Voliminal: Inside The Nine [DVD] review by Slipknot

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  • Released: Dec 5, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 10
  • Production Quality: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (90 votes)
Slipknot: Voliminal: Inside The Nine [DVD]

Sound — 10
I bought this album expecting a lot from what I had heard of this DVD and also with Slipknot being an ace band I thought it would be good. And it delivered it was ace from the quite frankly strange 1st disc to the videos and interviews of the 2nd disc. Slipknot is a metal/heavy metal band, but you probably knew that if you like Slipknot.

Content — 10
I mentioned what it was basically about above but I'll go into more detail. Disc 1. Wow, that's all I had to say afterwards. At first you think what's going on here, because it just keeps flicking between clips, but after a while it starts getting interesting. But don't watch it if you get offended easily, you will see people being sick, Corey walk on stage with nothing on holding up something and many many other things. Also you get to see some band practices whilst they are making the album in the Houdini mansion. Joeys drum solo is cool, the only way you know which way is down is because of the way his hair falls. All in all a very good disc. Disc 2. A more organised disc so to speak. You can watch the videos of Duality, Before I Forget, Vermilion, Vermillion pt. 2 and the Nameless (live). Then you have the live videos, The Nameless doesn't come under this because they realised it with 9.0 Live, anyway the live videos are (Sic), The Blister Exists, Eyeless, Duality, Vermillion, The Heretic Anthem, Pulse of the Maggots, Before I Forget and People=Shit. It also contains interviews with all 9 members without their masks on, which is pretty cool. The interviews give you an in-depth look into what Slipknot means to them. The only thing is the interview with Craig, you don't see his face properly, they blur it out, and it only lasts about 9 seconds. Another very good disc.

Production Quality — 10
The production quality is good. The way the change between clips is good, they sort of blur it the it fades and the next clip comes on, but sometimes they just change clip normally. You don't get "shakey cam" much, it happens sometimes but that is to be expected when you filming in a mosh pit. Very well done.

Overall Impression — 10
It's a really good DVD, a must for all Slipknot fans. Even if you didn't like disc 1 you would keep it for disc 2, that's my favourite disc, I just love the interviews, it helps you to get inside their head. I think it definitely is at the top of band DVDs. I've already said what I love about it the only bad thing is on disc one is can be slightly boring at times, what I mean by that is it films the crew too much, even though they are a main part of the bands live shows n stuff I would have liked to see more of the band. If it were lost or stolen I would buy it again defiantly.

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    The 1st disc was kinda messed but it was cool how it was different than just being a "this is another normal band dvd". The 2nd disc was more into it with the music, members, etc. which was more interesting to me than looking at people drinking and puking. lol.
    i_eat_souls wrote: i really cant stand slipknot, everyone here is talkin about how talented the guitarists are, but they just tune down to drop b or some shit and play like three chords, the vocalist can sing, but most of the times it sounds like hes vomiting, the drummer is awesome, anyone that can play drums upside down definitely has talent another thing i dont like about slipknot are the fans, every slipknot fan i know is a total dick or retarded, they skip school to skateboard in the parking lot and scratch everyones cars up, slipknot is basically just a more intense version of korn, three band members are completely useless, and the masks dont make them cool, they just make them mushroomhead copies
    hahaha slipknot...wannabe korn?! haha lmfao.
    no. 1 maggot
    pariah452 wrote: I do agree they dont utilize the fact that they have so many things. They could make so much more complex songs. But they dont well not anymore. Iowa had a few songs that were really really good i must admitt. They need to get rid of there bassist though he is absolutely the worst bassist i have seen ever.
    I think Paul's alright, but only because the bass riff in disasterpiece at 3:40 goes well with the vocals. SlipKnoT care about more than their image - they created their image because of the ridicule they got in their early days. just because some guitarists don't do the high-pitched wankrer eddie van halen virtuoso LISTEN TO ME!!!!! I'M AWESOME!!!! bullshit it doesn't mean they're untalented. I know i'm going to piss off millions of people with my EVH remark, but really, what have we become if we all only appreciate talent in that form? Jeowy has some valid points, but I think he should listen closely to the starting riff in Before I Forget - there are sleek hammer-ons and pull-offs that you won't hear the first time you listen to it. and for the people who like the EVH virtuoso high-pitched wankrer shite listen to the Pulse of the Maggots/Vermillion solos - possibly my least favourite SlipKnoT bits (the bit at the start of POTM(after the spoken bit) is awesome, i don't know why they ruined it with a solo like that) but it may please you fans of shrieking guitar noises. to i_eat-souls , i hate all mushroomhead songs and all people that discuss them in a SlipKnoT review/forum and your wrong about the 3 members being useless, actually its 4 - chris, shawn, sid and craig(although shawn founded the band, and was the main percussionist until Jordison came along)
    allright this is retarded u people anger me, masks r used to hide identity so they can go on with there lives and put reality into the music, masks do build effect but it also allows them to be a diff person on stage. EX: corey in slipknot(all over the place) corey in stone sour (morely in 1 spot) the guitarist u guys r all retarded on thats just the style it sounds heavy there a heavy metal band duhh who f***in cares. this shit is unique the 9 members make it unique the dj and sampler/keyboard do there thing its diffrent from other bands and isnt that what every band is going for??? like ffs and for the fans(maggots!!!) there not all skaterpunks people have there own style if u skateboarded and liked it ud skip to do it 2 and if u hated some 1 ud scratch there car 2..... u piss me off people
    i wasnt really a fan of the first disk at all. it is very strange. reminded me of a bad trip. but i am not a huge fan so i guess that plays into the meaning of it. the second disk was pretty cool though. still didnt think it compared to the pantara and lamb of god dvds.