Songs For Polar Bears Review

artist: Snow Patrol date: 06/27/2007 category: compact discs
Snow Patrol: Songs For Polar Bears
Release Date: Apr 25, 2006
Label: Jeepster
Genres: Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock
Number Of Tracks: 23
The Edinburgh, Scotland, trio mixes tempos immediately, starting off with the crunchy "Downhill From Here" and the exuberantly poppy "Starfighter Pilot."
 Sound: 6
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 6
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overall: 6.7
Songs For Polar Bears Reviewed by: belavista man, on june 27, 2007
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Sound: Even if I am taking into account that this was some of the earliest work from Snow Patrol, the sound is very amateurish and sounds like it needs a lot of work, especially when compared to some of their most recent works ("Final Straw" and "Eyes Open"). As most bands are with their earliest works, Snow Patrol will have just been finding their feet and discovering which style of music best suits them. All this alternative style that they have produced on [B]Songs For Polar Bears[/B] sounds like someone has thrown a load of different compositions into a washing machine and let it spin. It isn't them at all. The best track, sound wise, has to be "Mahogany", which is a beautiful acoustic piece. The worst track for sound is, basically, any of the others that you choose. // 6

Lyrics: As always, Lightbody produces brilliant lyrics and vocals, but it is painfully apparant that he wasn't as experianced as he is now. Some of the vocals get very out of place in various songs and bring them down a little (along with the sound, as I have said). If I'm being reasonable, the vocals are the best thing about this album. The best vocals, for me, are on "Mahogany" (Again) and the worst are on "NYC", as there are only 4 different lines repeated over and over and over. // 8

Overall Impression: If you're looking for classic Snow Patrol with beautiful lyrics, masterful guitars and bass with crisp production quality, this isn't it. I wouldn't waste your money on an album like this when you could buy "Final Straw" or "Eyes Open" for the same price, when you can listen to either of them albums over and over again and not get bored. I wasted 10 on this. Oh well, at least I got 1 or 2 good tracks off it. // 6

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