Smile Empty Soul review by Smile Empty Soul

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  • Released: May 27, 2003
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (20 votes)
Smile Empty Soul: Smile Empty Soul

Sound — 9
Wow, I first heard this band in 2004, and said I had to get the album, so I did. 01. Bottom Of A Bottle - this song is a very good way to start an album; it has a nice clean riff, and great distortion with the perfect bass to fit in. 02. Silhouettes - this has the best acoustic part I have heard from an alternative rock/post-grunge band. Very nice deep singing and nice transition to distortion with a heavy bass to keep all together. The Singing sounds like Kurt Cobains style in the end. 03. Nowhere Kids - what can I say, my favorite song off the album and the one that got me into this band. Me personally this is the sing with the best riff on the album with a great chorus and bridge. Beautiful. Singing is great. 04. This Is War - when I heard this song I almost died. Very Beautiful and sounds a lot like Nirvanas Something in the way (with Smile Empty Souls mix). You can really feel what Sean Danielsen put into this song. 05. Therapy - great riff to start, but this isn't my favorite song, sounds a tad bit like switchfoot, except way too dark. Once again Sean uses Kurt Cobain Style singing. 06. For You - great acoustic intro. The singing and sound Sean put into this song gives you a sad/mad feeling at the same time. The distorted part was ok at the end but wasn't needed at all. But great song. 07. Your Way - love this song a lot, the heavy distorted parts are great with Seams fast singing style. The chorus is the best part for me. 08. The Other Side - what to say, really hits you, the nice soft chords with Seams Soft singing style is the best way to have a song compromised. He has a beautiful voice and shows it off in this song. Beautiful needed distorted parts which bring this song into a greater song. Nice little acoustic solo. 09. Every Sunday - really an ok song. 10. With This Knife - sounds like a love song but almost the opposite. Love the acoustic parts in this song. Really eerie/sad riffs and chords in here to give you a feel. 11. Radio In A Hole - great transitions of distorted riffs and soft chords. With singing to perfect this song. Another beautiful part that sounds like Kurt Cobain style. 12. All My Problems - not my favorite. 13. I Want My Life - sounds like a depressing start at the beginning, and sit is, with a sad but beautiful acoustic riff with great chords. Love this song as well. 14. Eraser - beautiful chord transitions with great singing. Nice little solo too. Overall Sean picks up his guitar puts on the flanger, and plays hard.

Lyrics — 10
Sean Danielsen is like Kurt Cobain in many ways. Kurt used to write songs that used to touch you and you can connect to. Sean does almost the exact same thing. Sean has some beautiful lyrics and his voice shows that he can sing very well. He has that raspy voice that Kurt Cobain showed in his song "You know Your Right". Sean likes this style and shows it a lot in his singing. Sean is a great modern day singer but underrated.

Overall Impression — 10
I have nothing else to say except that CD is a great self-titled debut to start a band off. I love Seans Singing and Guitar playing. Haven't seen anything like this style since Kurt Cobain. I would have to buy this album again if I lost it or it was stolen. There is too many songs that I can connect to and love that I can't let this album go. Overall one of the best CDs I own. Great CD.

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    This New Grunge band, is one of my favorites. I get a Nirvana feel when I listen to them. Smile Empty Sould will go down in the record books for being the greatest band of all time if not one of the greatest.
    i agree
    Smile Empty Soul is a great band...their first album is better than their second, they got musically better for Anxiety, but they a overly political. One song is okay, but more than that they become like SOAD, good insruments, good voice, but you can't listen any longer become the lyrics are repetative an annoying. But Self-Titled is a great album, it' just can't get old :-D
    such a great record i seen them about six years ago in memphis. they are just an awsome band this album really stuck out, all the songs have an impact on how alot of pepole live this was probaly one of the best albums to ever come out in 2003.