Greatest Hits review by Social Distortion

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  • Released: Jun 26, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (13 votes)
Social Distortion: Greatest Hits

Sound — 9
This I think is Social Distortion's best CD, but it is a greatest hits CD so it is supposed to be a very good CD. The sound quality of this CD really good, and you could hear all of the instuments very well. Music styles on this CD vary a lot. Some songs sound like hardcore punk rock songs, such as mommy's little monster, and another state of mind, while others sound more like rockabilly songs, such as prison bound, and ball and chain. Here is what I think of all of the songs: 01.Another state of mind: good song, but not one of the best on the CD. 02.Mommy's Little Monster: good song, Mike ness sings more a Hardcore punk style of vocals on this song, nothing amazing about it though, but a solid song 03.Prison bound: one of my Favorite songs on the CD, has a rockabilly sound to it, great lyrics, and a fun song to listen to. 04.Story of my Life: another Great song, lyrics have a very good meaning to them, not amazing but a decent gutiar solo, and has a very nice beat to it. 05.Ball and Chain: good song, a little bit longer than most of their songs, but still a good song that tells a story. 06.Ring of Fire: Great Johnny Cash cover, personally I like it more than the original version of the song, gives the song a punk feel to it. 07.Bad luck: good song, nothing stands out in it too much, but a solid song. When the angels sing: 10/10 Amazing song, amazing lyrics, and the song has a very good meaning to it, good drum beat, good bass line, nothing special with guitar though. 08.I was Wrong: it's an okay song, dosent stand out too good to me, and nothing really special about anything in the song. 09.Reach for the Sky: great song, very good vocal preformance, and a nice guitar solo. 10.Far Behind: amazing again, my favorite song on the CD, great meaning to the song, Amazing vocals, good bass line, and good guiatr solo. 11.Maybellene: I don't like this song too much, it's alright but it's probably the weakest song on the album, not a great cover.

Lyrics — 10
All of the Lyrics on this CD has some meaning to them, and told stories. Mike Ness sang very good on this CD. Many songs made his vocals stand out a lot, such as Far Behind, Reach For the Sky, When the Angels sing, Story of my life, Prison bound, and ring of fire. The lyrics fit in pretty well with the music, I was very impressed with the singing on this CD.

Overall Impression — 10
This I think is one of the best albums that Social D has made. The Most impressive songs on the album are Far Behind, Reach for the Sky, When the Angels sing, Story of my life, and Prison bound. The things that I like most about this album are the Vocals. There is nothing I really hate about this album. If I lost this CD I would buy it again, it is definitly worth the money, and I would suggest it to anyone who is just starting to like Social D, or any of their older fans, I think that it appeals to both of those parties.

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