Slipknot review by Slipknot

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  • Released: Jun 29, 1999
  • Sound: 2
  • Lyrics: 3
  • Overall Impression: 1
  • Reviewer's score: 2 Junky
  • Users' score: 8.3 (238 votes)
Slipknot: Slipknot

Sound — 2
The sound of this album was not at all interesting. it's your average angry men jumping up and down in boiler suits. There is a serious lack of skill with the guitar, which is a great disappointment. Hearing all over that Joey is one beast at the drums, He really was not that great, and he has 2 other thrown in members of the band to back him up in percussion. Mick thomson constantly re-uses the first fret and open notes through out the entire album, making me believe that he is one overrated guitarist.

Lyrics — 3
The lyrics to the songs are meaningless nonsense. They have no point and an angry 6 grader can write those kinds of lyrics. "enemy, show me what you wanna be, I can handle anything, even if I can't handle you". Who is going to take that seriously? These lyrics were written to appeal little boys. The singer Corey Taylor though has skill in vocals, and he really should be using his clean vocals and not those constant annoying yells.

Overall Impression — 1
Overall impression was a bunch of masked men who wear cheap suits and have a more dominating fanbase for kids then for grown adults. There were no impressive songs on the album at all, and I cannot believe most of my peers enjoy these artists. If this CD were stolen or lost, I definetely will not want to buy it again, and if I could, I would go back in time and make sure I never did buy it.

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    wtf unregistered (the ass who gave the album a 2) your average angry men jumping around in jumpsuits what other angry men in jumpsuits and wearing masks do you know? joey kicks ass on the drums, the other percussionists are there to reinforce the sound, not to make it sound like joey kicks ass and mick is a great guitarist (you don't believe me, check out the videos on youtube of him playing riffs together with jim) slipknot owns u all
    XxWoRdSoFsOrRoW wrote: im gonna do more than just bash it but i actually have reasons to everyone just listens to this so they can think there all badass cuz they listen to a popular heavy metal band when its only popular cuz of posers out there. this band has no talent cept for maybe the drummer hes pretty good but seriously aneone could tune down to f***ing drop b or how ever low there tuning is and sound cool but you have to see past there gimmicks to show that they are truly talentless and on top of that his singing? what singing? at least some metal bands actually have good voices so they can rely on that to make them more unique but slipknot doesnt even scream or sing its more of just yelling out shit that doesnt mean anything so yea they may have there moments but there only popular cuz of wannabe badasses so that goes to u myampgoesto11 slipknot stands out more than other heavy metal bands cuz of posers who think there hardcore and thats all there is to say
    I aint just going to slag this guy he has his opinion i have mine but i do disagree with him, i love slipknot, i love corey's voice with the heavy guitars. Corey has a amazing voice just listen to any Stone Sour song his voice can do harsh shouts mixed with meoldical vocals which i give him alot of respect for.And people don't listen to it to be hard or cool, since when has Slipknot been cool i get beaten up for listening to it, the reason why is Slipknot is just what alot of metal fans were looking for, extremely heavy with no screamo vocals. So thats my view compared with that guys