Anxiety review by Smile Empty Soul

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  • Released: Sep 27, 2005
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (51 votes)
Smile Empty Soul: Anxiety

Sound — 7
I was really hoping this album to be alot heavier. I was really suppriesed how this album turned out. All 15 songs, on the CD, you gatta listen to more than once to like them. They also got a new drummer, I thought that thier old drummer was better. You can't tell too much that they got a new drummer. I thought that they would mix two guitars in more like they did in the album Smile Empty Soul. This album seems to have just one guitar instead of a mixed two or three. 01. Bright Side - I like this guitar for the intro, this is probly one of my favorite songs on the CD. 02. To The Ground - another cool guitar riff. for the intro, I really like the lyrics in this song. 03. California's Lonley - the drums in this song annoy me. Sean guitarist, and vocalist really improved his voice in this cd and you can tell alot in this song. 04. Self Inflicted - this is an example of haveing too much distortion as an intro. I don't like the lyrics in this song "I cut my self just to feel the pain." 05. Holes - this song seems much happier then any other song they have. This is another song you really gatta listen to more than once to like it. 06. Don't Need You - their first single off of Anxiety, this is also one of my favorite songs on Anxiety. 07. Fight Of A Suburban Couple - shortest song on the cd and it has the clearest message. I really like how he expresses how dumb TV is. 08. Refill Me - this intro sounds really familiar, this song has a similar meaning to Therapy on their album Smile Empty Soul. 09. God's Army - another on of my favorite songs on the CD. 10. Not Alright - to me this kind of sounds like his girlfriend broke up with him. 11. Saturday - I saw thesse guys in Indianapolis about a year and a half ago, mabe not that long ago, but anyway they played this song at the concert and said that it was a song they wrote on the road, so this songs been around awile. 12. Cody - this is not a song, it's Cody calling Sean and telling him about a car he saw at a stop light. 13. Proud To Be - if you just listen to the words of the song and not what they mean, the song can be kinda funney. 14. Never Again - this song also has a good meaning to it, another one of the better songs on the CD. 15. End Of The World - the only accustic song on the CD, this supprised me because they had like 4 or 5 on ther first album. And because that Sean rights all the songs accustic first and then playes them on electic to see which one sounds better. He really worked on his vocals in this song alot.

Lyrics — 10
Just like last CD - amazing lyrics, this is probly the best band to have meaning in their songs, especially this CD. Sean has deffinity worked on this vocals your can tell easily how much better he has gotten at singing.

Overall Impression — 8
I give this album an 8 because I was realy hoping that this album would be better. I garenty that you will not like the songs first time around, so you gatta listen to them more than just once. This album is not released yet, but should be comming out in 2006. How I got this album is, when they play their shows you can buy this album cheap their. When people buy them they put them on downloading programs. My friend gave a burned copy of the CD after he downloaded it, but I will definitly buy the album when it officially comes out.

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    When it comes to the sound of the album, it's a great album. The instruments aren't a show off, but they make it passionate which makes it great. I am amazed at theguys voice, it hits you hard, only thing is that I can't stand the politics involved and that phone conversation ruins the mood of the album. Great album, but not one of my tops because of the politis.