Eyes Open review by Snow Patrol

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  • Released: May 9, 2006
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.5 (53 votes)
Snow Patrol: Eyes Open

Sound — 6
The sound of Snow Patrol, on their lastest album, "Eyes Open", is composed of two main elements, catchy riffs in a few songs and repetitive melodies in everysong. I don't even need to read the lyrics book to learn the lyrics, it's that repetitive. The opening track, "You're All I Have", is a quiet start to this album and is quite a warm touching song about how someone loves a girl, and to hammer the point into your head, Snow Patrol just kept singing the same line to us" You're all I have etc." Every other song here uses the same formula, even the first single, "Hands Open" which actually displays a cool riff, got boring after hearing the main riff being played again and again, they couldn't even afford to put a solo in it. Like I said earlier, every song here has repetitiveness, but not every track here has originality in the music itself.

Lyrics — 8
The saviour of this album, whilst the repetitveness (yes, I'm being very repetitive here too lol) kills the album, the lyrics provide a good but short distraction, but no matter how poetic or god they are, I found that they repeated themselves a bit too often, but definitely great lyrics here, from "You're All That I Have" to "The Finish Line". Keep up the good work, S.P.!

Overall Impression — 8
The stuff here isn't even rock, it's pop, and it's repetive, if your granny wants "Heavy Rock n' Roll", then get her this album, it's not too "loud" for her, and is probably as repetitive as her as well - a perfect match, I can't honestly say I hate this album but I defnitely don't love it. Snow Patrol had better produce something better next time or they'd be reaching "The Finish Line" sooner then they will want.

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    Paul Lambeth
    All the songs arguably are atmospheric masterpieces. I can't listen to "Make this go on forever" then "Set the fire to the third bar" without turning the volume up to maximum and singing my heart out. I'd love to be able to write lyrics like Gary - not overloaded on metaphors but definately on passion. As for the "repeated rhythms" people keep mentioning, what's wrong with that? A chord structure that builds can sound great, and it does...
    belavista man
    Daniel Pearce wrote: Why is the sound rated only 7???
    I know, this is one of my favourite albums, and it's not been rated very well... Maybe Snow Patrol didn't take off as well in America as they did in the UK...
    kfong03, maybe you have a passionate hate for snow patrol, but every song i listen to i jst listen to every detail, string thats plucked, a drum whatever and its magic, really is. the lyrics as depressign as some they are, are amazing, there's so much emotion in them, especially make this go on forever. i love this album, although nowhere near as good as their earlier stuff.