Eyes Open Review

artist: Snow Patrol date: 04/10/2007 category: compact discs
Snow Patrol: Eyes Open
Release Date: May 12, 2006
Label: A&M
Genres: Alternative Pop/Rock
Number Of Tracks: 11
The slower tracks accentuate the band's talents, while the band does not gain much musical ground in the faster-tempo offerings.
 Sound: 6.7
 Lyrics: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 7.3
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overall: 7.3
Eyes Open Reviewed by: UG Team, on may 15, 2006
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Sound: The limelight has been increasing its shine upon Irish vocalist/guitarist Gary Lightbody and Snow Patrol for the past few years. From a supporting bill on part of U2's UK leg of the 2005 Vertigo Tour to a cushy promotion on My Space's main page, Snow Patrol is perhaps the very definition of the term buzz band. With its new release Eyes Open, the band's fourth full-length offering and second on a major label, Snow Patrol still has plenty of work to do with its musical presentation. With guitarist Nathan Connolly, bassist Paul Wilson, keyboardist Tom Simpson, and drummer Jonny Quinn backing Lightbody, each song is definitely a polished offering. But although the band's collection has catchy, respectable offerings, only about half of the songs truly offer stand out as unique musical compositions. In the first track, You're All I Have, listeners are treated with a pleasant, melodic voice of Lightbody, who sounds quite similar to the Gin Blossom's own Robin Wilson. Both singers have pleasing deliveries that make them one of the strongest points of both bands. Guitarist Connolly is not given much chance to really stand out, as general chords rather than flavorful riffs take control on most of the faster tunes. The track Hands Open, almost certainly to be released as a single, is based upon a series of repeating, chord progressions that don't carry the tune in any sort of new direction. This bare-bones approach only seems to appear in the up-tempo songs, but it is unlikely to bother radio listeners who are looking to sing along with a catchy chorus. If the band would have layered the song with a riff or two, Hands Open would have been ultimately more satisfying. Although Connolly, Wilson, Simpson and Quinn can obviously play their respective instruments well, each song does not provide much of an opportunity to showcase their skills. Each song with It's Beginning To Get To Me and Hands Open, a monotonous rhythm runs through the songs, with Lightbody's vocals phrasing each line in a monotonous fashion. It tends to be the lower-tempo songs that allow the band to show the innovative side to them. Listeners are treated to instrumental nuances of the bass and guitar underneath the slow, hypnotic groove of Shut Your Eyes. Connolly and Wilson's work on this tune, although subtle and quiet, often times completely overshadows the vocals -- an unexpected and satisfying change. Likewise, the moody and beautiful piano base of Make This Go On Forever shows why intimacy is Snow Patrol's ace in the hole. It is most likely these enticing songs that have captured the attention of a band like U2. // 6

Lyrics: What truly makes Snow Patrol stand out from the crowd are its introspective lyrics. While many bands' songs always seem to use a series of cliche rhymes from a rock database, Lightbody finds a way of making each line a memorable one. Most of his lyrics are introspective, which may not appeal to a death metal crowd, but there is definitely a target audience that will savor each line. The laughter penetrates my silence; As drunken men find flaws in science, Lightbody writes in Set The Fire To The Third Bar, a duet with Martha Wainwright. This song's wry perspective is an unexpected approach to a love song it works beautifully. These intimate lyrics work best in, what else, Snow Patrol's love songs. With a song like Make This Go On Forever, the lyrics are given precedence and are given the attention they deserve. // 9

Overall Impression: There is a significant gap between the up-tempo and low-tempos songs on Snow Patrol's Open Eyes. For listeners in search of a little bit more lyrical meat in their music, Snow Patrol may be the band for them. Each song seems to give the words precedence, and Lightbody's lyrics do deserve a listen, or at very least a read. The approach taken with Snow Patrol's ballads is an enjoyable one, often utilizing a wide variety of instrumentation and resulting in a highly unique experience. When you hear the intro of You Could Be Happy, featuring a music-box type melodic line, the band absolutely has the ability to take you to another time and place. If the band can take a bit of this method and inject it into every song they undertake, whether fast or slow, the boys who are on fire in the UK might just might conquer the world. // 7

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overall: 8
Eyes Open Reviewed by: Drew/Dawg, on january 18, 2007
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Sound: It is very good! Reminds me much of Coldplay but they add their own personal twist to their whole sound and actions. The innovation is incredible and I've never gotten sick of listening to their music. As I know many guitar players will read this you have to appreciate their guitarist and how their strain of music has presevered and created a genra all their own. // 8

Lyrics: Their lyrics are also adspecialy unique from the vew on life, relationships, and love. All of their songs have some sort of message if you dig deep enough to find it. I know most guys just listen to the sound and the beat but with this band you ow them atleast the respect to listen to what they are saying. Their wording and timing is great. The singer only has a few tones I've heard on all their songs and I would enjoy having them mix it up a bit but you can never say no to the classics. What do I know? The singer adds his own little twist on everything that improves everything on the song! // 9

Overall Impression: The artist meshes all-together to creat one and gives them their unique vews on things. Moving and playing together has really made everything seem to link and flow as one as said before. I don't know if these artists are good friends or just decided that they where all good and wanted to make it big bet they have deffinatly gone far in the musical careers and I hope to see many more works of art come from this artist. // 7

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overall: 7.3
Eyes Open Reviewed by: kfong03, on april 10, 2007
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Sound: The sound of Snow Patrol, on their lastest album, "Eyes Open", is composed of two main elements, catchy riffs in a few songs and repetitive melodies in everysong. I don't even need to read the lyrics book to learn the lyrics, it's that repetitive. The opening track, "You're All I Have", is a quiet start to this album and is quite a warm touching song about how someone loves a girl, and to hammer the point into your head, Snow Patrol just kept singing the same line to us" You're all I have etc." Every other song here uses the same formula, even the first single, "Hands Open" which actually displays a cool riff, got boring after hearing the main riff being played again and again, they couldn't even afford to put a solo in it. Like I said earlier, every song here has repetitiveness, but not every track here has originality in the music itself. // 6

Lyrics: The saviour of this album, whilst the repetitveness (yes, I'm being very repetitive here too lol) kills the album, the lyrics provide a good but short distraction, but no matter how poetic or god they are, I found that they repeated themselves a bit too often, but definitely great lyrics here, from "You're All That I Have" to "The Finish Line". Keep up the good work, S.P.! // 8

Overall Impression: The stuff here isn't even rock, it's pop, and it's repetive, if your granny wants "Heavy Rock n' Roll", then get her this album, it's not too "loud" for her, and is probably as repetitive as her as well - a perfect match, I can't honestly say I hate this album but I defnitely don't love it. Snow Patrol had better produce something better next time or they'd be reaching "The Finish Line" sooner then they will want. // 8

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