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  • Released: Jun 29, 1999
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (238 votes)
Slipknot: Slipknot

Sound — 10
For me, the sound I like the best is raw, unedited, very heavy, and musical. Slipknot's first album totally fit the description, and it is my favorite album in my collection. Some music styles used on the self-titled CD include Death/Heavy metal(whatever you want to call it), Rock(Corey does sing), Thrash Metal, and Rap(Which is quite surprising). This album really had no flaws, because if you listen to the first song, it's hard to stop listening until the album is over.

Lyrics — 10
I think Corey is a good lyricist(did I spell that right? ) because he writes about things that have happened to him, and their very real lyrics. The only problem is, this album is Very explicit, 140 swear words(I counted) most of them being F*** and Sh**. His lyrics really fit well with the songs because they are angry and the music is very heart pounding. Corey is great at screaming, but when he needs to sing, he's very good at it. He's even good at rapping.

Overall Impression — 10
I can't compare it to any other artist but what I can say is that Slipknot is much heavier than most bands you will hear. There's nine people:Two guitarists, a singer, a bassist, 3 drummers, a DJ, and a sampling guy. Now here is each song and what I think of it. 01.724617000027: this is just an intro, not really a song, so it's hard to rate. You'll see what I mean by intro. It's a weird song. That number is the bar code on the album Slipknot released before they had Corey. 02.(sic): every maggot should know this song. It's very fast paced, and it's like the song that gets me pumped before like a baseball game. With a awesome riff with a wah pedal and the famous lyrics "You can't kill me cause I'm already inside you" you're guarenteed to like this song. 03.Eyeless: this song is beast, but the guitar intro might scare the crap outta you. The chorus, which is "You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes" is what Corey (or some other band member) heard some hobo screaming. Definately a memorable song. 04.Wait And Bleed: well, this is the famous song off the album, and you should know it from the chorus. Corey sings in this, and the guitars have more melodic riffs. My favorite part is the verse, with a very catchy guitar riff and skillful drumming. 05.Surfacing: wow. This song curses so much, but that's the best part! This should be like the Slipknot national anthem, and it's one of my favorite songs. The guitar lick at the beginning of the song is fast, and using some of the higher frets and is overall awesome. The chorus is the best part. Here it is "F*** it all, F*** this world, F*** everything that you stand for, Don't belong, Don't exist, Don't give a Sh*t Don't ever judge me!" 06.Spit It Out: this track is one of their singles, but it didn't stand out to me as much as other songs. Corey raps a lot in this song. I have to tell you, I absolutely hate rap, but when Corey does it, it's nothing but awesome. 07.Tattered And Torn: this is the weird song off the album, and for some reason, my friend's favorite.The creepy guitar riffs and Corey singing all weird will give you the chill. Beastly song. 08.Frail Limb Nusery And Purity: purity and it's short intro were taken off the album after like the first year becuse of legal reasons. This is how it goes:Corey went on some crime website and read a story about a girl who was put in a box and buried alive. He wrote a song about it called Purity because that was the girl's name. Now the author claimed that he made that story up and he threatened to sue Slipknot if they didn't take if off the album. This song is still available on Disastererpieces and 9.0 Live. I personally like this song best off the album. 09.Me Inside: a good replacement song for Purity, and it is probably the hardest to play(from a guitarists point of view). Some singing near the end was the part that really caught my attention. Overall great song. 10.Liberate: this songs got everything from rapping to screaming to insane drumming. This is one of the songs Corey wrote on this album. The raw sound of this song really rocks and sounds awesome. 11.Prosthetics: no doubt the most impressive song on the album. Let me name everything good on it. Singing, Screaming, sort of depressing guitar riff in the beginning, All drummers did great, some DJ, and the bassist had creepy riffs. rocking song. 12.No Life: my favorite song off the album. This demonstrates Corey's singing, screaming, and rapping skills all in one song. Cool bassline after the chorus. There's like a drum solo at the beginning of the song not to mention a spectacular guitar riff for the chorus. Best Song. 13.Diluted: this shows the weirder side of Slipknot, which I like. Very basic song on the guitar part and there is like a short solo with harmonics which you will probably not realize. Only stuff to say here is be prepared for the weirdness. 14.Only One: this song really shows off Corey's rapping skills. This song was taken off the album when they had Anders as singer and redone so it was faster, and in my opinion, way better. It's like the only song out there that stops all other instruments and there is a drum solo. Oh yeah, during the rapping part, there is a smoking bass line. 15.Scissors: a long epic, weird song with a part where there is just feedback, and near the end, Corey just improvises with the lyrics. This song is definetely a great way to end an album, since it's the last song, but there's still another song... 16.Eeyore: Scissors is 20 or so minutes long, but the song only goes out for about 8 minutes. Then the is blank silence for about 7 more minutes. Then Slipknot watching some movie and you hear them commenting on it. Finally, after that, the talking gets interrupted by this song. This is the most fast-paced, raw, heavy song on the album. It's like a secret track, because it's still on track 14 with Scissors. I love everything about this album, and the only thing I hate is that Purity was taken off of it. If it were stolen I would kill the guy who stole it, if it were lost, I would buy a new one

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    guitardude1039 wrote: Sorry dudes, I tried slipknot out.. Dont like em' at all..
    see at least he's polite about not liking slipknot(i like them BTW) unlike other slipknot haters who go and comment on slipknot reviews
    on like all the reviews they keep saying mick and JAMES were good on the guitar but James wasn't even on it, except for one song,purity, the rest of the guitar work was done by mick and Josh Brainard(which a lot of people don't know about Josh) so just clearing that up.
    i was 12 back in 1999 and i remeber watching the return of the rock tour on mtv and they showed wait and bleed live and it totally changed my life. im 22 now but slipknot have gotten better with every album but this is there best album.
    this album total kicks the shit out of the rest of their stuff. one of the best and unique albums ever
    ASILAYDYING182 wrote: on like all the reviews they keep saying mick and JAMES were good on the guitar but James wasn't even on it, except for one song,purity, the rest of the guitar work was done by mick and Josh Brainard(which a lot of people don't know about Josh) so just clearing that up.
    oh yeah dude, i forgot about that
    your a fag
    XxWoRdSoFsOrRoW wrote: im gonna do more than just bash it but i actually have reasons to everyone just listens to this so they can think there all badass cuz they listen to a popular heavy metal band when its only popular cuz of posers out there. this band has no talent cept for maybe the drummer hes pretty good but seriously aneone could tune down to f***ing drop b or how ever low there tuning is and sound cool but you have to see past there gimmicks to show that they are truly talentless and on top of that his singing? what singing? at least some metal bands actually have good voices so they can rely on that to make them more unique but slipknot doesnt even scream or sing its more of just yelling out shit that doesnt mean anything so yea they may have there moments but there only popular cuz of wannabe badasses so that goes to u myampgoesto11 slipknot stands out more than other heavy metal bands cuz of posers who think there hardcore and thats all there is to say