Voliminal: Inside The Nine [DVD] review by Slipknot

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  • Released: Dec 5, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Content: 10
  • Production Quality: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (90 votes)
Slipknot: Voliminal: Inside The Nine [DVD]

Sound — 9
The sound of this DVD is amazimgly different from any other. It can go from one scene where they are in studio with high quality sound, to a scene when they are playing live and you can't make out anything that's going on. Much of the sound on this DVD is really what is going on. When they play live, it is amazing how one scene can be complete insanity without making out a sound, to another where it sounds perfect.

Content — 10
This DVD provides any SlipKnot fan with more footage ever seen before. It shows you SlipKnot from all perspectives. The majority of the video is randomly chosen live footage put together to make an incredible DVD. Aside from the live footage, There are many scenes of them recording in studio. There is also a scene where it shows each member deciding how to design their new mask. This is a 2 disc dvd, one which contains the full lenght Voliminal, and the other with live preformances, music videos and exclusive interviews.

Production Quality — 10
M. Shawn Crahan (more formaly known as Clown) directed this DVD. It took over two years and over 200 shows to get all of the footage needed to create this masterpiece. Many clips of the band has been altered in someway, whether it is some special visual effect, or some other different sound clip that gettis cropped into the clip.

Overall Impression — 10
The most impresive thing about the DVD is the variety of different shots from in studio, live and on the tour buss. The DVD menus are amzing to. If I lost or stole this, I would without a doubt buy this DVD again. This DVD is amazing and is a must have for any SlipKnot fan.

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    Its funny cos when people want to dis Slipknot they allwats target the 3 drummers and the masks. I'm going to be onhest at first i thought Slipknot were a rubbish band coming with a the new wave of death metal, i hadnt lissened to them though, i had just gone on public opinion. A humungus mistake, they are extremely talented, extremely good band. When the 3 drummers are mentioned people think Clown and Chris cant play, they just bang alot, what aload of crap, they can play drums but they chose to have a different drum kit to the 1 that Joey has, a dmart move to be onhest, they can achive a sound that no other band can. Here is what i think on each member of the band:- Sid: A talented tuntablist, not used much in Vol. 3. Joey: A extremely fabulous drummer, its hard to say how good he actually is. He was the fastest drummer in the world for a while. Someone above said he is in Stone Sour, he isnt he play guitar in Murderdolls, showing he has real talent. Paul: A very good bassist coming up with some good bass lines. I don't play bass much so i would know if he is the best, but it doesnt mean he isnt good. Chris: A very good drummer, able to keep a fast beat going, him and clown get alot of bad press just being the other rubbish drumers, they arnt as good as joey but joey is ace. Jim: A extremely talented guitarist, able to shine in Stone Sour, he is one of my idles since i saw him at Download 2006, i thought he was fabulous, his fingers moving fluidly through the whole set. Craig: Not sure on his role to be onhest, if played keyboard i probs would but i dont i tend to notice the riffs and drums. Shawn: He is a very good drummer, plays in a band To my suprise, i havent heard them so i cant comment. Mick: A fabulous guitarist, i love his guitar work, he is the biggest role model to me. If you see him play the nameless it looks so cool. Also i have seen many videos on him and he did this other guitar video which was ace. Corey: A very talented vocalist, is in Stone Sour. His vocals stand out in Stone Sour and Vermilliion part 2, a completely different Slipknot, i didnt even know they could produce something like this. In general Slipknot is a excellent band, the first album was sorta rap metal, Iowa heavy metal, Vol.3 Rock. Any band that can produce such a sound deseves credit. Now you know the facts you say what you want.
    mik da sic
    F*K it all F*k dis world F*K hoo hate them dont belong dont exist don giv a sh*t bout wat dezz as*holes se hoo evr duznt lik mick it means he haznt seen his tutorials wen he teaches 4 da record n 4 da ppl hoo dont no he is a guitar teacher
    mik da sic
    n ne mfkr can play da song of ne band by just hearin it 1ce but 4 slipknot u hav 2 look at da tabs n see oderppl n da guitarists play it