridden and faster than the next. The whole band blends in together, considering that there are 3 drummers, and 2 DJs. Slipknot will be around for a long time, and will, if not already, be wearing the crown of nu-metal gods.

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    XxWoRdSoFsOrRoW .....I would ****ing casterate your dumbass if you EVER say any dumb shit like that agian. Slipknot kick the shit out of any band you've ever even thought of. Don't let the jealousy get to you. f/ucker
    oh... THAT guy
    they did but they were told they would be sued if they didnt take it off because its apparently not real
    oh... THAT guy
    You can Shut Up, Savage Animal! And You, XxWoRdSoFsOrRoW! Now Here's my ****ing review: 742617000027 a strange masterpiece from Craig, the perfect introduction to the album and a great lead-up to (sic).10/10 (sic) Great Fast-paced metal song to let people know who the **** they are, with a staccato deadly introand a pulsing bridge. 10/10. Eyeless a kick-ass incoherent (mainly) fury-charged song with mentions to his long-lost dad and a quirky chorus, 'YOU CAN'T SEE CALIFORNIA WITHOUT MARLON BRANDO'S EYES!!' 10/10. Wait & Bleed A good Catchy song, With A Sung, not Yelled, Chorus about a dude who dreams hes bleeding in a bathtub, but then wakes up to tsee that he is actually bleeding. in a bathtub. 10/10 Surfacing a good song, but the intro is too long and a crazy chorus. 9/10 Spit It Out A Very Fast-paced song with strange verses and a great Shining Video to boot.10/10 Tattered & Torn a very strange song taken from Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat. and written by Shawn, and he said that if you understand Tattered and Torn You understand Clown. Sadly, I don't ****ing get what he's on about. 7/10 Frail Limb Nursery Frail Limb Nursery is To Purity What 742617000027 is to (sic, Just an intro really. Sadly, These two song were cut due to legal reasons, and they are better than Me Inside in my opinion. 9/10 Purity Would Have been One of the higher points of this album,but had to be replaced. 11/10 Me Inside Not A bad song, better than the demo with Anders in it. 9/10 Liberate Quite Good, Not Bad. 9/10 Prosthetics not too bad, the intro is too long. ey Similar To the Virus Of Life, in A coule of ways.8/10 No Life Not The best song on the album, but it is still quite catchy and good.9/10 Diluted Not Bad. Bit Insignificant.8/10 Only One Another One Derived from the original MFKR recording, even though some of the rythm's changed and the verse has been altered, but very good. 10/10 Scissors An odd, pointless quirky song with a few annoying bits, but hey, It's Slipknot! Expect the Unexpected.6/10 Get This (digipak) a good song with a shitload of incoherent swearing.Very Good.10/10 Interloper not bad, features anders and a cool sample by Craig. The Demo for Diluted, And Has nothing in common with it. 9/10 Despise A Very good demo that evolved into Purity, and one of the highest points of the digipak, and also the album. 10/10 Eeyore The hidden track at the end of Scissors on the Standard album, and at the end of Despise on the Digipak.another good one, with an intro featuing Chris's 'initiation' to see wether he was worthy for SLipknot, which has him throwing up. 10/10 Total Review of the Album: 10/10 people who don't like slipknot, don't even ****ing bother about coming onto here just to bash them. Fuck of back to panic at the isco and fall out boy and all your stupid ****ing emo trash.
    whats the go wif purity. i dont get wat happened. con some1 inform me
    Purity Knight was a girl...some f***ing maniac took her somwhere and put her in a box made from wood and buried her alive...they found her dead...Corey wrote a song about this